(The Warriors raced to the training courses to see their new race which involved using their elemental powers. When they arrived they were gob smacked with the layout.)

Kimiko: Okay, who's first?

(Omi jumped up and down the air with his hand waving around.)

Kimiko: Okay, okay, Omi. You're first.

(Omi ran to the start point doing some warm-up techniques.)

Omi: I am you are when ready.

Raimundo: Ready when you are, Omi.

Clay: Okay, ready, set, GO!

(Omi ran to the first obstacle which was a huge wall, Omi knew how to get past this.)

Omi: Wudai Neptune Water!

(He shot a jet of water at the ground, elevating himself to the top and down again. He moved on to the next obstacle which was half broken poles on a river with mechanical crocodiles. Omi pondered a moment, and then he had an idea.)

Omi: Wudai Neptune Ice!

(He shot his ice blasts at the half broken poles and turned them whole again, giving him easy pass.)

Raimundo: Last one.

(Omi raced to the last obstacle, which was a broken bridge on another pond of water. Omi used his ice abilities again to make a bridge giving him easy access to the finish line. He then gave a short bow to the others.)

Clay: Sixty-three seconds, little partner. Nice one.

Omi: Oh yes, the second obstacle was quite a challenge.

Raimundo: Yeah, and you'd never pass it if you didn't have ice as well as water.

Clay: So who's next?

Kimiko: Guess I’ll go. Stand back and watch the fire expert in action.

Clay: Yer ready, set, GO!

(She ran to the giant wall. She gave a small smile.)

Kimiko: Wudai Mars Fire!

(She fired it to the ground the same way Omi did. Except she span out of control past the wall and landed on her butt.)

Kimiko: Err... I’m okay. Minor setback.

(She carried on to the broken poles. Then she thought of her own idea, instead of Omi's.)

Kimiko: Judolette Flip!

(She jumped and span in mid-air and landed on the edge of the path. But she lost her balance, and fell into the water with the crocodiles. Raimundo literally gagging for breath from laughter. Kimiko nonetheless continued to the bridge.)

Kimiko: Wudai Mars Fire!

(She shot out a blast of fire which created a hardened lava bridge. She smiled deeply and crossed it. But the bridge wasn't stable and collapsed with Kimiko still on it, and she fell into the water again. Raimundo continuing his chorus of laughter.)

Kimiko: Okay Clay, I lost.

Clay: Eighty-five seconds, little lady. Think Omi beat you a mile off.

Omi: It is okay, Kimiko. That is a fairly good score for a girl.

Raimundo: Wrong choice of words, Omi.


Omi: Only lack of upper body...

(Clay slapped his mouth shut and let Raimundo carry on.)

Raimundo: Er... nothing. Girls are er... nice. Especially when it comes to fighting.

(Kimiko nonetheless walked away.)

Kimiko: You guys think you're so big.

(Kimiko lay down on her bed, feeling the need to crash something in her anger.)

Kimiko: Hmph. No one around here appreciates what I do around here. I fight evil alongside them; I’m Xiaolin Dragon of fire. And not to mention I’m good with nearly all the Shen Gong Wu. And they still treat me like a child, just because I’m a girl.

(But then Raimundo raced past Kimiko's room, and stopped to see her.)

Raimundo: There you are!

Kimiko: Hmph, what do you want?

Raimundo: First, I wanna apologize on behalf of Omi.

Kimiko: Tell him, apology accepted. And second?

Raimundo: And second, Dojo's sensed a new Wu.

Kimiko: Okay, I’m coming.

(Both of them ran to the gardens to see what Shen Gong Wu revealed itself.)

Dojo: The Flying Crane.

Kimiko: Whoever possesses it can do many of things with wind. Such as use it as a weapon, use it to become invisible, and use it to glide through things like the wind.

Raimundo: Oh yeah, that's my Wu.

Clay: Hm, it's like the Sword of the Storm, the Serpent's Tail and the Shroud of Shadows rolled into one.

Dojo: Come on then, we don't wanna hit traffic!

(Dojo resized himself and carried the four Warriors to the Flying Crane.)

Omi: Kimiko, I am truly sorry about the things I have said earlier.

Kimiko: Don't worry 'bout it.

Omi: And to make it up to you, I will er...

(Raimundo whispered into his ear something.)

Omi: ... I will do our chores for the next week.

Kimiko: How 'bout I get the Flying Crane, then we're even.

