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At the beginningEdit

The Arrival of TroubleEdit

In his home on Coruscant, El'endia Starman awoke with his stomach roiling. At first he wondered what could possibly have woken him. Then he felt a tinge of the dark side. Instantly, El'endia became alert and rolled out of bed, dressed only in pants. He debated whether or not to put a shirt on, but abandoned the thought as the touch of the dark side grew stronger. The back of his neck tingled. He froze, unbelieving. He had felt this sensation once before, right before he had been attacked by a Sith named Darth Landin. He reached over to his dresser and grabbed both of his lightsabers. Then he felt the tingle again. He heard the telltale hiss of a door's locking mechanism releasing, prompting El'endia to mute his presence in the Force and make his way to the side of his bedroom door. All of a sudden his danger sense blossomed fully into battle awareness as Darth Landin blasted the door down and came barreling through the opening. El'endia's lightsabers sprang to life, one with a golden hue, the other a deep violet. Eyes on Darth Landin, his mind flashed back to the time when he acquired the crystals that resided in his lightsabers.

The Crystal CavesEdit

El'endia had been sent by the Jedi Council on Coruscant to resolve a dispute on Rattatak. After the local parties were pacified, El'endia experienced a strange call. It was the Force calling him. To where, he did not know. For three days, El'endia traveled in hyperspace, utilizing a Force trance to lessen the stress of staying cooped up in the small cockpit of his ambassadorial ship. Occasionally, he popped out of his Force trance to drop back into realspace in order to verify his bearings and make course adjustments. On the third day, El'endia was no longer able to confirm his position. He was in uncharted territory: the Unknown Regions. During his final hyperspace jump, he felt the call growing stronger. When it became almost overpowering, he dropped out of hyperspace. There, not more than 100 kilometers away, was the planet the Force had been calling him to. The planet had a bluish white appearance, a planet of water with great islands of ice interspersed through the world's oceans. Wow, what a beauty. I wonder why the Force called me here. The Force kept drawing him in, so El'endia gave his hand over to the Force and flew down to a specific cave. What's different about this one?

As he landed, El'endia felt a pulse in the Force. However, that pulse felt distinctly dark. As a result, El'endia sharpened his awareness of his surroundings, alert to any threat. As he entered the cave, he noticed that the shadows seemed to be moving of their own accord. Cautiously making his way down the ice tunnel, El'endia felt a whisper-light touch on the back of his neck. Whirling around, he was greeted with the same sight as before, a smooth, white, tunnel. Turning back around to proceed further, he drew his lightsaber. The lightsaber had a green blade, which added a greenish glow to the bluish glow already present in the tunnel. In other circumstances, he would have been entranced by the beauty of the ice.

Soon, he came to the end of the tunnel. El'endia's mouth dropped open in wonder as he gazed at the vast cavern. The cavern was easily large enough to contain two Star Destroyers stacked upon each other. Unbeknownst to him, a pair of eyes had been watching him since his landing. Spellbound by the size of the cavern, El'endia was almost incapacitated at that very moment. Just in time, El'endia heeded the warning his danger sense was giving him. Even his Jedi reflexes were not enough to prevent him from being hit with a glancing blow. El'endia morphed his headlong fall into a roll, coming up to face his adversary.

The sight before him was an astonishing one. There was a hideous creature, its shoulder about as tall as his chest, barring his way. Its skin was light blue in order to help the creature's skill of blending into the ice and snow. It had two massive legs supporting an elongated body, which had wings sprouting out of the sides and a serpentine tail at the back to help it keep its balance. Its mouth was full of teeth with saliva dripping off of them. The eyes, however, were the most fascinating. They appeared to have golden irises set in icy blue spheroids with flames for pupils. It took a step towards him, snarling. The message was clear: Get out of here or you'll be our snack. Wait a minute, our? At that moment, El'endia realized just how much work awaited him.

