The story is set in a futuristic earth where rogue experiments have lead to insects taking over earth and slowing gain in numbers and intelligence they begin to work together as one unified species consisting of all the common insects no longer killing each other to survive but not genetically altered they work in symbiotic relation to grow through out earth and with their new leadership and power as a species, humans are now trying to regain control in the chaotic world they have made as the insects rule and take over the massive empty structures left behind

Part oneEdit

The streets ran empty as the sun across, the sky scrapers overgrown with plants and inside the deteriorating structures the giant wasps crawled through the empty floors to their queen in casing supports in their spider web like spit to reinforce the weakening beams, below along the street a human crawled out from underneath a car and looked around then he began running down the street to a empty building he ran inside and opened a covered hatch and crawled down, other refuges came over so was the mission a susses said the person in charge, "no, I got trapped about half way there it's swarming with those wasps things and the lab was filled with dormant beatles no one would have made it past" replied the man, so we can't get in through the ground level, is there any other way asked the man, yes there are several underground entrances below the facility replied the captain, now come with me we have some new tech we got back, is it ready for testing, yes quite ready smiled the captain, yet me show you it is are newest type it fires like any standard assault rifle, but it's loaded with Pyrethrin cartridges, Raid replied the man, yes laughed the captain but it is quite effective against the nerve cells on these things.

just then a person raced in we just got an alert in the lower sectures, an intruder asked the captain, we didn't get a reply get down there, quite get some of these guns loaded I have a feeling are guest will be up soon, - smash - the iron door began to lift, fire on my command understand the crew nodded, the iron door was flung to the side and the huge creature rose up, it looked like a centipede, snapping it gaw it roared fire! yelled the captain the began fire and it lunged forward but fell mid way as the poison quickly paralyzing it's nervous system it blindly stumbled around fire more more! quickly yelled the captain, it finally fell to the ground still racing its gaw as the poison set in

(Please feel free to finish this, it was just one of my stories I was thinking of but I can't remember how I ended it, it was a while ago, so if anyone wants to finish it feel free)

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