The Empire of the Great Marauders, also known as the Marauder Empire, was a galactic empire in existence from 399-610 AH. This empire was constituted by the Great Marauders, one of the numerous nomadic peoples of the Galactic Borderlands, who were forced by the Torfian movements of the late 4th century and the Arachosian wars into the Outer Borderlands. In 399, Vorastes ascended to the Marauder throne and established himself as Great Emperor. He launched extensive campaigns throughout the northern Outer Borderlands, taking advantage of the weakened state of the Nandi and Calrissian Empires. Within two decades, the Marauder Empire stretched from Tyleria Cristia in the extreme eastern edge of the Galactic Borderlands, across to Negais, on the border of the Rokai Confederacy. Vorastis died in 444, but his successors continued to expand and consolidate the empire, so that by the 580s AH the Marauders governed nearly 330,000 worlds throughout the Outer Borderlands, Galactic Borderlands, Wild Marshes, and northern Industrialized Borderlands, and held the Lacians, Rokai, and Markians under vassalage. In that decade however, the Empire began to fracture. The Lacians overthrew Marauder overlordship under their first khan Devlet Giray in 596, and launched extensive campaigns against the Marauders, with the help of various former vassalized species. By 610, the Marauder Empire had been destroyed.

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