The ceiling seemed to come alive as tens, then hundreds, thousands dropped to land in front of him. They were all of different sizes, from tiny creatures the size of golofa balls to behemoths the size of houses, and not just small houses. El'endia instinctively knew he would have to devise a more efficient way to get to the other side besides simply slaughtering them all. As he was back-flipping out of the way of the stampede, he noticed a few spots where there were no creatures. Rannym. Wait, what am I doing? Naming creatures who want to eat me? Anyway, I guess those spots will have to do. He started battling his way through the masses towards the first site. Were it not for the trail of carcasses, an observer could have believed it was simply a fantastically orchestrated dance, so smooth were the movements of El'endia's lightsaber. As he got within a few meters of the first area, El'endia prepared himself for a Force-leap. Moving quickly for its size, a gigantic rannym lumbered into El'endia's path right when the muscles in his leg shot him through the air towards the empty spot. Slamming into its side, El'endia started to slip down towards the voracious monsters. Gritting his teeth, he plunged his emerald blade into the creature's body. A bone-shaking roar filled the cavern as the rannym shook its body in an attempt to free itself from the burning spear in its side. Despite being shaken like a rag doll, El'endia attuned himself to the Force and released his hold on the lightsaber. Like a sack of pebbles El'endia flew towards the strangely empty circle of ice. Rolling once and springing to his feet, El'endia summoned his lightsaber back to him, ready to fight. Nearly staggering out of the safe zone from the stench, El'endia realized why the area was curiously devoid of all but ice. Improvising a Force technique, he created a bubble of fresh air and drew it to his face. Breathing a sigh a relief, El'endia surveyed the crowd, all eager to shred him asunder, but repelled by the stench. One of the rannym must have died here, and a big one too. Grimly, El'endia looked at the path he would have to carve through the sea of roiling ice. He set into motion, battling his way past the rannym, large and small. As he was working his way through the fray, his arms grew tired. Thank the Force that the rannym are fewer in number now that I've slayed so many. As he neared the tunnel on the far side of the cavern, an odd thing happened. The rannym near him stopped attaching and retreated a considerable distance. El'endia began to wonder what was different when, mouth agape in shock, he noticed the colossal mountain of what passed for flesh and bone. Oh geez, what now? This must be a challenge, judging by the considerable space around us. El'endia willed new life into his muscles, and raised his lightsaber in a traditional warrior salute. The beast wasted no time before charging towards El'endia. Diving out of the way in the nick of time, El'endia had to dive away again as soon he stood up because the brute had already stopped, turned, and stormed towards him. By the Force! These things are fast!

As he was getting up, El'endia prepared a new strategy to combat the rannym's tendency to rush, however fast, in a straight line. He had set himself when, without warning, his body froze. Within his mind, El'endia frantically attempted to free himself. He saw through unmoving eyes the rannym turning. Curiously, time seemed to stretch out. El'endia could see the muscles rippling, particles of ice spraying into the air, slight adjustments of the wings to keep in balance. After a few moments, he became aware of an insidious presence in the back of his mind. It seemed to be sitting there, mocking him. The rannym had finished its turn by now, and was readying itself. El'endia had time to wonder why it hadn't charged already before his body raised its hand, unbidden, and did a come get me gesture. Were it not for the mental paralysis, El'endia's eyes would have widened to the size of credit chips. These creatures work together! El'endia began to struggle against his foe's mental hold, valiantly using every mental trick he knew. He felt the creature tighten its hold on his mind. Out of reflex, he relaxed and slipped out of its grasp. Time dilated back to normal and he yet again dived out of the way of the startled rannym. Quickly, he erected mental walls of beskar to prevent such a situation from happening again. Taking advantage of the rannym's confusion, he sprinted under it. When the opportunity presented itself, he drew on the Force and jumped up to slit the beast's throat. Immediately, a deluge of blood and other bodily fluids poured out, drenching El'endia to the bone even before he hit the ground. Keeping his guard up against any possibility of an attack by the other rannym, the gigantic corpse hit the ground next to him with a thud. Ugh, I am so definitely showering for hours when I get back to civilization. This stuff stinks. As he surveyed the rannym arrayed around him, he could almost detect expressions of disappointment, wonder, and even admiration. Particularly notable was the largest surviving rannym, for it seemed to be exuding glee. All this he took in a glance, taking the time to fortify his mental walls. Almost as one, they all suddenly dispersed into the air. Within a standard cycle, the only evidence of the battle that had occurred were the corpses with their accompanying blood stains. By the Force, what have I done?