(Omi glanced at Raimundo, who nodded.)

Omi: Okay, you might actually endeavor us by showing us you're feminine fire skills. (Quickly.) Which is superb in every way. (Smiling.)

Kimiko: Sigh let’s hope I actually get the Flying Crane.

(Dojo arrived in the arctic. Which was Kimiko's undoing, as she didn't bring warm clothes.)

Kimiko: Brrrrr. Not ...the ...arctic...again!

Omi: We can make this swift, as I have already found the Flying Crane.

(Pointing to a small iceberg with the Flying Crane onto.)

Kimiko: Stand back, the Flying Crane is mine for sure.

Clay: Better make it yours fast, little lady.

Kimiko: Why's that?

(Kimiko already knew why, as purple smoke swirled near the Flying Crane, which meant Chase Young was near.)

Kimiko: Oh no you don't!

(Chase Young appeared, giving an evil grin as he saw Kimiko trying to get the Flying Crane. Chase then jumped up, did a spin in mid-air and grabbed the Flying Crane along with Kimiko.)

Chase: I challenge you Kimiko, to a Xiaolin Showdown!

Kimiko: My Gills Of Hamachi for your Tangle Web Comb.

Chase: The game is find the Flying Crane in the arctic, oh and I also want to add a slight twist.

Kimiko: Keep going.

Chase: We play both on the ice, and underwater!

Kimiko: I accept your challenge with a twist.

Both: Let's go! Xiaolin Showdown!

(The arctic broke into many ice blocks with many more rising up. Kimiko took her place, while Chase turned into his reptilian form.)

Omi: How do you think Kimiko fairs against Chase?

Raimundo: My guess...she doesn't stand a ghost of a chance.

Clay: Like a mouse against a lion.

(Kimiko heard this and just sighed.)

Both: Gong Ye Tempai!

(The Flying Crane popped out from beneath the ice, and already Chase was hopping between icebergs to it. Kimiko quickly slipping on the ice to it.)

Omi: You can do it, Kimiko!

Raimundo: Go girl, go!

(Kimiko ran out ahead of Chase, but Chase smashed the ice they were standing on and both of them fell into the ice cold water, along with the Flying Crane.)

Kimiko: Gills of Hamachi!

(She put the Shen Gong Wu on her neck and transformed into her fish form. And already she was speeding to the Flying Crane.)

Chase: Don't think so, Tangle Web Comb!

(The Shen Gong Wu caught Kimiko and tied her up. Chase approached her.)

Chase: Enjoying the swim?

Kimiko: Yes, cus' you can't breathe underwater!

Chase: I'm an evil Heylin Warrior; do you think I can't master breathing underwater? Besides, it's not me that's not breathing, it's YOU!

(He took the Gills of Hamachi off her neck, turning her human again. The others seen this and were gob smacked.)

Omi: My actions sent Kimiko to her watery grave!

(Back underwater, Chase was going for the Flying Crane. But Kimiko was trying desperately to break free, while holding her breath.)

Kimiko's thoughts: This is bad. I'm tied up underwater and Chase is going for the Flying Crane. Sorry, Rai. I tried my best. Wait, what am I doing!

Kimiko: Wudai Mars Fire!

(She let out a flurry of fire and burst through the Tangle Web Comb. Immediately she swam to the surface and gasped for some air. Also letting the others know she was still alive. They cheered her on. Then she dived back underwater, she then grabbed the Tangle Web Comb Chase left behind and swam to catch up with him. Chase was already near the Flying Crane, when an iceberg rose up taking the Flying Crane with it too. Kimiko saw this and reached the surface first. But Chase was still going for it.)

Kimiko: Wudai Mars Fire!

(She attempted to fire at Chase, but it fired towards the ground causing Kimiko to fire upwards towards the Flying Crane. She then smashed straight into Chase bringing both of them down underwater again.)

Chase: I must say you're lasting longer than I expected. For a girl!

(Kimiko tried to retaliate but she couldn't speak since she was underwater. Instead she fired upwards to the surface again, but Chase caught her leg and threw her away from the Flying Crane. But while Chase was going for the Shen Gong Wu, Kimiko crashed into an iceberg and kicked herself forward, making her slide back into action. She crashed into Chase yet again.)

Chase: I'm done playing with you, little one.

(He grabbed her and threw her away with his Heylin magic, but Kimiko persisted by using her fire powers to fire herself back in. She crashed into Chase yet again, but the fire she created caused a huge inferno that the others couldn't see.)

