Dragon Hunters is a modern fantasy book written by Clonetrooperfan2207. In the story, the main character, 14-year-old Max Hillside and his friend, Emily, are drawn into a quest to defeat the ancient dragon Flamer with the help of the Dragon Hunters, Eli, Phil, and their leader, Darek. 


The story starts with Emmerson and four other hunters searching for Flamer, the dragon. A mysterious villain (Forge) appears, vanishing with the youngest hunter in a headlock (presumably killing him). All of the Dragon Hunters are soon killed, with the exception of Emmerson and the sniper, Marcus "Scope".

Twenty years later, Marcus is killed in a car accident, and Emmerson becomes a police officer twenty-four years after the accident. In the next chapter, the school lets out and kids (male and female) burst out. 


  • Emmerson; an original Dragon Hunter
  • Marcus "Scope"; a sniper in the Dragon Hunters
  • Flamer; the ancient dragon
  • Forge; an ally of the dragon

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