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The Planet Armageddon

Failure 167 is a Christian/Science Fiction story. Historical moment for mankind, finally the colonization of a planet suitable for humans to live, Armageddon, the expedition party lands well and is established well, but then suddenly the International space station stops receiving the signals of the colonists.

Ten months later, another party is sent, this time with double check and avoiding mistakes, but happens the same, complete loss... the Nations leave the project behind, letting two years to pass.

Suddenly, a distress signal is sent by the colony in Armageddon, the Nations send then another expedition to this "cursed" world, but this time with a platoon of the best of the best in Earth to rescue what could be left of the Armageddon project.

This is a five chapter story.


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Chapters: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

Other pages: One page Story

Author:The Valader

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