Omi: What happened?

Clay: No idea.

(After the inferno stopped, a part of the ice broke up and Kimiko rose from it, carrying the Flying Crane in her hand. She won.)

Kimiko: (To Chase.) NEVER do that again!

Chase: (Turning to human form.) It appears I underestimated you. But it was only by mere chance you won. If it hadn't been for your foolish inferno, the Flying Crane would have been in my hands. Consider this a small treat, because next time, I will make sure the same mistake doesn't happen again. I promise you that!

(He turned into the purple smoke and blew towards the wind.)

Raimundo: Ach, don't listen to him; he's only trying to make you shake in your boots.

(But it turns out; she WAS shaking in her boots. Not because of Chase, but for the cold, since her nose was bright red.)

Kimiko: Don't believe you have a blanket? Achoo.

Raimundo: None on me.

Clay: 'fraid not.

Omi: Me neither.

Kimiko: Well, come...on let's get outta here.

Raimundo: Two secs, I wanna try out the new Wu.

(Kimiko handed him the Flying Crane. Raimundo then spotted a huge iceberg along the sea.)

Raimundo: See that hunk of ice? Bet I can cut that down to size. Flying Crane!

(He used the Shen Gong Wu's power to blow the iceberg to a million pieces.)

Clay: Whoa, wouldn't mind having that Wu.

Raimundo: Okay, enough games let's get outta here. Kimiko's not the only one freezing her butt off.

(Dojo re-sized and carried them away, having to listen to Kimiko's sneezing. But as they flew off, they didn't know, an old enemy was coming back from the ices, Dyris.)

Dyris: Thank you fools. It will be your undoing, because I have a plan that will make sure I will rule the world, from underwater. Ahahahahahahaha!

(But then Jack Spicer was flying by.)

Jack: Awww, I missed another Wu, I really need to build a waking-bot.

(But Dyris noticed him and already she was scheming on what to do.)

Dyris: Oh, Jaaack.

Jack: Huh? Someone's calling me, but I dunno who. Who's there!

Dyris: It's me.

(Jack noticed her.)

Jack: Oh, it's you. That mermaid that caused hassle for the monks. What do you want?

Dyris: (Flirty.) Oh, being a mermaid has its prices. Look fins. I can't even go out of the water with these. I need your help into making me human.

Jack: Whoa, do I do that?

Dyris: Oh, I think your Shen Gong Wu can do that.

Jack: Er... oh, oh, the Gills of Hamachi, but that only turns you into a fish. But wait, with the Reversing Mirror, you can turn human.

Dyris: There's a good boy. Do you have them?

Jack: Er...'fraid not. The monks have both them Wu.

Dyris: Oh, can you get them for me?

Jack: Well, I... er...the Monkey Staff can break into it. I can get those Wu no problem.

Dyris: are a clever little boy. (Jack giving off a huge hypnotized state smile.) I'll be waiting right here, and who knows? When the time is right, both of us could rule the world together.

Jack: Oh yeah! World domination with a good-looking mermaid. What can be better?

(The Warriors were sitting at the fire-place. Kimiko had wrapped herself up in hundreds of blankets, trying to keep herself warm.)

Clay: Ah reckon it could be worse, little lady.

Kimiko: How can it be worse? Achoo!

Raimundo Gesundheit.

Clay: Yah could be frozen on ice.

Kimiko: If Omi could survive a little ice block, surely I could. Achoo!

Raimundo: Gesundheit.

Omi: I do not know. The cold could be rather bad for your delicate female skin.

Kimiko: What is wrong with my skin! Achoo!

Raimundo: Gesundheit.

Omi: Oh nothing. I just find it hard for a girl like yourself to handle such freezing temperatures.

(Clay and Raimundo slapped their heads.)


Omi: Sorry. I did not know what came over me.

(But then Master Fung rushed in.)

Raimundo: Yo, Master Fung. Why rush in like that?

Master Fung: It appears that we have had some Shen Gong Wu stolen.

Warriors: What!

(The five of them raced to the vault.)

Kimiko: (Still wrapped in blankets.) Looks like only two Wu's stolen.

Raimundo: Gills of Hamachi and Reversing Mirror. Great.

Omi: I do not see any threat towards those Shen Gong Wu.

