Euphoric Ball

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Chinking fades the Fűrstian march,
The Hostess flakes where footmen starch
Their Daimlers, Dames, one's fate dementing
Purpley snarl poo-pooed relenting...
At suave first feet. Yet Sylvan forded passes
Stilted buggers: duty still harasses
But faint and fair, from waifs hence strays,
Passes out her soul where time delays
On cobbled rain-reflecting streets,
Civility's exposed! a chill wind greets
So she with peace descending's blown
Toward the stone unbroken sanguine rowan
In warming anonymity, ensconced.
Shudder blades from scarves still ponced,
For wanders on my Charlotte, ha, that night
First, since last this profile left her sight
A Charlotte thinks of me.


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