Seeing that nothing blocked him from continuing on, he took a moment to collect himself and continued on. As El'endia cautiously made his way down the tunnel, the mental barrage from the other creatures continued to increase. On a whim, El'endia decided to name them vinads after similar mythical creatures from his childhood. After a few minutes of making his way down the tunnel warily, he saw a bend in the tunnel ahead. Sidling up to the wall, he eased to the corner. Before looking around, he took note of the fact that he could see a dark purpilish light reflecting off of the far wall. Ready himself, he took a quick peek around the bend before pulling back quickly. Reviewing what he had seen in his mind, he decided to risk a longer look and poked his head around again. What he saw was, to say the least, mind boggling. He saw a somewhat spherical nebulous mass, about a meter in diameter, simply hovering in mid-air. The cavern was roughly circular and had no other openings other than the one he was looking through. It had a dark core, although its fringes were purple. The waves of dark Force energy rolling off of it were almost overwhelming, but bearable. As he watched, blobs formed out of the shifting surface for a few brief moments before melting back into it. All of a sudden, he felt his mental walls take a great blow and almost shatter. El'endia staggered and quickly repaired the cracks. He was just in time for another one came, greater than before. This time, El'endia only wavered a bit, having been prepared. Okay, I need to end this quickly! Again, he refortified his mental walls and walked over to the nebulous corporeal spirit. Quickly, his problem became apparent. How does one go about killing this thing? He poked his lightsaber into it, but the vinad seemed to be unaffected. Taking care to keep his mental walls up against the relentless assault, he slowly reached out a finger. He paused right before he touched it, alert to the Force for any significant sign of danger. Then, he touched it. To his surprise, the arc of dark energy dissipated into the air. Curious, he pushed his hand in further. Sure enough, wherever the fringe touched his skin, it dissolved into the air. He pushed his hand in even further, into the inky black core. This time, it was an entirely different sensation. To him, it felt like pushing his hand into molasses. Stranger than the apparent density change was the fact that it didn't dissolve away like the outer dark energy did. He pulled his hand out to find that some of it had stuck to his hand. It still wriggled and even had its own aura. If El'endia's command of his stomach had been weaker, he would have vomited, so great was the revulsion it inspired in him. El'endia studied it curiously before he was driven to the floor by the vinad's strongest attack yet. Kneeling on the floor and panting for breath, he resolved to end it right then and there. Snatching up his lightsaber from where it had rolled, he slashed the verdant blade through the core multiple times, but to no effect. Grimacing, El'endia pushed his hand back into the core and, guided by the Force, reached to the center. There, he felt a hard knob of some mysterious material. Seizing it, he quickly pulled it out. With that, the apparition vanished.

El'endia took a moment to examine the strange substance. It felt almost like marble and it seemed to drink in the ambient light like it was water. It was almost too cold to hold and fairly pulsated with the power of the dark side. El'endia prepared to cut it with his lightsaber when he saw the surface start to change. Arm forestalled, he watched as hair-thin streaks of white appeared. The streaks multiplied and grew wider the longer he watched. Then he registered a subtle change in temperature with his fingertips. It was growing warmer as the white began to overcome the black. It even started producing light. Within moments, all that was left of the dark were streaks shrinking in much the same manner as the light had grown. Before long, the orb had transformed from a physical manefestation of the dark side to embodying the light side of the Force. El'endia just stared at it with an expression of wonder for a few minutes before he noticed that the mental pressure from the vinad had entirely disappeared. Slowly, alert to any trickery, he lowered his mental barriers. To his delight, he was greeted by a warm presence touching his mind. Thank you, it seemed to be saying, thank you for transforming me. Too long have I been bound to the long-dead Sith. At last, I am free. Given this and what he had seen, El'endia realized that whenever a Force user touched it, it changed to reflect their nature. With an awed expression on his face, El'endia released the orb. It floated back into place, where it had been before. Instantaneously, the aura sprang back into existence, only this time with a gold color. Again, El'endia reached out to touch it. This time, it latched onto him and began to multiply. Letting loose a chuckle, he immersed himself in the vinad's body. Joy so overcame him that he just spontaneously started laughing. All dignity forgotten, the lightsaber lying on the floor, El'endia danced within the light. Flames raced up and down his body and wreathed him in a halo of fire, yet he was not burned. The light was brighter than a thousand suns, yet he was not blinded. The energy was overpowering, yet he was not destroyed. After what seemed to be eons, but was only seconds, El'endia regained his senses and backed out of its presence. The vinad spoke to him again, relieving El'endia the need to speak. You liked it, didn't you? No need to say anything, I know how you feel. El'endia just smiled and turned back to the mouth of the tunnel.

