dont ask about punctuation, i suck at it lol

So,- a few months ago- In the lab, I looked around, and realized that I had no idea how to do the experiment. The scientists were mad. I was supposed to be a child prodigy, but i had forgotten how. when i went into the lab, my elbow knocked over some chemicals one was labeled WARNING DO NOT EXPOSE - DRAGON BREATH  I didn't see it and it got all over me, along  with the other chemicals. Then suddenly, everything went black.


I woke up in a holding cell, not knowing what happened.

I couldn't understand what was wrong. As I tried to sit up, I felt this insane weight on my back. When I saw what there, I shrieked louder than I thought was possible.

Because when I looked back, I saw two huge, scaly, sharp wings.

After about five hours, Two guards came in. The light that came through was momentarily blinding, but only for a few seconds. My eyes adjusted more fast than usual, so I'm guessing that they have changed as well. The guards gave my a water bottle and a bowl of.... DOG FOOD?!?!?!  I yelled at them -I am NOT eating DOG FOOD! That's an insult to dogs.- Then, the yelled -shut up Maggot! it's not your place to say what you will and will not eat!- After that, they took out a quantum Destabilizer, and shocked me. I was paralyzed for a minute, but it felt like an eternity. They laughed, and called me the freaky dragon girl. I started screaming, but all that came out were blue flames. They ran out, shutting and locking the door behind them. I laughed, because they were afraid. They were afraid because they were not fireproof. I laughed again, but then realized what happened to me.... oh god,  what had happened to me?! I really was the freaky dragon girl!

I started to cry, but  when my tears hit the dirt floor, I gasped, because where every tear hit the dirt, a flower would sprout and then bloom. I was amazed at this beauty in my dark, dreary cell. However, when the petals started to open, a small crystal would be inside! I suddenly felt so happy, like there was hope for me in this cell.


It was a rude awakening to a dark day. The ominous clouds predicted rain, and the thunder was a sign of lightning. I was walking to the public holding cell when the idea formed in my head on how to escape. I slowly, as if without a purpose, looked around at the scene in front of me. Then, two girls, one who was tall and had long black hair and blue eyes, and the other had forest green hair and violet eyes. The first one spoke “ I'm Silver, and this is Bone. Who are you, and what's your story?” I looked at them. “ You want to know my story? Just look at my… back, eyes, ears,wings, oh! And they cut off my horns. I am the dragon girl.” They didn’t look like they cared, like this was normal for them.

“Well, what brought you here?” Silver looked at me “My accident was in a genetically modified chameleon blood, and the fact that i can now move things with my mind.”  Bone spoke up and said “ And i am invincible, with the power of drawing the future” I was shocked. I really wasn't alone. I looked at them for a while, deciding if it was worth telling them my plan, when bone broke the silence "Are you gonna stare at us the whole lunch hour, or what?" she said with a smile. I looked around, and whispered "Meet me in the locker rooms, 6:00 sharp.Act like you need to pee. Tell no one" I knew this would work because all of the guards were boys, and therefore were not permitted in the bathrooms. ***************************************************************(play nightcore I just wanna run when reading this scene)   in the locker rooms, I explained our plans for the escape. AT midnight, we rise, creating the most chaos and discord. Bone, you and I will create a diversion. Silver, you take out the cameras while the majority of the guards are trying to put us back into our cells. Everyone got it?" they nodded. Silver asked me "Ember, what do we do if-when we get out? " I thought about this for a moment. I didn't know what to say to that, so i went for honesty. " I have no idea. What I do know is that when we get out, we will have a heck of a bounty over our heads. We will be constantly on the run, and we most likely won't have anywhere to go-anywhere we can go- if it means people. We will probably never see these people again. I guess it is a good thing though. Look at you, you barely have any stomach!" Silver looks away and says softly " i give all of my food to the younger children, so does Bone. They never had a chance to escape, so we make sure that they survive." I thought about the apple in my hand( I had snagged it in the lunch line) I saw a small child in a cell across from the bathroom. I snuck out and threw the apple in and said "Eat it fast, you'll need the energy. Eat as much as you can, ok?" she looked up at me and said " who are you?" I said my name was ember, and that she needed to eat, and she said " ok I won't forget this. Thank you Ember"

I didn’t look back as i ran back into the bathroom. “ OK, so we all know the plan, and what will happen if we fail. . . “ We all went silent at that. The punishment we could get was unimaginable.If anything, death would be a gift if we were caught. We all nodded, and then went back to our cells


It was the day of the breakout….attempt. A few other mutants overheard, and were in on the plan. There was a guy named Daryl who could read minds, a girl named Marcy, who was a hydrokinetic, two twins named Kyle and Lyla who could bend any metal, ore or rock, and a guy named Devin who could bend reality. I was grateful for their help, but I knew that when we go out,  we would go our separate ways.



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