Master Fung: So many evil-doers in the world. So many points of view. Who knows why they stole the Shen Gong Wu. All I know is, you should be on your guard, and keep an eye on anything suspicious.

Kimiko: Achoo!

Master Fung: Gesundheit.

(Back at Jack's Lair, Jack was keeping Dyris in a water tank until he came back.)

Jack: Okay I got you your Shen Gong Wu. Do your business.

Dyris: With pleasure. Gills of Hamachi. Reversing Mirror.

(The force of the Shen Gong Wu's power caused the tank to shatter and flood the lab. But when the smoke cleared, Jack was staring at Dyris in her human form. She was completely out of water and was not turning into her beast form.)

Jack: Whoa, b-b-beautiful.

Dyris: I know. You have done well, Jack. And together my little man, we shall rule the world!

Jack: Oh yeah, just what I wanna hear so go on, spill it, what's your plan!

(But as Jack was getting briefed of the plan, a rather old, rather strong looking man was keeping watch.)

(That night, Kimiko spent all night sneezing, and listening to Raimundo say Gesundheit either awake, or in his sleep. That morning, she was a tiny bit better, but the sneezing kept interfering with her fire powers.)

Kimiko: Oh, it's no good. As long as I have this cold, my flame's died out.

Omi: Do not feel down, Kimiko.

Kimiko: If you're going to make fun of my gender, then do so, cus' I’m too weak to fight back.

Omi: Actually, I was going to say: you need your rest. And when your cold has cleared up, you will feel as right as snow.

Kimiko: Rain, Omi. Rain. Achoo.

Raimundo Gesundheit.

Kimiko: Anyways, this gives me the opportunity to update my Shen gong Wu database. (Taking out her laptop.) Let's see, the Gills of Hamachi and Reversing Mirror were tooken by an unknown person, so it goes in the unknown box. We took the Tangle Web Comb and Flying Crane earlier on, Jack took the Monkey Staff and we got the Diva Disaster. Chase is still in possession of the Flute of Vorocha and we still got the Mechanic Kaiser. So everything's good to go.

(Then Raimundo rushed straight in.)

Raimundo: Yo Omi, Kimiko. There's some girl at the gates. Come on, we can say hello.

(Omi and Kimiko looked at each other in confusion. And they went with Raimundo to check her out. It was Dyris, in her human form. But the others didn't know.)

Omi: Oh, you are a most pretty lady.

Dyris: Why thank you. And to whom do I owe the pleasure?

Omi: My name is Omi.

Clay: Hey, and a'm Clay. Wanna see mah lasso skills. Yeehaw.

Dyris: That'll be lovely.

(The sat and watched Clay's lasso skills. But Kimiko was a bit suspicious. She then called Raimundo over.)

Kimiko: Do you feel something fishy about her?

Raimundo: Why?

Kimiko: I dunno, I think she looks familiar, and I don't like the way she's already grabbing attention.

Raimundo: Phhht. I know you're a smart girl, Kimiko. But I see nothing wrong with her.

(Kimiko decided to test Dyris.)

Kimiko: Excuse me, miss. But you never actually told us who you are, and where you come from.

Dyris: Oh, forgive me. I am Syris. And I am more of a weary traveler. I just came here to seek some accommodation for a day.

Kimiko: Interesting. Achoo.

Dyris: Hm, you got the cold?

Kimiko: Yeah, I got a little trouble in some cold water.

Dyris: Hm, interesting.

(Later on, Kimiko was sitting in the gardens updating the Shen Gong Wu database.)

Kimiko: Okay, if Wuya stole the Silk Spitter earlier on, she has it with Chase. Jack is still in possession of the Black Beetle and Crouching Cougar. And...wait, no if we won the Moby Morpher off Hannibal then...Argh. Achoo.

(She was then joined by Dyris.)

Kimiko: Oh hey, Syris.

Dyris: Hm, Kimiko, what are you doing with that strange device?

Kimiko: It's a laptop computer; I’m just updating my Shen Gong Wu database.

Dyris: Might I have a look?

Kimiko: Hm, sure why not?

(She peered down, and saw a couple of Shen Gong Wu, but not one she was planning to get.)

Dyris: I have heard of these mystical items. One story I’ve heard was a magical flute that can imitate the very sound of what you desire.

Kimiko: Good luck finding that. It's the Flute of Vorocha, but Chase Young has it.

(Dyris gave a little yelp.)

Dyris: THE Chase Young, master of evil and darkness?

