A key character in the major storyline of three tales in TPS. His reign has been a viscious one as he battles onward with his powerful enemies and finds himself in an entanglment of fantasy and reality. He is given a chance to view the world for what it really is and does not wish to go back. Overpowering his own demons, he has become the most adept in the powers of Demonics.

Early LifeEdit

Emperor Madir Kardish Lashm XXVII was born under the fifth moon cycle of the year during the Freeze. His father, Emperor Kardish Juashir Lashm II was the current ruler as he married Lady Freira who served only as his wife while he was really in love with Liera, the concubine of the city of Dafir in the far western part of the kingdom. He was born to her as he was considered a Bastard son, he was truly something else. He was then taken to the Citadel of Driek. There he was raised by the Drieki Nuns who cared for him until he was of age to come to the royal castle. He was given a Half-Cat who was named Sevir. Madir then saw himself writing scribes of fantasy, but was born with the knowledge of what fantasy truly is as reality is as well. He had learned early onward what had been. As he was old enough to inherit the throne, he became increasingly and fully in tune with the potential of the Empire.

The First CycleEdit

He reigned during the Cycle of Trials which was a test for the entire empire as the gods plan their downfall. Madir was challenged a duel of wits by the god Ebir who lost to him as the wits of challenge won (See the Rite of Stone) and he finally gave up the knowledge of the Fates which gave Madir complete control over his life. After that event, he had learned of the Iron King who threatens his very kingdom who lurks in the Basih Mountains to the north. He went on to find him, but learns of the young lad Tanil who hunts for the same monster. They join together, but unfotunately Madir's mind was infected with the madness of the High Queen. His full mission in the Journey has been compromised by this Queen of the Mountains. He now waits ever so silently in his castle.

The Second CycleEdit

Of What has been translated, the story of the Second cycle for Madir was he had finally attained the status of ruler after the gods' test on humanity went great. Madir was then given the task of restoring the church, but once he hits his head on the Godstone of which he was given, he fall unconscious for a little while and when he woke up he could distinguish reality from Fantasy. He had found that the world he had lived in was a fantasy and that the one beyond is reality. He sees a dastardly land of dead and sorrow. All souls are tortured as he walks along to view. He is then taken back to the mortal realm where he belongs and he rebels against the gods.

Personal LifeEdit

Emperor Madir has lived a very powerful life, but once he got married, he settled down to have a family in the throne of the empire. They enjoyed the palace and the company, but nevertheless Madir had duties to attend to. His personal life was never fully revealed, but his son's name was his name once more.

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