Somehow I feel it lends itself to The Kills's What New York Used to BeUser:Serprex 18:59, January 10, 2011 (UTC)

Still life stop motion
Forsooth, a day, a night, but alas, more
Mise en abyme, the timeless nature of time past and future
Steps behind, watching steps ahead, tripped

Decapitated head stand
Behind met, ahead gone, it never happens
Old men coming out of taxis stumble for no one
They have no future for their past

Somewhere, she left me
I awoke, I slept, I dared
Hold the day through the night
What freed my day bound my night

I will not be bound: What began then, ended then. It shouldn't have been, but it will forever be. This riddled state, it is but a small price. The circumstances which call one to stand a night, surely it must be a greater day than any day which leaves us trying the next?

Listen to my words, not me. Judge me knowing this: I'd do it again

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