Kimiko: Yeah, not much of a master of evil and darkness since I kicked his butt. Achoo.

Dyris: Tell me, Kimiko. Does Chase have any companions?

Kimiko: Sure, the former ghost-head Wuya. She ain't all powerful either. I beat them both.

Dyris: Of course. Thank you, Kimiko.

Kimiko: Okay, just keep outta trouble.

(While Dyris was walking off.)

Dyris: All is going according to plan.

(It just so happens, Wuya was sitting complaining to herself, outside Chase's Lair.)

Wuya: Oh I can't believe Chase lost the Flying Crane to that brat, Kimiko. If it was me in there, I would have kicked her butt easily.

(She heard something down below.)

Wuya: Reveal yourself!

(She seen someone jump to her, it was Dyris.)

Wuya: You. Why do you look familiar?

Dyris: I was once a mermaid and tried to flood the Earth.

Wuya: Hah, you're plan was genius, but the cheese ball got to yah. Anyways how'd you get human?

(Dyris raised the Gills of Hamachi and Reversing Mirror.)

Wuya: Hm, interesting. Somewhat similar to my method of returning to human.

Dyris: Now, I’m here to offer an opportunity of a lifetime.

Wuya: I'm all ears.

Dyris: Help me get the Flute of Vorocha, and I will make it worth your while.

Wuya: And what will the while be worth?

Dyris: A place beside me in world domination?

Wuya: Sold.

(Back at the Temple, it is the next day and Dyris wakes up, to a bright day. She walked out to the bamboo field, until she heard rustling in the bamboos.)

Dyris: Who's there?

(And out of the bamboo sticks came Jack Spicer and attempted to whack her with a bamboo stick, she narrowly missed it. Dyris noticed he had an electronic looking helmet.)

Dyris: Spicer, what are you doing?

Jack: Don't fool me, mermaid! Your plan'll never work!

Dyris: HELP, HELP, someone, please!

(The Warriors heard this, and seen Jack about to finish her off. Omi, Clay and Raimundo jumped in to save her. Except for Kimiko. Omi was using the Shimo Staff to fight back Jack.)

Omi: Jack Spicer, why are you here?

(But while Jack and Omi were fighting, Dyris made a run for the vault. Kimiko caught her in the act.)

Kimiko: Not so fast, Dyris!

Omi, Clay and Raimundo: DYRIS!

(Kimiko attempted to go after her but Wuya appeared and whacked her away. When Dyris appeared, she was holding the Mechanic Kaiser and the Diva Disaster.)

Wuya: Come on, let's break.

(But when the two evil-doers were running off, a huge rugged figure appeared, holding a spear and wearing a long grey cloak. It was Klofange.)

Clay: Mighty good ter see you, partner.

Klofange: Dyris! You may be human, but your plan will not come to action!

(He leaped forwards to attack.)

Wuya: Shroud of Shadows!

(Both Dyris and Wuya turned invisible, and made their escape.)

Klofange: Grrrr. I was close!

Raimundo: Okay, can we go to a place where the both of you can explain all this?

(Jack was still there.)

Jack: Oh, you mean me and him?

(The four Warriors glared at him. Then they sat down to one of the tables and explained everything.)

Jack: Here's the scoop. Dyris tricked me into stealing the Gills of Hamachi and Reversing Mirror. She used both of them at the same time to turn her human. That was why you didn't notice her earlier on, except Kimiko. She then told me her plan, to use one of your Shen Gong Wu to magnify the abilities of the Flute of Vorocha, to make a melody that will entrance EVERY single male on the Earth. The only ones who will be immune to this will be me, big guy here, Chase Young and all females.

Clay: Wait, why are these people getting the treatment?

Klofange: I am immune to all feminine charms.

Jack: Chase has a special force field which repels all magic towards him. And I have this device; this too keeps Dyris' magic outta my head.

Omi: But why are you helping us?

Jack: Dyris said it won't affect me, but if it weren't for Klofange tipping me off about it, I’d be still doing her bidding.

Kimiko: But wait, what was the whole point in Dyris coming here pretending to be a weary traveler?

Jack: She wanted the Mechanic Kaiser and the Diva Disaster. With the Mechanic Kaiser, she can amplify the effects of the Flute of Vorocha.

(Omi, Kimiko, Raimundo and Clay slapped their heads.)

Raimundo: Does anyone give the Mechanic Kaiser a break?

