Ramone Ramirez Edit

A Mexican, among the best of the best, he is really intelligent, has the gift of leadership in opinion of his superiors, this allowed him being moved from Mexican regular army to Special International Ops. Him among other 50 mexicans were chosen for the job.

Ramirez was born in 2042, practically the same as Jordan, he was born catholic, but then abandon his religion to become a strong preacher among Christianity, though his duty as an Op. didn't allowed him to much time to work on the Lord's field, he suffered the martyr along with his fellow christian friends when Cultists started appearing from everywhere killing every christian in sight.

Though he protected his brothers in faith for a long time, now he was sent on a mission he didn't liked as Jordan also thinks, Ramone was chosen of this mission for his old duties and performances, though he also thinks this voyage to another planet does not goes with God's plans for humanity.

Walk across Armageddon Edit

Along with George, the survivor, we walked towards the colony, the fact that we were specialized soldiers calmed him a lot, we were prepared and we have already faced this "men", Greg payed more attention to the communications in his radio than the survivor.

"So," said suddenly Ramone, after ages of silence, "Could you tell us again what happened here?"

George took a long breath, I was looking him directly.

"As we heard and seen of recordings taken by the first expedition, they turned into this, I don't remember how, but they did, it was horrible, two days later we were being hammered across all the colony, as they started to attack us without regarding, we defended as much as we could, but they overrun us, and me and other five survivors flee into here, few miles away of the colony, and built that house you saw, we ate our supplies, and we waited for some sort of miracle"

He stopped to get his throat filled with water, Earth water.

"Two years later, one of us decided to go check the colony, and so they discovered us, they followed us into here, killed all my friends in a shooting, I hided in the closet, or better saying the compartment we brought with us, until I found you!"

"Ok, nice" I said.

"Yeah but you know how they turned into that?" said Thomas checking the surroundings.

"No we don't know, we didn't finished reading those recordings they left us before they transformed"

"So they did knew on what they were transforming?"

"I believe so"

Moment of silence, I would say like four or five minutes.

"Y-you are the only ones that came?" asked George.

"Nope" said Theodore, "We came with a platoon of twenty troopers, all the best of the best in Earth"

Of course I though looking and Greg, The best of the best...

"And where are they?" continued George.

"We are looking for them, now we are going to the checkpoint"

"Ok, nice" said now George.

I approached Ramone, who was the one leading the group, well it looked like that, since he was ahead of us.

"Anxious of getting out of here Ramirez?" I said.

He looked at me as we kept walking.

"I never wanted to be here" said Ramone suddenly.

"Me neither"

"You see I don't believe humans could one day colonize another planet, moon, asteroid or whatever there is in this Universe"

"Me neither" I said, then added "What do you think it caused this mutation?"

"Umm" he hesitated, I would love to see his face in that moment, but that dark window didn't allowed me to, "Frankly, it was the Will of God"

"Really?" I said, now I knew who he was.

"You Christian right?"

"I am"

There was no silence this time, everyone heard.

"Don't worry" I said, "I am too"

Ramone looked at me.

"You also christian?" said Greg leaving his radio.

"Well well!" said Thomas.

"I cannot believe this!" said Theodore, he stopped.

"What Theodore?"

"You &%$#@!" suddenly screamed, surprising everyone, he pointed his rifle towards us.

"You crazy Theodore?!" said Thomas, Ramone and I knew what was happening.

"Oh no..." said Greg pointing his rifle towards him, Thomas stood in front of us before that rifle of Theodore.

"What is wrong with you!" said Thomas, " You even act like one of those Critters"

"They are christians!" said Theodore.

George was a little shocked on seeing this little dispute, his eyes showed the same fear when looking and remembering the mutants.

"Come on Theodore" I finally said, "You were fine and acting like a nice person, and just when you just knew we were Christians, you are going to shoot at us, risking your life and the success of this mission?"

He did not said anything.

"Lay down your weapon" said Ramone, "Finish this mission"

"What is wrong with you!" said again Thomas, Greg kept his rifle pointing to Theodore.

"He is a cultist!" I said, I could not see his face, but because of his acting I could easily deduce that.

"Oh come on this is absurd!" said Greg.

"I know..." I said.

Things were getting hot in here, I stood up between Thomas and Theodore, "Say, let us finish this mission please!"

"Lay down that weapon!" said a voice near us, we looked toward it.

It was the rest of the team, for the joy of George, and the disappointment of Theodore, and the relief of Thomas, Greg, Ramone and me.

"What is happening here trooper?" said the officer.

Theodore did not say a thing.

"I asked you a question soldier!"

"Nothing sir"

"Then put aside your weapon and focus on this mission instead on that of your ridiculous believes!"

We continued walking, and Theodore seemed normal, again, what could happen to him? we never knew.

In the way, the corporal told us of finding more survivors and of those grayish critters, I could see that there were many people with similar masks than that of George.

The officer stopped like one hour later.

"All right, those who are survivors listen up!" He said.

"We are troopers of the International special Ops. our mission was to find out what happened to the colony here at Armageddon" he stopped gaining air, "Now that we know what happened here, we are taking you home, now you must understand that a ship will not come here and rescue us, no, we are going to take one of your shuttles, and then dock in orbit with ours"

"This is crazy!" said a survivor, it wasn't George. "We haven't used those ships for two years, now you want them to use them!?"

"We have brought with us batteries enough to take the ship to orbit and dock with our shuttle." said the corporal, "Now let's move, the briefing has been done"

Everyone started walking again, we were half an hour than the colony.

Greg approached me, watching close to Theodore.

"I think he maybe could risk this mission in order to kill you and Ramone" he said, I smiled, "Though we must watch him"

"He is as dangerous as the muslim" I said "Why not watch the muslim too?"

"We cannot anymore"

I understood perfectly, the muslim was dead.

We kept walking, as we got closer and closer to the colony, and closer to our escape.

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