Empty I is the début in the Empty film franchise. The film is a 1970 psychological slasher film about a Doctor named Dr. Howard Richerds, a man who is looking for a cure to his Cancer and Diseases. Laura Richerds is his sick wife, whom is been neglected and abused by Howard, but, she gets her revenge by raising a powerful demon named Dread Man, a powerful demon that controls a world full of torture and mind torment.

The film had a premiere sequel called Empty II, the film was released in 1976. The film had another sequel called Empty III and the film was released in 1979. The film series final film was the fourth sequel, Empty IV, which was released in 1986

Plot Edit

The film begins showing a man named Dr. Howard Richerds in his younger day's in 1944, he meets a lovely girl named Laura Henderson, she and Howard fell in love, and they began dating, soon having sex, soon she gets knocked up, and then she blames it all on him, but taking his chances, starts to abuse her, and then rapes his own wife four times, and then rapes their daughter when she was 16-years-old, she can't take it on what he is doing, her daughter then kills herself, and her husband tells her that he was having sex with his daughter for a the last seven months, she finally got knocked up, but ended killing herself. In the future, Howard, he became a successful Doctor, he started neglecting his a month after the last time he had sex with his own daughter, then she decides to leave him, but he assaults her and she stabs him in the arm with a butcher knife, but he still is able to hurt more, but she stabs him more and more, eventually cutting his face, she then escapes, then he follows her, he is able to grab her again, she escapes, but he got the butcher knife, it then hits nighttime, and Laura is spending sometime in Cameron Katson house, learning that her best friend is a lesbian, they have sex, they have a strap-on sex, Laura kept saying "F**K, ME, HARDER!!!! IS THAT ALL YOU GOT, NOW START MASTURBATING!!!" and having sex, they are covered in sweat, but start make out, then the next day, they wake naked, Laura gets up with nothing covering her, and her friend, they start to feel each other's breasts, then her best friend noticed that she is not gay, she then asks if Laura would like to leave, she said no, she is fine with that, the next night, they don't have sex, they sleep in separate rooms, her best friend throat is slit by Howard, then Howard finds Laura and adult-naps her and she escapes again, but this time stabbing him in the spine, then three years later, he finds out that he has Cancer, and more diseases, he becomes a worldwide ruler, everyone tries to find a cure but fails on finding the cure, but they do notice, then Howard gets a patient, and kills the patient, loses his medical license, but he then hunts for his wife, killing her family members one-by-one, he first hits her brothers house, Charles Sanford, and slits his throat, then he kills her sister, Tracy Adamson by eviscerating her, soon, he then finds her two other sisters, Clara and Morgan, they're both killed by a chainsaw, soon Laura is found, but she meets with her Grandmother, Sheila, her Grandmother is shot dead, and Laura runs off into the so-called haunted graveyard, then she finds a tomb saying Dread Man December 22, 19,380 B.C.—December 25, 0. She tries to awaken the beast after reading the information on it, then she finally awakens the demon, then it changes time.

In the year 1999, Dr. Howard Richerd is trying to find cures to many different diseases, he finds a cure for three out of 5,000, then Dread Man comes and chases him away, he then notices that entity, soon the entity gets inside his mind, then starts to torment him, his wife, Laura is wondering where her husband is, he comes in worried, he says that a scary entity attacked him, but he was able to defend himself, she then starts to worry about him, he then has bad nightmares of him strangling his wife to death, he then tries to in the middle of the night, then a cutthroat comes and cuts his arm open, the cutthroat then takes a look inside, he then is inside Howard, then he sees a man in his nightmares, he is killed in his nightmares, he has full control over himself, but he can't ever stop dying, Laura starts to get even more worried, the Dread Man comes awakens him, he is tell told to kill his wife, but he doesn't, so he gets more tortured everyday, then he loses his mind, seeing a clown with Freddy claws, killing people, the clown follows Howard into a room and then locks themself in the room, then the clown tries to kill him, but he ends up killing the clown, and found that it was a doctor there, and then hides the body, and then he finds Laura at the mall, he tells what happened, then he finally lost it, he killed Cameron, he then started killing random people, like his Mom, and his family, soon he kills four cops at once, he then finds a group of ten, he numbers them down, then he tells his wife what he did last night, and she freaked out, he said a monster is trying to make me kill you, and he starts to cry, she then talks to the monster, but the monsters lies and said that didn't say anything like that, soon Howard kills nineteen cops, one-by-one, soon the police on his trail, then he caught by the police and brought to jail, he then gives in to the temptation of killing his wife, he breaks a cops neck, grabs the key's and escapes, and kills two other cops, he then heads home, but the monster is the only thing standing in his way, he kills the monster, but he is badly injured, he then throw's his wife into a death-device, and she died.

Production Edit

Main article: Production of Empty I

Development Edit

The film began development in 1968 whereas the original setting was to have three psychos, but it would have critical ratings as low as 6.3%, so they used one, which the rating for the film was 54%. The film was really in development hell for about ten years, and has been known as a rumor in 1964-1967, but has been fully developed in 1968, where they began filming in 1969 after production.

Filming Edit

The filming took a year to complete, since they didn't have enough money to have a professional do the directing after the film was released in theaters, soon they released in 1970, it was rated as 54%, a not so cultish classic.

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