ELVEN is currently being written by Slyhades99.I don't know if it is considered a LOTR fan fiction.

Chapter IEdit

It could have happened to anyone, but it had to happen to me.

That night, I put my bow, quiver and knife at the foot of my bed. I grab my wolfhide jacket and lay it down beside them.

I go outside and take logs off the pile and jog back in. Throwing them in the pit, I strike a match and set them on fire. Finding a pot, I run to the river out back. I fill the pot, which then goes on the fire. When the water boils, I reach for our oat jar. Whenever I plan on hunting, I make oatrmeal. Oatmeal is the easiest thing to make. I make a huge pot full, I eat half for supper, a quarter for breakfast, and the reast on my hunt. Hunting is a big deal in Ardane. Afterall, we're the hunting capital of Danaze; in the middle of the forest, we trade our game for life essentials.

I eat half the oatmeal and head off to bed. It's made of heather and the blanket, mother knit.

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