Doctor Who: An American Companion is a fan-fiction based on the revived version of the British television series, Doctor Who. The fan-fiction focuses on a new companion character, who is an American citizen. The timelines in which the new companion character engages in travels and adventures with the Doctor do frequently mix and merge with episodes from the series. Doctor Who: An American Companion takes place between the year 2005 to the present canon of the Doctor Who revived series (which currently resides in its eighth season; approximately the year 2016).

Summarized PlotEdit

Doctor Who: An American Companion starts off focusing on new companion character, Alyssa Madison Davies, who in the year 2005 and aged 16 encounters the Doctor having crash landed near her gated residential community in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Doctor at this time is in his tenth regeneration. During their time together, the Doctor parts ways with Alyssa twice, returning at different years later on in her life, to continue their travels. He returns in 2008 when she is a college student at 19 years old and then again in 2014 when she is 25 and a police officer.

During Alyssa's travels with the Doctor she becomes notable in her affiliations with a U.S. government black project which monitors, researches and defends the Earth from extraterrestrial threats, gaining her technological advantages against enemies encountered by her and the Doctor. Despite disagreements between Alyssa and the Doctor frequently regarding use of force against alien threats to the Earth, the Doctor takes suspicious note that there is something about Alyssa and her role in the universe, which he views as important and maintains their friendship.






