This screenplay based on the fantastic bestselling book, "Failure167" written by The Valader, is written by William Leonard and anyone else, including The Valader, who wish to help. I would gladly appreciate your co-operation.



(A shuttle cruises across the screen. The camera zooms in to a window. Behind it is Jordan Hamilton.)

JORDAN HAMILTON(voiceover): The year was 2067. I was sitting on a drop site, as my shuttle cruised through emptyness. I was a Christian, and still is. I was listening to church choirs on my iPod, even though that thing was out of service since I was a teenager. Anyway, I thought the Bible had answers to every question. When I finished high school, I was given training for the military, and was awarded a lot of medals afterwards, but I still held on to my religion. Never did I think God himself was no goody-two-shoes...until that day...(scene fades out to black)



based on the book by THE VALADER

JORDAN HAMILTON (voiceover): Exalt yourself as and eagle and put your nest in the stars, and from the stars I shall take you, it was something like that, still here I am, humble, obeying the desires of men, instead of those of God.

(The shuttle is seen arriving to a planet)

JORDAN HAMILTON (voiceover): Armageddon, a complete failure in my opinion, two times they tried to colonize it, two times it seemed to fail, for me it was enough proof, but for others, they are just mistakes that people needs to correct or... I don't know what will happen.

(Now Jordan Hamilton is seen sat down on a drop seat, listening to music, his face shows concern)

(need help here!)

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