The presence of a rannym so startled him that he immediately ignited his lightsaber and whipped the blade up to guard against any attack. Do not worry, they will not harm you. I am their master. El'endia shot a glance back at the vinad, then looked back at the rannym, which had made no move. Deciding there was truth in what the vinad said, El'endia relaxed and closed down his lightsaber. He walked over to it and it nuzzled his hand much like a nerf would, prompting El'endia to smile. Go on, get on. El'endia grabbed the knobs of bone at the junction between wing and body and, using the Force to make himself lighter, lifted himself up onto the rannym's back. With nothing else to hold on to, he elected to grip its body with his knees and use the bony knobs for handholds. For good measure, he visualized himself stuck to the rannym's back and made it a reality with the Force. The rannym turned and flew up the tunnel. In no time at all, they were back in the gigantic cavern that El'endia had fought earlier. However, instead of heading straight for the opposite tunnel, the rannym flew towards the ceiling, El'endia, despite being confused, decided to wait and see where it was taking him. He was lifted into a large depression in the ice. He saw multiple tunnels burrowing into the ice on all sides, The rannym turned and flew to the mouth of one of them. It landed on a ledge protruding from the bottom and allowed El'endia to dismount. Yet again curious as to what lay inside, he set his hand on his lightsaber out of habit and walked in. The tunnel took a good number of turns and bends, irritating El'endia but not causing him to lose his bearing. Finally, he reached the terminus. El'endia was so astonished by what he saw that his jaw dropped open. He beheld myriads of crystals, on the floor, on the walls, even on the ceiling. Red crystals, blue crystals, Upan crystals, Ruusan crystals. As he walked among the crystal formations, he saw Adegan, Dragite, Sigil, Sapith, Opilia, Damind, and even Kaiburr and Durindfire crystals! It was a true plethora of crystals and the interior of the chamber was bathed in a rainbow of color. Take what you need. El'endia could hardly believe it. I get to choose my lightsaber crystals? Where do I start? How can I decide? Taking full advantage of this fantastic opportunity that had been presented to him, he walked around and inspected the crystal clusters more closely, cataloging what he saw and recalling the attributes of each kind of crystal. In the end, El'endia chose four crystals: the Bondar crystal could stun someone if the blade even touched their flesh, the Firkrann crystal caused the blade to be electrically charged, making it useful against droids, the Solari crystal could only be used by a pure light-sider and it broadened the beam, making blaster bolt deflection much easier, the Lorrdian crystal heightened the user's ability to read their opponents and thus improve defensive ability. Satisfied with his decisions, El'endia walked back down the tunnel to the rannym that had been patiently waiting for him. When he went to secure the crystals into the pockets of his robe, he noticed that something seemed to be amiss. Unable to think of what it was, he shrugged and clambered back on the rannym.

The rest of the journey out of the cave system was uneventful and El'endia used the time to ponder all that had happened. The rannym let him down next to his ship and headed back into its home. El'endia climbed back into his ship and prepared it for departure. On the way up, he altered the ship's logs to erase all record of the detour from existence. He was making his way to the jump-off point given to him by the astronavigation computer when he realized what had seemed odd to him back there. I'm clean. I remember being thoroughly stained by rannym blood, and yet, not a trace remains, not even a drop! As he reflected on this, he realized that this outward transformation reflected an inward one. Just as my body was purified by the vinad, so was my spirit. He barely heard the countdown to jump, so amazed was he. Right before the ship jumped, El'endia received one last thought from the vinad. Farewell, friend.

Battle With An Old EnemyEdit

All of this and more sped through El'endia's mind in a microsecond as he brought his lightsabers up to block Landin's strike. Then he whipped his second lightsaber down to block the other blade of Landin's double-bladed lightsaber. Red clashed upon gold as El'endia slid to the side and slipped Landin's blade up over his head, bringing his purple blade over to prevent himself from being cut in half. As he was blocking Landin's strikes El'endia launched a back kick and followed through with his gold lightsaber. Landin flew through the air to slam against the duracrete wall, stunning him. The Sith recovered quickly and barely brought his lightsaber around in time to prevent his beheading. Then Landin slashed his lightsaber around in a vicious arc towards El'endia's head. El'endia ducked, feeling the hairs on his head curl as they burned from the proximity of the lightsaber. Mindful of the nature of double-bladed lightsabers, he jumped over the other end. Backing off to gain himself some respite, he then started to weave a purple and gold cage of light and started advancing on Landin. As he was advancing, El'endia said, "I can't...I can't believe you would do this to me!"

Fed up, Landin suddenly started Force choking El'endia as he growled, "You would never have understood why I left the Order, and now you never will!"