Doctor Who: An American Companion Episode Guide
Series # Title Version Alyssa Appears Alyssa's Role/Notes
1 1 Rose Canon No
1 2 The End of the World Canon No
1 3 The Unquiet Dead Canon No
1 4 Aliens of London Canon No
1 5 World War Three Canon No
1 6 Dalek Canon No
1 7 The Long Game Canon No
1 8 Father's Day Canon No
1 9 The Empty Child Canon No
1 10 The Doctor Dances Canon No
1 11 Boom Town Canon No
1 12 Bad Wolf Canon No
1 13 The Parting of the Ways Canon No
2 F1 Viva Las Tardis Fan-Fic Yes 16, First time meeting the Doctor
2 F2 Arachnophobia Fan-Fic Yes 16, First off-world adventure
2 F3 Forget Fan-Fic Yes 16
2 S The Christmas Invasion Canon Yes 16
2 1 New Earth Canon Yes 16
2 2 Tooth & Claw Canon Yes 16
2 3 School Reunion Canon Yes 16, undercover as new student
2 4 The Girl in the Fireplace Canon No
2 5 Rise of the Cybermen Canon Yes 16
2 6 The Age of Steel Canon Yes 16
2 7 The Idiot's Lantern Canon No
2 8 The Impossible Planet Canon Yes 16
2 9 The Satan Pit Canon Yes 16
2 10 Love & Monsters Canon No
2 11 Fear Her Canon No
2 12 Army of Ghosts Canon Yes 16, sneaks around Torchwood facility assisting in investigating the ghosts
2 13 Doomsday Canon Yes 16, kills Cyberman with switchblade, helps close the Void
3 S The Runaway Bride Canon No
3 F4 Quarantine Fan-Fic Yes 19, saves Doctor from virus
3 1 Smith and Jones Canon Yes 19, fights a slab, assists Judoon in finding Plasmavore, CPR's Doctor
3 2 The Shakespeare Code Canon No
3 3 Gridlock Canon No
3 4 Daleks in Manhattan Canon Yes 19
3 5 Evolution of the Daleks Canon Yes 19, helps shoot pigslaves during Hooverville incursion
3 6 The Lazarus Experiment Canon Yes 19
3 F5 The Harvest Fan-Fic Yes 19
3 7 42 Canon No
3 8 Human Nature Canon No
3 9 The Family of Blood Canon No
3 F6 Oops Fan-Fic Yes 19, father introduced, acquires Glock 19, saves a Judoon
3 10 Blink Canon No
3 11 Utopia Canon Yes 19, kills Futurekind with shotgun
3 12 The Sound of Drums Canon Yes 19, joins Martha in saving the world
3 13 Last of the Time Lords Canon Yes 19, teamed with Martha to save the world
4 S Voyage of the Damned Canon Yes 19, uses gun to kill Hosts, kicks a Host into the ship's engine
4 F7 Dreamland Fan-Fic Yes 19
4 1 Partners in Crime Canon Yes 19
4 2 The Fires of Pompeii Canon Yes 19
4 3 Planet of the Ood Canon Yes 19
4 F8 Clowns From Space Fan-Fic Yes 19
4 4 The Sontaran Stratagem Canon Yes 19, helps save Donna's father from ATMOS car
4 5 The Poison Sky Canon Yes 19, shoots a Sontaran in the head, kills it
4 6 The Doctor's Daughter Canon Yes 19
4 7 The Unicorn and the Wasp Canon No
4 8 Silence in the Library Canon No
4 9 Forest of the Dead Canon No
4 F9 The Fourth Kind Fan-Fic Yes 19
4 10 Midnight Canon Yes 19
4 11 Turn Left Canon No
4 12 The Stolen Earth Canon Yes 25, Doctor lands TARDIS in middle of gun battle between LVMPD and casino robbers, requesting Alyssa's assistance. Surprises Daleks with Dalek-Killer bullets aboard the Crucible, killing a dozen.
4 13 Journey's End Canon Yes 25, kills more Daleks with Jack Harkness
5 S The Next Doctor Canon Yes 25
5 S Planet of the Dead Canon No
5 S The Waters of Mars Canon Yes 25
5 S The End of Time Part One Canon Yes 25, helps Doctor track The Master
5 S The End of Time Part Two Canon Yes 25
5 1 The Eleventh Hour Canon No
5 2 The Beast Below Canon Yes 25, tries to save Amy from Winders, shoots Winders later on
5 3 Victory of the Daleks Canon Yes 25, kills a Dalek
5 4 The Time of Angels Canon Yes 25, kills dozens of Weeping Angels
5 5 Flesh and Stone Canon Yes 25, assists Amy navigate through forest, kills more Weeping Angels
5 F10 The Legend of Atlantis Fan-Fic Yes 25
5 6 The Vampires of Venice Canon No
5 7 Amy's Choice Canon Yes 25, kills several Eknodine, shoots self to wake up from fake reality
5 8 The Hungry Earth Canon Yes 25, joins Doctor to negotiate with Silurians
5 9 Cold Blood Canon Yes 25, attempts to discuss human-Silurian relations with Eldane, shoots Restac after she kills Rory
5 10 Vincent and the Doctor Canon No
5 11 The Lodger Canon No
5 12 The Pandorica Opens Canon Yes 25, kills a Cyberman
5 13 The Big Bang Canon Yes 25, Alyssa acquires a Jumper Watch from AIPHX, teleports to museum to help the Doctor and Amy
6 S A Christmas Carol Canon No
6 1 The Impossible Astronaut Canon Yes 25, meets Doctor in Utah, fires at astronaut after it kills the Doctor, travels to 1969
6 2 Day of the Moon Canon Yes 25, assists Canton Delaware at orphanage, kills two Silent
6 3 The Curse of the Black Spot Canon No
6 4 The Doctor's Wife Canon No
6 5 The Rebel Flesh Canon No
6 6 The Almost People Canon No
6 7 A Good Man Goes to War Canon Yes 25, finds Amy at Demons Run, kills several Headless Monks
6 8 Let's Kill Hitler Canon Yes 25
6 9 Night Terrors Canon No
6 F11 It Fan-Fic Yes 25
6 10 The Girl Who Waited Canon Yes 25, kills dozens of Kindness, tries to save older Amy but is prevented by the Doctor
6 11 The God Complex Canon No
6 12 Closing Time Canon No
6 13 The Wedding of River Song Canon Yes 25, works with Amy in Area 52, kills several Silence
7 S The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe Canon No
7 1 Asylum of the Daleks Canon Yes 25, kills some Daleks
7 2 Dinosaurs on a Spaceship Canon No
7 3 A Town Called Mercy Canon No
7 4 The Power of Three Canon Yes 25, teleports to Doctor, Amy and Rory at request of AIPHX to find out what cubes are
7 5 The Angels Take Manhattan Canon Yes 25, kills dozens of Weeping Angels attempting to save Rory, kills Weeping Angel after it takes Amy
7 S The Snowmen Canon Yes 25, uses flame thrower against Snowmen
7 6 The Bells of Saint John Canon Yes 25, AIPHX sends Alyssa to find the Doctor in response to weird WiFi networks
7 7 The Rings of Akhaten Canon No
7 8 Cold War Canon Yes 25
7 9 Hide Canon No
7 F12 United We Stand Fan-Fic Yes 25
7 10 Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS Canon Yes 25, helps Doctor search for Clara
7 11 The Crimson Horror Canon Yes 25, Alyssa teleports to help the Doctor, shoots Mr. Sweet
7 12 Nightmare in Silver Canon Yes 25, kills dozens of Cybermen
7 13 The Name of the Doctor Canon Yes 25, tries shooting Whisper Men, bullets ineffective, Alyssa starts fading from reality before Doctor jumps into his timestream.
8 S The Day of the Doctor Canon Yes 25
8 S The Time of the Doctor Canon Yes 25, returns to help the Doctor in the end with an AIPHX Rapid Reaction Team to battle Daleks, bombs are teleported aboard Dalek ships and detonated
8 1 Deep Breath Canon Yes 25, uses machine gun to mow down cyborgs, tries to save Clara, battles cyborgs with Paternoster Gang
8 2 Into the Dalek Canon Yes 25
8 3 Robot of Sherwood Canon No
8 4 Listen Canon No
8 F13 Bad Boys Fan-Fic Yes 25
8 5 Time Heist Canon No
8 6 The Caretaker Canon Yes 25
8 7 Kill the Moon Canon No
8 8 Mummy on the Orient Express Canon Yes 25
8 9 Flatline Canon No
8 10 In the Forest of the Night Canon Yes 25
8 11 Dark Water Canon Yes 25
8 12 Death in Heaven Canon Yes 25, kills dozens of Cybermen
9 S Last Christmas Canon Yes 25
9 F14 The Good Dalek Fan-Fic Yes 25

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