What a nice day it is!
The dew is on the grass!
The glen shows a nice shiny green!
The sun peaks up over the hills!
Oh what a nice day it is!
Alas! But all is not perfect.


Silas the dragon sat in his cave. No day was right for this dragon to pray or prey. Hunted prey the dragon did, sitting in the grass. Eating mice and other delicious morsels.

So the dragon thought to the dragon's self that more treasure was in order. So the dragon flew to the dragon's palace.

Gone and went, did the day go, thought the dragon, looking at its toes.

Stomped on the ground that dragon did. Jumping like a livid wizard of id.

So it flew to Iraq, that dragon did...

Landing in Bagdad, on Saddam's palace. The dragon took epic loot and went back to the dragon's island in paradise.

Then the dragon was like thinking to himself.

ZOMG. this is lame is just sitting here watching CNN.

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