Clay: But why the Diva Disaster? Unless she wants to start up the Heylin Flood again.

Klofange: Once all the males of the world have been hypnotized under her melody, no one will try and stop her, to use the the Diva Disaster, to flood the Earth!

Warriors: What!

Kimiko: And what can cause a flood more than the Diva Disaster. No one can stop her, except me.

Raimundo: What honestly makes you think you'll be hogging all the glory?

Kimiko: Because...

(But she was interrupted by Klofange.)

Klofange: Wait, it's begun! The melody has begun!

(At first they heard nothing. But then Omi, Raimundo and Clay could hear a sort of chant, they felt light-headed and then they dropped into a weird flirty sort of state.)

Kimiko: guys? Omi? Clay? Rai, come on. Wake up!

Klofange: Save your breath little one. It's the effects of Dyris.

Kimiko: There must be a way to reverse it.

Klofange: If we can scramble the machine that amplifies the melody, I’m sure they'll snap out of it.

Jack: And I have just the thing. Jack Spicer's Evil Virus uploader.

(Klofange and Kimiko looked at each other in confusion.)

Kimiko: Translation!

Jack: If I can get five minutes, I can upload a virus onto the amplifying machine, and that'll scramble the circuits.

Kimiko: How can we distract them for five minutes?

Jack: Hm...Oh, oh. The Denshi Bunny, threaten Dyris with it until I get the job done.

Klofange: We got no time to lose. Lass, where's your dragon friend?

Kimiko: Dojo's out of action too. (Dojo is currently doing the same things as the rest.) So we'll take the Silver Manta Ray.

(Kimiko, Jack and Klofange are in the Silver Manta Ray. Jack was driving, while Kimiko was using the Compass Pointer to locate Dyris. She then saw a huge machine with the melody on full blast, in the middle of a snowy mountain. The three jumped out, but Jack was keeping his head down so he can upload the virus.)

Dyris: Ah, the last Warrior. It's a pity your friends are down. Cus' without them, your just a weak, small and inferior girl!

(Kimiko jumped up and kicked Dyris in the face, knocking her back.)

Kimiko: Stop the melody now! Or I’ll use the Denshi Bunny to scramble the circuits!

(But Kimiko got kicked back by Wuya and dropped the Denshi Bunny. Dyris saw this and went to grab it but both Dyris and Kimiko noticed a band of purple smoke appear, Chase Young was coming. So both Kimiko and Dyris raced to get the Denshi Bunny, and both of them grabbed it, along with Chase Young.)

Wuya: Chase? Er... What are you doing here? hehe.

Chase: I have come to get back the Flute of Vorocha and to get my revenge on a certain little girl.

Wuya, Dyris and Kimiko: Me?

Chase: Sigh Kimiko, KIMIKO!

Wuya: Whew.

Chase: But don't think I won't take care of you later, Wuya!

Wuya: Gasp

Chase: I challenge you Kimiko and you Dyris, to a Xiaolin Showdown Trio!

Kimiko: I wager my Flying Crane, against Dyris' Mechanic Kaiser and your Silk Spitter.

Dyris: The game will be: first to the bottom of the mountain wins. And we'll play on skis.

Chase: And to raise the stakes, the winner will decide what happens with the Earth. I plan on ruling it.

Dyris: I plan on flooding it.

Kimiko: And I plan to save it, and the people that live in it.

All: Let's Go! Xiaolin Showdown!

(The mountain rose up and shaped into a steep hillside. Kimiko noticed she wasn't in her Xiaolin Showdown armor, but instead her snow clothes. Which was a snow hat, jacket and gloves, and on her jacket was a symbol of fire. Dyris and Chase had similar clothes, except Chase's was black and armor like and had a symbol of a dragon. Dyris' was scaly and had a symbol of a mermaid. They took their place with their skis, Kimiko's was red, Chase's was black and Dyris' was blue.)

All: Gong Ye Tempai!

(They jumped up and rushed forwards, Chase was in the lead, followed by Kimiko then Dyris.)

Klofange: Come on, girl! You cin do it! The fate of the world rests on your shoulders!

Kimiko: Apply the pressure!

(The three raced at their usual speed with Chase still at front.)

Kimiko: Time to turn up the heat! Wudai Mars Fire!

(She pointed it behind her to accelerate phenomenally, racing past Chase.)

Dyris: You're right, let's turn up the heat! Mechanic Kaiser!

