United in a holy bond between God and man, the Earth is at peace. Freed men and women of the Earth are no longer belligerent to the rule of His Holiness under one God, Pacem. The sun rises, the people live, the moon sets, the people sleep. A constant cycle of insured rule by nature, controlled by the centrical force of divine intervention. There is no war, racism, genocide, nationalities, or hate, as the people are taught to love another human as their family. The enemies of the faith submit, ultimately leaving the planet to start their own colonies on distant worlds. And the people of the Earth pray, semper bona fide. Nations dissolved under one banner, the banner of peace and light. The rule of God is absolute, not bound to the Holy Bible, but morals of uncodified origin. And the denizens are ruled in an anarchic dictatorship under the peace and power of God. The Pope, the Speaker of God, is the most powerful person on the planet. Decadence and lust are entirely erased, and love is only true to those who commit it faithfully. The world is united in prayer.

I: PeopleEdit

The People of the world are considered equal. All men and women, humanity, have rights under the guise of God and His Holiness. There is no life in sin, simply marriage and family between all of those in true love. And from marriage of any two people comes family, be it small or large. Humanity flourishes in peace, the pure culture of philosophy and happiness flows forth from the spiritual reclamation of their worship. There is no need for the scientific advancement of the common man, as His Holiness has established that the unity between nature and humanity is true. The people find solace in prayer, and education comes that only of theocracy, language, health, and the arts. Historians are scarce but present, and volume upon volume of past mistakes and triumphs are documented away to be seen only by the willing. All are healthy, and the sick are healed through the power of God almighty.

The mental or physical differences of one person do not make them lesser than another. Those with unfortunate dispositions to operate without entire mental or physical capacity should be cared for in the way they require such care. All people are to be treated with respect, and those who insult another are punished.

II: OrderEdit

Order is highly based upon an alteration of the Ten Commandments into their truest form.

  1. The People shall not worship any other Gods than the one true God.
  2. The People shall not bow to anything other than the word of God.
  3. The People shall not use the holy name of God in vain.
  4. The People shall remember the Holy day and devote that day to the worship of God.
  5. The People shall honour their Elders.
  6. The People shall not engage into acts of sexuality with ones they do not love dearly.
  7. The People shall not murder one another, nor cause the death of another person.
  8. The People shall not steal from one another.
  9. The People shall not lie to one another, nor bare false witness.
  10. The People shall remain content at the person gain of others, not becoming jealous of one another.

The People who deny the Ten Commandments or insult another can be punished appropriately according to their actions by their responsible Elders. The Theocracy allots for no intrusion of personal affairs by the Divine Hierarchy, meaning that Order is the responsibility of the parental or public body from birth to death. The acquisition of needed substances, the building of structures, and other activities are to be managed by the Hierarchy. The People are to follow their Elders accordingly as stated in the Ten Commandments.

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