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Gregor W. White was a young, enthusiastic special marine of the American Union, he dreamed with serving his country one day when he was a children, he was in favor of the governments, and agreed with everything they said, even with the massacre on 2032, he was one of the Marines that risks his own life to protect the christians, though he never encountered one, for him where a race in extinction, or well saying a religion, a legendary belief, hated by almost everyone.

Though because of his actions, his family, his friends and other people he didn't even knew started attacking him, stop talking to him, still, though they said to him that he was a christian, he argued that he was only doing his faithful service to his government, with no exceptions.

When he first knew of the first flight to Armageddon, he was excited, believing that probably in his old days he could be living in the successfully placed colony in that planet, though he never knew why they sent another shuttle, but suddenly he was called among the best of the best to travel to that planet, his orders weren't what he expected of this kind of voyage.

He never though that he would be sitting next to a guy that he protected all his military service, a christian, his name was Jordan Hamilton, and Greg first felt as he was speaking to a legend, or better say, alien, crazy guy who insists on continue with this suicidal belief, still something was on this young guy, probably two year older than him, probably more.

Landing Edit

"Prepare yourself" I said to Greg, as he seemed to never been dropped of an air vehicle without this one stopping at all, "this is going to be rude"

He looked at me in a moment, I could see something in his eyes...


The screens in our top indicated us to secure our space suits, put helmets on, and prepare rifles, whatever was on that colony, it wasn't an enemy, there was probably nothing.

Suddenly the shuttle moved, everyone remained on its seats, Greg got even more nervous, the radio suddenly was heard:

"Emergency drop! I repeat, Emergency drop!"

The seats suddenly disappeared leaving a hole, we fell, into Armageddon.

Armageddon Drop fall

The Troopers descending throughout the atmosphere thanks to their heat shield in their space suits.

The Atmosphere of this planet was similar to earth, stronger than that of Mars, and so the speed that its gravity was pulling us could simply burn us, the shuttle won't take risk to get disabled in unknown territory, and so they dropped us before planned, Ok... I said to me in the quiet of the void, This was the glitch of the voyage.

In elegant and swift formation we orbited the planet, as this one was pulling fast, but sensibly slow to its ground, it took just a few hours to enter officially the planet, Indeed I was never in space, and I could only imagine the greatness of my Lord and His glory by creating such a thing, still, I was afraid.

The Lord is my Shepard I started, I shall not want....

"Ok guys" said a voice in my helmet's radio, what other surprises will technology make for me?

The voice was the pilot in the shuttle, "We had to drop you by orders of Houston back home, but your suits have been equipped with heat shields strong enough for you to survive the entrance, you know the plan fellows, so from now on you are officially in the mission"

"Hey!" another voice was heard, it was Greg "Why they did not warned us!?" his voice was angry, "This is great, I was not prepared, I wasn't expecting that"

"Just follow my lead" I said.

Though I never was in space before, I was following instructions, the scientists back on Earth instructed us on how to perform in orbital altitude.

Suddenly my respiration went faster, and faster, and I could hear the voice of Greg complaining about the heavy weight we instantly felt by entering the planet, we were on Armageddon's purple sky now.

We kept falling, this time it seemed faster than before.

"Uh Jordan!" said Greg.

"What do you want Greg?"

"I'm not sure of doing this!"

"Just hold on" said Thomas, falling just next to me, at average distance in order that our parachutes won't collide.

"Greg follow my lead, just do everything I do, trust me, I have been dropped in the sky before"

"But I can't level my body!"

"Do exactly as I do!" screamed a little worried.

Like expert parachute, I moved with an experienced move until I was into the right position of landing, Greg followed me on everything, I believe Thomas wasn't sure also, because he did exactly the same thing looking at us.

My eyes could not believe what I was seeing, someone was firing at us!

"Incoming!" said a trooper, and the sky suddenly was filled with small tiny yellow points passing really fast and really close.

"They are firing at us!" said Thomas.

Greg was falling right beside me, as well as Thomas, this one was laughing and screaming like this was vacation, Was he mad I asked myself, we kept falling.

"Jordan!" said Greg into my right.

"Yes Greg?" we were screaming to hear each other because of that damn sound of the projectiles passing

"Am I crazy or this fire power is ours?"

"You are not!" I said, thing were getting real interesting.

"Yeeeehaaa!" screamed Thomas suddenly.

"Easy Thomas, concentrate, our first goal is to reach ground safely!" answered back.

Suddenly one of ours was hit by a some of bullets, and his dead body started to fall next to us.

"Prepare for the parachute!" screamed to my new friends, everyone around us started to drop his parachute out.

"Jordan everyone is dropping its parachute, why not us?"

"Trust me Greg, try to not speak, I'll give you a signal!"

The three kept falling, fortunately, it wasn't a rain of fire, just a few drops of bullets, but unfortunately, whoever that was firing those, it wasn't friendly, and one of ours will not return home.

The others were following procedure, dropping their parachutes in the right time, but in my experience, it was better to drop a little closer to ground in sunlight and in the middle of a fire.

"Now guys!" I ordered.

The three dropped our parachutes, the initial hit was a little painful.

"Whoa!" said Greg "This thing is killing me!"

"Thomas, what's your status?"

"I'm with you man!"

Our falling was loosing speed, and back on the top the parachutes of the others were also seen, answering to the fire taken, a cross fire was taking place, for my luck, and for that of my new friends, they were distracting the enemy.

"Can you see the shuttle Thomas?" said Greg, I made an effort of looking more on the top.

"I can see a white thing flying away!" said Thomas, it took time to me to see it.

"What a great view Thomas!" I said.

We kept falling.

The ground was getting bigger, suddenly, and as always, I found out that my fall speed was bigger than expected, as it hurt a lot when my legs collided with the greenish ground of Armageddon, the parachute fell above me, covering my sight, I quickly moved away, but this space suit didn't allowed me to moved correctly.

My two other friends, Thomas and Greg, were already on the ground, with their rifles ready and securing the are, I could not see their faces as the black glass of that helmet didn't allowed me to.

"That was a hell of an emotion" said Thomas.

The firing could be heard very far as a scattered noise.

"Yeah" said Greg next to me helping me to rise up, "It almost killed me literally speaking"

I smiled, Armageddon greenish ground was now below my special boots, though I was scared about all this stuff thing of colonization, It was an awesome feeling to be standing in an unexplored Earth-like planet.

I could only think in that moment, Thank you God, How great are You

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