El'endia strained against the Force hold. "Your dawdling, " he grated out, "is your weakness." As Landin's eyes widened El'endia gathered the Force into himself and fairly approximated a thermal detonator. The power of the Force wave dazed Landin so badly that he lost his focus. Sinking deeper into the flow of the Force, El'endia drew energy into himself and started after Landin, moving so fast he seemed to be a blur. Sensing that someone else was getting close, El'endia pressed his attack, furiously battling Landin towards the windows of his apartment. As a follow up to one final strike, he launched a massive Force shove that hurled his nemesis through the transparisteel and into the man-made canyons of Coruscant. At precisely that moment, a hulking figure in red Mandalorian armor crashed on the balcony. Not knowing who it was or whether the new arrival posed any danger, he raised his lightsabers in defense. Then, feeling the benevolent Force aura coming from the newcomer, he lowered his lightsabers and asked, "Who are you?"

Amtar's AwakeningEdit

Two Strangers MeetEdit

On the starship Thundershocker in orbit around Coruscant, Amtar Kyramud woke with a start. He had felt something was amiss on the planet, which is where they were headed. He was a Mandalorian, but a special case; he had the power of the Force within him. He had once been a bounty hunter before he found out that he had the Force. He quickly slid out of bed and put his armor on; he had forged it himself on his home planet of Mandalore. He had received the mantle of Mand'alor from Goran Beviin, his predecessor. Amtar went to the hangar and registered to leave the starship in his fighter Warhammer. He strapped himself into the pilot's seat, while his reactivated super battle droid, SBD-1643, or Esbeedee for short, started the weapons systems. Amtar quickly went through the pre-flight checklist and lifted off. He flew towards the planet trusting in the Force to guide him. He activated his shields, prepared for trouble, and landed on the platform on the top of an apartment building. The Force was telling him that the disturbance was in a nearby building. Telling Esbeedee to guard the ship, he readied his Verpine shatter gun, activated his jetpack, and launched himself toward the adjacent building. He landed in time to see a dark robed figure falling from the balcony. He quickly jumped to that balcony, using the Force to guide his fall. After he landed he saw the figure inside look at him and bring up its lightsaber to block any potential shots. He must be some kind of Jedi, he thought. Seeing the lightsabers still raised, Amtar sent out a Force message of no harm meant and moved his hand away from his gun in a conciliatory gesture. Then the figure asked “Who are you?”

Amtar replied, “I am Amtar Kyramud, Mand'alor, and may I ask who you are?”

El'endia answered, “Funny you should ask, I thought I was quite famous. Well, I am El'endia Starman, Jedi Master.” Amtar said, ”Ok, Your Highness, who just fell from here?”

El'endia hesitated, unsure how to answer. “There's no need for that kind of talk. As for that guy, he was a recent enemy of mine. That was Darth Landin, my former apprentice.” Elendia sighed. "Its a long story."

“I find that talk of light and dark are very insignificant; to me there is only the Force.”

“But you can't deny that there are light and dark side aspects in every person.”

“I suppose that's true. So if you don't need help anymore, I'll just return to Thundershocker.”

"Well, actually, I would like for you to stay close by for a couple of days, because Darth Landin is a very persistent enemy and I don't want to have another confrontation with him."

"That's fine with me. I'll just return to my personal ship over on the other building. Now if you please, I'll use the turbolifts inside the corridor."

After El'endia grudgingly granted the request, thinking about the cleaning he would have to do later, Amtar walked through El'endia's apartment to an access corridor. There, he palmed an activator plate, summoning a turbolift to his level. Right before he entered, El'endia hurried out of his apartment and intercepted Amtar. El'endia said, "I sensed the Force within you. Do you have any training?"

Amtar replied, "I am mostly self-trained. I am a Mandalorian first, and a force-user second."

"How did you learn you had the Force?"

"I first started experiencing the Force in battles, before I knew what it was."

Battle against the Yhuuzan VongEdit

I was on the world of Mandalore when the Yhuuzan Vong attacked. In my area, they had tried to get a landing party on the surface, but us warriors wouldn't let them get there without some bloodshed. My earliest encounter with the power of the Force was when I was picking off Yhuuzan Vong shuttles with my fighter craft. I was surrounded by several coralskippers, and I was facing certain defeat. All of a sudden, a strange comforting calm came over me. It seemed as if I was detatched from the situation, watching myself fight. My hands moved seemingly of their own accord, manipulating the steering handles and fire control. I smoothly aimed at a spot where there was nothing but space, and I fired without knowing why. Well, a coralskipper flew right into my turbolaser beams and was utterly destroyed. A few seconds later, I launched a proton bomb towards yet another seemingly empty spot of space, and yet again, a coralskipper flew into it and the explosion destroyed not only the coralskipper it hit, but two others flying in formation alongside it. This happened over and over, all while my hands were taking the craft through bewildering evasive maneuvers. I know the Yhuuzan Vong could not be sensed through the Force the way Jedi usually do, but I think what happened to me happened because the Force did not wish me to die. I was fifteen at the time.

