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Chapter 1Edit

Dawn was ascending on the russet night of the smoggy metropolis, Ambredo. Brilliant light shimmering over the horizon burned away the dank bloodstained mud that littered the heavens like a candle in an Ugenda’s den. On an untouched world, pins of light would protect and inspire the minute populace, but Typrus had been stained by wealth, power, and genius, leaving the night hopeless but for the incandescent glow of the cityscape. Change, progress, growth, the future, all set aside to the pleasures of today.

Although, pleasure was the last thing on the mind of Jenvui Kiuf when he finally rested his hands from his data center with red eyes and trembling hands.

“Prepare to send 010001010100111001000100.DOC over encrypted connection to access station 049 Baey District. Trigger system failure 0.31 microseconds after data is received. Terminate station in exactly 36 hours. After all docking preparations are complete I’ll wave a goodbye and we’ll go. Understood?” Jenvui purposefully asked.

“It’s end game. I’ve been prepared my whole life for this, relax.” Replied the other present flatly.

“Hold your tongue Granite! This is the most important event in my life, a life much longer than yours. If you think you’re ready than you’d best think again.” Jenvui earnestly replied as he got up from his desk.

“No time for thinking.” Granite replied as he took the unoccupied seat and speedily fulfilled Kiuf’s requests. “ I’ve just sent the message and rigged the machine. I’ll be in the ship ‘till your ready.”

Incessantly grinding his teeth Jenvui had watched as Granite finished his commands at an unrivalled speed and gracefully slid from his seat and out the door. Jenvui paced over to the data center once Granite was a safe distance away and shifted through his cramped pocket. Ooh here’s that week old gum I havn’t eaten yet. There’s the poem I wrote on tissue paper, oh that’s lovely, aaaannd here! Here is my magnet! Jenvui thought. A decagonal magnet in the shape of an elongated eye precisely. Glancing out the window, then back to his terminal, he slid the magnet over the center’s Solid state disk and watched the screen go blank. Scrambling to the window he pressed a button and watched the opaque force field (a welcomed replacement to glass) dissipate and hurled the magnet out into the busy cityscape.

Kiuf sniffled as he watched it fall and noticed out of the corner of his eye a black taxi ship shift out of place in the automated air highway. Blast! Their quicker than I thought! Jenvui thought as he again pressed the window’s button and raced out his one bedroom apartment toward the nearest elevator. I guess parking on the roof garage really didn’t have an advantage after all. Granite’s too smart for his own good. Jenvui thought. When the elevator finally stopped, and the doors swung open, Jenvui Kief began to recite, in barely a whisper, the contents of the poem in his pocket.

One hour earlier, Ambredo, Security Headquarters - 10 miles from Jenvui’s location.

“Wake up Ulan.” Barked Captain Loid Silver, of the Ambredo Anti-Terrorist Contingent. “Ahhrg, Who?!” Ulan gasped. “Oh! I’m so sorry Overseer It’ll never hap-”

“Forget it. Just show me your report and you can go home.” The overseer stated.

“Thank you sir. It’s been hard adjusting to 4th shift. ” Ulan explained as he accessed his daily cyber irregularity report. “37 hours aren’t enough to fill a day.”

“Sure, Sure. What have you got for me?” said the annoyed Silver.

“Well there were some power fluctuations in the old network, I mean the oooold network. Not a single piece of wetware installed, it’s the rusty Wi-Op infrastructure, so I don’t think it’s a problem. I’m surprised their still maintained at all. Anyway, you know those signal towers are as old as Duron himself.”

“Fool! Did you not investigate at all? Odd activities related to those old relics have been happening all across Typrus! And your right, that infrastructure stopped receiving power centuries ago. Events must be interconnected and we can’t just blame it on the rats!”

“Not to disrespect sir but what could possibly happen?” Ulan said nonchalantly.

“Moron! Worst case scenario: we have pirates or Tysirian mafia agents setting up an operation”

“So what are you going to do?” Ulan groggily asked.

We are going to track these fluctuations to the source. Prep the ship for takeoff and alert the crew. You’re working another 12 hours.” Silver ordered.

“Ugh.” Grunted Ulan as he left the room.

“So, what do we have here?” murmured the intrigued Captain Silver.

Three floating screens were before him with the first displaying Ulan’s report. The second displaying a map of Ambredo with overlays depicting the signal tower’s power fluctuations and the third now listing all previous police reports related to ancient technology within the last month as he brought it up.

Let’s check the headlines first, Loid thought. Six references were made to the since replaced Wi-Op infrastructure. Originally embedded during the colonization of Ambredo the Wi-Op infrastructure utilized the advantages of Wi-Fi, fiber optics and light’s bending properties to create man’s latest host of the Internet. It has since been replaced by a biological system incompatible with Wi-Op that uses a unique wavelength to communicate.

Among the headlines were referenced to two terminals in the local Baey District. It seemed for the past 2 weeks terminal 23 had been receiving power from an unknown source. When officials investigated yesterday, it conveniently had lost power and activity logs for the past month.

More to come...

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