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I am the vampire Pandora. Throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, however, I had went by the name Dora Eames. It has been such a great amount of time since I had went by my original name, and even with my enhanced memory, I cannot recall my patronymic name. I currently reside in the state of Northern Carolina. I am naturally a pale white, yet after drinking, my skin turns a ruddy bronze, allowing me to pass for a regular human. Most people see me as an attractive young woman of a mere 21 years, but this isn't at all true. I am amongst the oldest living beings in world. I am immortal. Practically. As a vampire, I only have two weaknesses. The first being sunlight, which I believe contains some form of radiation that is lethal to us vampires, due to us being unable to naturally produce melanin as well as a few other bodily chemicals. Due to this, we are forced to reside underground, concealed, or contained under shields of lead. The other weakness is being dismembered. Of course, we are significantly more difficult to separate than humans. Does this information become handy to you humans in the near future, I suggest that you attempt this during the day while us vampires sleep, and are for the most part, defenseless.

In this work of literature, I will relay to you my life as best as I can remember it. I understand that this book will stir up controversy as soon as it is published, if it is to be published at all. It would be greatly appreciated, that if any mortal is to find this story, that they spread the word immediately. I was never a professional author, but this is not the only reason that my tale is in danger of failing to reach the public. There was a brief era where I was perhaps the most feared supernatural being to haunt ancient Europe. Ever since my broodthirsty killing sprees throughout Greece, soon after becoming immortal, I had gained a horrible reputation amongst others of my kind. I am hunted down to this day by the elder family, who sincerely regret my creation due to all of the trouble that I have caused. I will get to them later, however. I understand that in the publication of this tale, that I am likely to spark the long-predicted war that would inevitably reveal the knowledge of vampires to humanity. I am likely to martyr myself as the first victim of this war, because in publishing this book, I will be affirming the suspicions of my enemies that I am still living. I only pray that this will not affect you humans too much. I feel that you deserve the truth. If you are a human reading this book, and things really haven't turned out in your best interests, there is not much that I can do. I guess that I always was rather naive.

Chapter oneEdit

For a while, I could not remember the date that my journey had begun; Up until now, I had never really reflected upon my past in depth. Recent research suggests that this may have occurred in the 950s BC, however, as I recall hearing of the death of Thersippus, the last King of Athens, very vividly. You see, I was what you might now consider to be a civilian of the great city-state of Athens, more specifically Aixone, a deme of Attica. I remember my humble wooden home very well. We lived on the turf where the sand just began to meet up with the tall grass. Our small wooden house stood alone, but it never necessarily stood out. The entire shack was in disarray, with the left of the roof having caved in earlier, with no occupant willing to fix it. No device was capable of sealing the home's windows, except for maybe my old clothing, which we left draped above the outlet during the Summer season in a futile attempt to keep out the bees and other insects. I had been living alone with only my deaf, sickly father at the time, who slept throughout most of the days. My mother had died in labor, while producing me, and my two brothers had left us to move into the city upon reaching adulthood.

It was an average, cool Summer night when they had first arrived. I remember rushing to window, watching the tall, cloaked figures gallop past my abode on horseback. On this night, there were four of them, and three horses. Two rode on their own pale, white horses, and the couple shared the largest black mare. As they rushed past, I didn't hold my ears, yet I remember just how loud the galloping was. To an attentive human ear, I could imagine that those heavy hooves were almost too much to bear. Of course, I head never listened to the sound of a horse up-close before, and I willingly let the sound in. Of course, I did not understand that they weren't just average horses at the time. They didn't look back, and I just watched their coats wave in the ocean breeze. Although they didn't bother looking back, something told me that they were there. I was puzzled. As soon as they had passed by, and rode all of the way down the shoreline, I walked onto my wooden bench, and let myself fall back and rest.

"Maybe they didn't want me to see them." That was the exact thought to cross my mind as I awoke. It took me a moment to relate this statement to my experience the previous night, but I was now certain that it was the truth. They had appeared unfathomably wealthy with their valiant steeds and their black linen cloaks. An air of jealousy came over me. I had never owned a horse, and was certainly not wealthy, but the quality my life was less than average. My jealousy turned to despair, and I knew that I wouldn't let their passing slip my mind for at least the next week. I retrieved an old rag from the floor which may have once been a dress, and tucked the top rim into a crevice in the wood above the window, allowing the cloth to fall over the open window. I was just about to sit down on my bench, when I heard a creaking noise in the other room. I slowly walked to the back room on the edge of my toes, not wishing for my father to wake up, if he had not done so already. As I rounded the corner, however, it had become apparent that he was waking from his regular slumber. I made a seat from the clothing chest in the corner of the room, and waited until he awoke.

"Pandora," he began, quicker than I had expected. "I would like you to go to the market this morning and to purchase a loaf of bread and maybe some fruit for us to eat." I expectingly held out my hands, and father passed me a one drachma (an article of Athenian currency), immediately motioning for me to leave as he begun to roll back underneath his bed sheets. I exited the room and knelt down at my bedside, reaching my arm underneath the wooden plank, salvaging as many obols as I could, which turned out to be four today. I doubted that I could buy anything but another loaf of bread at that price, but I was determined to spend it on something nice. If I took a little from what my father had given me, I figured that I would most certainly be able to purchase something for myself. I headed out the open doorway, and headed north, towards the agora (marketplace) located a good mile from home.

Chapter twoEdit

The walk to the agora wasn't meaningful. As soon as I reached the metropolis, I walked directly to the regular food stand. I hated how nearly every man's eyes were instantly attracted to me, as though I was magnetic. While I was human, I never really thought much of myself. It must have been years since I had peered at my reflection through a glass or the sea besides my home, but apparently, I was attractive. I turned left, trying to avoid the gaze of most of the men sneering in my direction. It was a much simpler era, where I had belonged, and liberalism was an unworldly concept. Whenever a successful individual wanted a woman, they were used to just taking or even purchasing them.

I slammed my coin on the merchant's desktop, without moving the hand that covered them. The merchant slowly turned around. The man was on the older half of being middle-aged. The man's face was dominated by a graying, scruffy mane. I had never known the man to shave any of his facial hair, at least since I had first met him. He wasn't necessarily a skilled merchant, yet he was more wealthy than my family had been. I was dismayed to see him smirk at me in the same manner as the other scoundrels.

I just sighed. "I would like to purchase one loaf of bread, two pomegranates, and an... um... do you have any jujube fruit?" The man reluctantly turned back and gathered what I had requested, placing it on the table in the same manner that I was clutching the coin with both of his hands. We did this as a safety precaution, even though he knew that he could trust me. "Can I have a fifth jujube?"

The man grunted, and retrieved another one of the small fruits. I let go of the coin. The merchant didn't take my coin, but he paused before releasing the fruit. "Ya know, I could be paying you-"

I glared angrily now, not allowing him to finish his statement. The man let go, and I quickly took my food. Before I could walk away, I thought that I could make out the faint sound of galloping horses in the distance. A sound that I could not recognize until now. I attempted to leave the plaza at a calm pace, avoiding any eye contact. Before exiting, however, I peered back, only to find that the men were now starring elsewhere. Even the women where preoccupied, starring down the street. I turned and looked up, and hurried to the side of the dirt pathway, watching in awe as the horse riders from the previous night made their way up the street. Children were even awe-struck, figuring that they were royalty.

It was a cold night when I was abducted. I wouldn't have really called it an abduction at the time, because I felt more as though I had been submitting to a temptation. I guess that afterwards, I had come to the conclusion that I wouldn't really have had much of a choice in the matter anyways.

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