I and my comrades simply dismissed it as luck, but deep down, I knew it was more than that. I learned that I was Force-sensitive about when I was about thirty-two years old. A Jedi had crashed on Mandalore and was in flight with a Sith pursuing him. I do not know how the Jedi defeated the Sith, for the Jedi was gravely injured. He was near death when I took him into my dwelling and I nursed him back to health. Before he left, the Jedi asked me about any odd experiences, anything like unconscious action. I wondered, "How did he know?". I ended up confiding in him about what had happened seventeen years ago. He simply nodded as if he had expected this, and told me that he had sensed the Force in myself. Then he left, promising that the Force would be with me always. For a long time, I refused to accept his explanation, because it would have forced me to face the fact that I had something in common with the Jedi and Sith that gave the galaxy such a hard time with their squabbles. Well, after I accepted this fact, I decided to get at least some training in order to control the potential power within me and to use it to my advantage, for we Mandalorians are businessmen at heart. I met up with another Force-user and received some training. However, I had to break it off when Goran Beviin, at the time the current Mand'alor, passed on his position to me. I became the ruler of an entire nation, and so I had responsibilities to attend too. That is basically what has happened these past years, at least those events related to the Force.

Back in the apartmentEdit

Amtar replied quickly, "Why would I apprentice myself to you? I'm doing just fine right now." [note to self: make story points connect]

"Well, it would help you refine your control of the Force and give you more skills, not to mention an increased defensive capability."

Amtar ruminated over that for a few seconds. "I'll think about it some more, but I could go one way or the other. Ret'urcye mhi, see you later. Oya!" With that, Amtar entered the turbolift and began his descent.

El'endia leaned back against the wall, wondering why he had made such a odd request. Maybe it was the Force, maybe it was because I'm an old fool. Anyway, that's in the past. I'll just have to wait and see what becomes of it. El'endia headed back to his apartment to resume his sleep before it was shattered by the intrusion of an old friend from the past.

Amtar's ProblemEdit

As Amtar left the building, he saw an icon flashing in the upper left corner of his helmet HUD. He accessed the file and [learned/found out] that Captain Tomad was under attack. He hurried into his ship, and started to go through his preflight checklist when he saw that his engines were damaged. "Go out and check the engines," he told Esbeedee. The droid hurried out and a minute later it returned and gave him the report that the ship had holes inside the coolant lines, making it so if he took off they would leak fluids into the engines and cause them to overheat and explode. Haar'chak! If we take off we will be blown to smithereens. I will have to go get another coolant pipe. He then saw an explosion rend the sky, and he saw the hull of a starship falling towards the planet. That is Thundershocker. Tomad and crew of Thundershocker, Ni su'cuyi, gar kyr'adyc, ni partayli, gar darasuum. I'm still alive, but you are dead. I remember you, so you are eternal. He took a moment to pull himself together after the loss of his comrades. Putting a resolute expression on his face, he activated his grapple and swung off towards the repair shop as debris fell from the sky. Then as he landed he saw a new message on his HUD. He opened it and saw that it was from Esbeedee. There were some unsavory people, to put it mildly, trying to steal the ship. He hurried inside and saw a big person walking into the back. Amtar entered the back room and saw someone buying a part from the Rodian shopkeeper. The person turned around, and Amtar saw that it he had a scar across his face, running all the way to his hand and he had a thermal detonator on his belt. Amtar asked. “Who are you?”

“I will not answer that, because you will soon be dead, so you don't need to know. And Mandalorian scum like you are all the same, all too arrogant to see past your own view.” the man answered.

"Is that a threat?" Amtar asked.

"Yes it is," the thug answered.

"I don't like being threatened," Amtar said, ejecting the vibroblades built into his gauntlets.

"You'd better put those away before someone gets hurt" the thug said.