(She pointed it at the end of her skis, and made jets that propelled her forwards making Chase last, and slowly catching up with Kimiko.)

Chase: I don't think so!

(He grabbed one of Kimiko's fire blasts and mixed it with his own Heylin magic to give him the lead once more.)

Chase: And so you don't get any ideas! Silk Spitter!

(He created a web on two pillars to trap Kimiko and Dyris, but Kimiko planned ahead.)

Kimiko: Flying Crane!

(She glided past it like the wind. But Dyris had her own way out, she pointed her jets at the web and burned through them. Chase still resumed at first place, until they came across a fork on the path, Kimiko and Chase took one, and Dyris took the other.)

Chase: Oh how I longed to seek revenge on you!

Kimiko: Hm, too bad! Cus' you're gonna be waiting a little longer!

Chase: Not if I can help it!

(He banged straight on Kimiko which made her collide on the rocks beside her, and then Chase cornered Kimiko making her arm grind along the rock, which was painful.)


Klofange: Argh, yah cheating...

(But he was interrupted as Kimiko had fought of a way through it, literally.)

Kimiko: Flying Crane!

(She glided past Chase and making her on opposite sides. Until both of them came across a gap on the road. Chase crossed it no problem with his Heylin magic. Then Kimiko jumped and nearly fell but still made it, until the paths merged again.)

Kimiko: Hah, looks like Dyris' is out!

(But Dyris was on top the rocks, and jumped down onto Kimiko making her fall off her skis, and way into last place. When she got up, her skis were broken, and had a bleeding lip.)

Klofange: NOOO! The world's doomed!

Kimiko: Just because I didn't pass that stupid course, doesn't make me the weak link in the chain! FLYING CRANE FIRE!

(She turned into both fire and wind, and hurtled for Chase and Dyris who was fastly approaching the finish line. She blasted both Chase and Dyris off their skis and passed the finish line. Making her the victor.)

Klofange: Way ter go, little girl! Err... am I allowed ter say that?

Kimiko: It's fine by me now.

(They heard a huge explosion, that blowed Kimiko and Klofange away. Jack had come back to them all covered in smoke.)

Jack: The virus has been uploaded, the spell's been broken. (Collapsing)

Dyris: Now you have done it! Because I lost the Showdown doesn't mean I won't be killing you!

(She charged out towards Kimiko, but Klofange intercepted with his spear.)

Klofange: Time fer you to meet your maker!

Dyris: Not before you meet yours! Hah!

(But then a blast of water hit Dyris, freezing her arm. When Kimiko turned round, joy filled her entire body when she glanced at Omi, Raimundo and Clay standing ready for battle.)

Kimiko: Guys!

Omi: Sorry we took a snore.

Clay: A'm guessing took a snooze.

Kimiko: But how'd you get here so fast?

Clay: Golden Tiger Claws. Transport you to one place instantly.

Kimiko: But how did you know I was here, I took the Compass Pointer?

Raimundo: Girl, you'd have to lose your sense of smell to not smell your perfume.

Dyris: I hate to interrupt your heart-warming reunion, but I still have a world to flood!

Omi: You shall not succeed in a hunk of ice! Orb of Tornami Ice!

(The blast hit her, freezing her.)

Raimundo: So, where yah wanna take frozen mermaid to? Earth's Core? Arctic? Russia?

Kimiko: I got a better idea. (She took the Golden Tiger Claws from Raimundo.) Golden Tiger Claws!

(She tore open a portal and lifted Dyris up.)

Kimiko: See yah later, yah pain in the neck!

(And kicked her in it. Brushing her hands afterwards.)

Raimundo: Where'd you take her?

Kimiko: Into the heart of an Arctic glacier. She's now part of ice. Now come here yah bunch of idiots!

(She jumped up and hugged all three of them. Then Klofange joined them.)

Klofange: Yah did well, girl. No, Kimiko. You have saved the world from a malevolent evil.

Kimiko: Oh, it's nothing.

Klofange: And ter show my gratitude. Here.

(Klofange reached into his cloak and took out a crest with two spikes on each side, and on the centre, it had a letter "K" on it.)

Klofange: It is the Crest of Klofange, as I call it. I give it to those who have done something courageous.

Kimiko: Thank you.

Omi: But, I defeated Dyris once before too. I did not receive the Crest of Klofange.

Klofange: Hoho, well first Dyris was still living so I had ter deal with her first, so I couldn't give you it in time. Second, Kimiko here did a lot more things than you did that seemed courageous.

