User:Serprex 22:38, September 27, 2011 (UTC)

A person, especially a man, who is excessively concerned about clothes, grooming, etc; dandy; coxcomb

That last one can also be spelt cockscomb

Giggly tease with the high leg and nice teeth. The eyes are for later

You hope


The white ceiling tiles are purely decorative. Same for the murals. The table settings are dark and sparse. No salt shaker

They'll make pig squeals soon enough

Showing the pinkest parts. Pretty? Not on most

But that's the point. The power law is how we can have everything happening in that tiny tail after the third standard deviation

Except. But it doesn't taste so great, so not so much a loss

You gotta taste this tasting so bad

So enjoy this exquisite

Enjoy it hard: We'll hit so hard we'll hardly notice it

But not so quick. First let's get some facts straight

Nepal is a place

It will have nothing more to do with this than the fact that the finest linens require the finest flax. So relax

It's amusing: the first time around the way is awful because people can't relax when they need to relax. This is a fact

The second time around the expectation is similar in fear. But resignation relaxes

Give up. You're never going to find it

The most inspiring words I've ever been told. But I'm not fact. You are

Now that we have our perspective set straight, can we get on with it?

They all answer the same: Yes, your excellence

Is there any other form? No. This is a piece of perfection. Carefully sought out, chosen, ascertained, devised, etc

& ruthlessly compromised

Wouldn't that taint such a pretty face? On the contrary

Throw it all out. We're rounding tonight

Lovely as a possom. You can roll your tongue and taste it

It tastes sour

Sharp prick cut my finger


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