"Ah, but it won't be me getting hurt." Amtar started to swing his left hand down at the thugs head, but reversed and came from the bottom. The thug tried to block the feint and had his right leg sliced. Amtar then brought both of his arms in from both sides and slammed his helmeted head into the mans face, dazing him. Then the thug brought his sword down with all of his strength, and Amtar was forced to roll sideways to avoid being split in half, then Amtar saw that the thug's sword was stuck in the floor and, seeing his chance, Amtar smashed his left blade into the man's face. Only then did he see the feint, trying to pull back, he jumped left and just barely dodged the vicious swipe at his chest. Feeling the power rising in him, he looked up and saw in slow-motion the vibrosword coming down, then as if his hands were moving themselves he saw himself reach up and catch the handle of the sword. Then he twisted the thugs wrist he heard the crack of breaking bone. Then the thug reached inside his jacket he pulled out a frag grenade, activated it, and threw it down. Amtar dove back noticing how slow the grenade exploded before his HUD went to static from the force of the explosion. Amtar took off the helmet and walked over to the body of the thug, to make sure that he was dead. Then as if nothing unusual had just happened Amtar walked over to the counter and handed the stunned rodian 1,000 credits to pay for the mess and new coolant pipes. He then left the shop, taking the vibrosword from the dead thug along the way, and took a taxi back to his ship. Once they had repaired the coolant pipes he started to fly out to the remains of Thundershocker to search for anything salvageable. As he arrived at the wreckage of Thundershocker, Amtar saw several battle cruisers around the main hull. I’d better find a way to look like another normal piece of debris. Amtar turned to aim at a hangar and fired the engines in one burst, then shut down all systems other than weapons and radar. He could see the atmosphere was still inside the hangar bay. The hangar shield must be active. He slid past the battle cruisers and entered the hangar. He told Esbeedee to stay at the weapons system and watch for anyone suspicious, opened the hatch, and quietly slipped out, searching for any enemies. The first thing he noticed was that the air was hot and moist. Probably proton torpedoes. He then noticed that the blast doors were open. The atmosphere must still be in most of the ship. I wonder if there are any survivors. Amtar found a turbolift, took it to the bridge, and stepped into the bridge area. He noticed that all the crew was dead, along with some people who weren’t crew. All of the dead bodies had blaster marks on them. Then he heard the crackling of a fusion cutter behind the weapons terminal. Amtar pulled out his Verpine shatter gun and checked the ammo. He jumped around the terminal ready for a fight, and saw a woman using a fusion cutter. She spun around and pulled out a blaster pistol when Amtar jumped out.

After a moment when she saw he wasn't trying to harm her, she asked “Who are you and what do you want here?“

"I am Amtar Kyramud, Mand’alor,” Amtar answered.

“I am Ilesa Meshurok,” she said.

“What are you doing here?” Amtar asked.

“I am trying to fix this weapons system so that I can blow those battle cruisers back to where they came from,” Ilesa answered.

“There’s no use, the cannons have been vaporized, but you can come with me. I have enough room for more people," Amtar said.

“Thank you, I just need to get a few items,” Ilesa said.

Later they met at the hangar and loaded the items they had salvaged into durasteel containers; Amtar found out that Ilesa was a specialist with the E-Web cannon. After they left Thundershocker they flew down towards Coruscant, Amtar had quite forgotten the battle cruisers until he saw the missile lock alert in the main viewport.

"Esbeedee, fire something to stop those missiles!" Amtar said.

Esbeedee launched several groups of interceptor missiles at the incoming explosives.

"Get us out of here!" Ilesa shouted.

"Working on it!" Amtar replied.

He raised their speed, and shot off into hyperspace.

"Where are we going?" Ilesa asked.

"We are going to fly past Coruscant and then come back, so they don't know it is us" Amtar replied.

"Oh, ok" Ilesa said

They flew for a little while then Amtar stopped in an asteroid field. "I think this is a good place to turn around," Amtar said.

"How did you come to be Mand'alor? I know that that is the highest title you can earn." Ilesa asked.