Omi: What courageous acts do you mean?

Klofange: Kimiko, mind showing them your wounds?

(Kimiko rolled up her left sleeve to reveal a nasty wound caused by Chase.)

Omi: Point taken.

Klofange: well, I must be off. Take care.

(He slid down the mountain, only to be left with Wuya and Chase. Kimiko noticed the Flute of Vorocha in the broken down machine, she went over and brought it to Chase.)

Kimiko: I believe this is still yours?

Raimundo: Kimiko, think of what you're doing.

Kimiko: Well, although I’d love to have this wu. I didn't win it in the Showdown, so it's still Chase's.

(Chase grabbed it off Kimiko.)

Clay: You’re welcome!

Chase: I just wanted to say, you surprise me in every way. And I must say you're developing into a worthy foe.

(He put one hand on her shoulder, then what seemed like a thunder crack, he kicked her right in the stomach with his knee, causing Kimiko to fall on her knees in pain.)

Chase: I think that's revenge enough, we're even now.

(He snapped his fingers and disappeared into his purple smoke with Wuya. The others went to tend to Kimiko.)

Clay: That no good, yellow belly snake!

Kimiko: Clay, it's cool.

(Raimundo helped her up and took her to the Silver Manta Ray.)

(Back at the Temple, Kimiko was having a walk in the gardens with a cast on her left arm, until met up by Omi.)

Kimiko: Oh hi, Omi. How's my favorite little monk?

Omi: I just wanted to say, how sorry I am.

Kimiko: Sorry? For what?

Omi: For doubting your hidden powers of fire, just because you are a girl. And I would like to make it up to you, somehow.

Kimiko: Hey, no worries. Well, if you want, you can help me get better in that new training course.

Omi: Oh, oh. That is a most brilliant idea, Kimiko. Shall we begin now?

Kimiko: Er... I’m not sure with this cast on. But when it's better I’m sure you can teach me.

Omi: Hoho, I cannot wait.

(A few more days later, Kimiko's arm had healed, and Kimiko was ready.)

Omi: Be ready, set yourself, BEGIN!

(Kimiko ran to the wall, and did the same tactics as before, and the same landing as before, on her butt. Omi helped her up.)

Omi: Remember; focus on your fire powers elevating you up. And when you are ready to jump over the wall, do your fancy jumping abilities.

Kimiko: Got it, Omi.

Omi: Okay, try again.

(She ran to the wall yet again.)

Kimiko: Wudai Mars Fire!

(She elevated herself upwards, and jumped and did some fancy spinning moves, and landed on her feet.)

Omi: That was most impressive. Now for the broken poles test. If you are planning on your tactics as before, feel yourself reaching the other side.

Kimiko: Judolette Flip!

(She jumped up and made it to the other side. She carried on to the broken bridge.)

Omi: Remember, you and your lava bridge are as one. When you are one with the bridge, you will not fall.

Kimiko: Gotcha. Wudai Mars Fire!

(She created the lava bridge and crossed it, no problem. She then raced for the finish line, and celebrated her victory, quite well.)

Kimiko: (Jumping up and down.) I did it, I did it, and I did it.

Omi: Shall I bring along the others to witness your victory?

Kimiko: Oh yeah.

(Later on, Raimundo, Clay, Master Fung and Dojo are sitting to watch Kimiko's efforts.)

Clay: Okay, on your marks, get set GO!

(She ran up to the wall, and used her fire powers to elevate her up, she then span in mid-air and landed on her feet, continuing the trial.)

Dojo: Nice form.

(Kimiko continued to the broken poles, and jumped as high as the sky, and landed at the edge of the other side. Then continuing onto the broken bridge, she then formed her lava bridge and crossed it, and crossing the finish line.)

Clay: Sixty-four seconds. One second away from the little partner.

Kimiko: I'm not too angry at that; after all I was trained by him.

Master Fung: An excellent task, already you are mastering new courses. I see my little monk has taught you well.

(Omi gave a large grin.)

Kimiko: Thanks, Omi

Omi: Your welcome, Kimiko. I do amaze even myself at times.

Raimundo: Hoho, wanna prove it?

(But as the four warriors walked away Master Fung and Dojo remained behind.)

Master Fung: Omi may be the best.

Dojo: Because he learned from the best.

(Dojo and Master Fung gave a hi-5.)

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