Earth GenerallyEdit

The earth filled with chaos and destruction. Ruins are what's left from great cities on earth and sufferings are everywhere. The habitable surface left on earth are very small, that is the continent where the gate was developed. The populations are also very few. The leftovers of advanced technology are everywhere to be found. Some folklore creatures wandering this world and each have their own territories. After the Unholy War, everything become so blurred. When exactly this age happens, no one know. Almost every history and technology record vanished after the Unholy War.

Earth now doesn't consist of countries and government. Earth now only have one ruler, the High Council. The High Council consist of the Unholy War veterans. The High Council authority includes all the area and the races left on earth. Most of them consist of non enchanter warriors. But because of greediness of the human in the High Council, their thirst of power, the Hugh Council have become a corrupted authority.

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