Battle Against the HssissEdit

I was fighting my way through wave after wave of hssiss, sent by Darth Landin, soon after when I had found that I had the force, when all of a sudden I received a message, requesting that I return to HQ. I dispatched the hssiss I was fighting and headed off towards our HQ. Upon my return I learned that the hssiss were moving in on one of our communications buildings. Goran Beviin, the current Mand'alor, was personally overseeing the defense, and requesting that I be there. I hurried to the communications building, and was shocked by the amount of soldiers commandos Goran Beviin had pulled out of battle to defend this one building. I was put on the front lines. We could see the hssiss approaching from the north and west. As they drew near as one all of us on the front line, as one unsheathed our vibroswords. [not everyone will have a vibrosword...many will have a beskad] As their forces collided with ours the sounds of clashing swords, roars, and blaster shots, were all I could hear. I was first attacked by one who decided that he was going to try brute force do defeat me, I swung my vibrosword hard up to block one lunge. I was prepared for anything that he could throw at me. He tried to behead me with a vicious bite that cost him his balance and gave me an advantage, I stabbed him through three times, Once through the stomach, once through the heart, and once through the head, I had only just removed my sword from his body when a second challenged me, I blocked his first blow with the very tip of my sword and shoved it hard in a maneuver that should have slid the sword down it's throat and choked it to death, but it bit down and pulled my sword out of my hand. I ejected the wrist mounted vibroblades built into my gauntlets, and in one final swipe i slit its throat. Before I managed to grab my sword pull my sword out, another one assaulted me, trying to take me out before I had a weapon. However, he didn't see my arms until the last second when i managed to dig one into two of his legs. [One vibroshiv in both calves?] He tried to land a blow to my head but I managed to trip him up[hssiss are HUGE] and pull out both blades from his legs and sink them into his face, as I got up, I had the familiar sensation of my body moving itself, killing anything in its way. Then I saw the hssiss dragging a still struggling man away, so I gave chase. After I caught up with them I smashed my sword into the creature's leg, effectively stopping it, but as it turned I saw the attack coming from behind me reflected in it's eyes. I knew as I turned that my turn was too late, it slammed into me knocking me out. A while later I woke up in some sort of camp, my hands were somehow attached to the wall behind me. I could see at least twelve other prisoners. We need to find a way to escape.

Then I heard someone walking into our tent, through the door behind me, "So which of you wants to live?" Someone asked. No one answered. "Do you all dare to spurn Darth Landin? I will return later, and you had better hope one of you is willing to tell me where your main HQ is."

As he left the tent I memorized that name, in order to remember who I most wanted to kill. "What did they attach us to this pole with?" I asked.

"I don't know, some sort of Force trick," someone answered.

"Let me try to get us out," Amtar said.

I concentrated hard on releasing the attaching mechanisms. I felt strange, almost like I was floating. Then all of a sudden I felt whatever held me there disappear. I stood up and shook my hands to get the blood flowing. After my circulation had returned to my hands, I turned around and looked at the other's bonds. I noticed the glowing bands, then I concentrated the same way I had done with mine, and the bonds disappeared. After I released them, we crept out of the tent and saw that it was pitch black outside. Remembering that Darth Landin said he was coming back, we slid out of the camp, and quickly ran back to the battlefield. There, we saw that we were the only survivors. So I took the title of Mand'alor. [maybe not so fast, we don't know if Boba Fett died, and he will likely be dead by the time of the battle anyway...]

Return to CoruscantEdit

By the time Amtar had finished his tale they were back at Coruscant.

"Wow" Ilesa said

"Yes" Amtar agreed.

Return VisitEdit

El'endia was eating breakfast when his apartment door chimed. Wiping his mouth with a piece of flimsiplast, he got up and made his way over to the door. I wonder who could be calling at this hour. Maybe it's Amtar again. Before he opened the door, El'endia expanded his awareness towards whoever was outside his dwelling. Yup, it's that Mandalorian again. Opening the door, El'endia said, "Back so soon?"

"May I come in?" Amtar asked.

El'endia moved aside to allow Amtar into his home, "Yes, you may."

As Amtar strode in, he swept the room for electronic bugs with his built-in helmet sensors. Okay, it's clean. Well, electronically clean. Jeepers, El'endia needs to bring in an exterminator to get rid of this granite slug infestation. "We need to talk."

What could be the problem? "Okay, lets go sit over here," El'endia said, pointing to a set of chairs surrounding a dejarik table.

Amtar remained standing, "No thanks, I prefer to stay standing."

"If you wish," said El'endia. "Now, you wanted to talk about something."

"Yes. Tell me more about who you fought yesterday."

"You might want to sit down, it's a long story, like I said yesterday."

"I've got all the time in the world, and I don't need to sit down."

"While I'm talking, shall we play a game of dejarik?"

"Yes, we shall. Be warned, I have played this game countless times before, and you might lose."

"Oh really? Let's find out! Anyway, about Landin..."

[flash back by Lee]

"Would you mind if I, and a friend I acquired on Thundershocker stay with you?" Amtar asked.

"Not at all!" El'endia replied.

"I'll go get her then," said Amtar, walking out to the turbolift.

He hurried to where he had landed Warhammer. "Ilesa, he said we could stay with him."

"Allright, let's go," Ilesa replied.

Before they left, Amtar instructed Esbeedee to stay and guard the ship.

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