Jeremy Davidson
December 24, 2013
2:34 AM

I always thought that it was just bad luck, that I was always in the wrong place at the wrong time. Always made the wrong choice at the wrong time. But it wasn't bad luck. It began four years ago in 2009. I was just a high school dropout, who cared about me? Ran away from home, away from my drunk father, away from my life, to become a beggar in the streets. Great lifestyle choice. I found a job as a bartender in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Not too bad, but I still lived in at a shabby motel on the outskirts of town. But hey, I couldn't complain. On December 24, 2009, that's when it really started.

President George Henry Franklin was the president at that point. I heard that he made some bad deals with the wrong type of people, and he angered many worldwide officials. Then, the world plunged into World War III. There was the side of the West Union, which consisted of America, Canada, various parts of Europe and Australia. The South Union was the West Union's enemy. They consisted of whoever else was left, and the West Union looked outnumbered.

During the Holiday Season, I was closing up the bar when gunshots rang out. I hit the deck and I heard some screaming, shouting. Then, a bullet hit me and I was out cold. It must've been three or four hours until I came too, and when I did, I was inside a bunker with my arm all patched up. There were other people inside, sleeping, and all of a sudden this guy in a fancy military uniform comes it. I feigned sleep, turning a little bit on my bunk. "These are all the men you found in Philadelphia?" the man said. "Yes sir." said another man. "Have all the other civilians evacuated?" the first man says again. "Yes sir." the second man says. "We have to get ready for war then."

At that point, I just knew my fate. Captured by the United States military force, just to become a civilian soldier for them. But now, out here in the field, clutching my M4 Carbine rifle, I feel like bad luck had nothing to do with it. Just me, myself, and my stupid choices.

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