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Diary of A Male Rebel

1830-Juan Martinez personal diary:

Entry One: It looks like things are finally starting to happen. We’ve all been growing more and more anxious around here waiting to get back at Vargas. We’ve been hearing rumors that a militarist movement against the government has been in the planning process for some time. We’ll have to wait and see what happens. I would also really like to see a few catholics in office and I’m sure our government would do much better as a feudal sysem. I’ll keep an eye out for more news.

Entry Two: The movement that I’ve been writing about has gained momentum. The concensus that has been holding our republic together has disintegrated due to political tensions among the bigshots with all the money. Things are really starting to heat up. I heard someone mention the other day that a large number of people wanted the government as a military rule. If so that would work out well for me. I could join the army and feel like I’d have somee kind of powerful position. Either way, I’ll write again soon if anything important happens.

Entry Three: Recently our rights of independence seem to have been waning. This not only upsets me, but it upsets almost everyone I know. People are talking about taking action.

1834-Juan Martinez personal entry

Entry One: Hey, its been a while since I wrote last. I am aware that a lot has changed since I last wrote. There was a full militarist movement against the government of Dr, Jose Maria Vargas. Our only hope of regaining power in our government is the election of Santiago Marino. We’re doing everything we can to get him in office. He is our beacon of hope.

Entry Two: We are all depressed. Our hope seems to have been lost along with the election of Santiago Marino. Despite this bad news though, military men have started an uprising. Me and my family are doing everything we can to help and I may go off fighting in the very near future.

Entry Three. We learned today about a new symbol of hope. The liberating army. Some of the members of the army include Santiago Marino, Pedro Mendez, Diego Ibarra, and Pedro Carujo to name a few. I have also joined the rebellion. I wan’t to fight for my rights as a proud Venezuelan. I have been fueled by the lust for freedom.

1835-Juan Martinez personal entry

Entry One: Its been a while since I wrote, but not a lot has happened. There was one huge event that took place very shortly ago though, which is why I am writing. A revolution broke out in Maracaibo and Carcay. My wife and children fear for my life. The living conditions have been getting worse and worse. We are running out of food and we are doing all we can to feed the kids. A few days ago my wife got mad at me for almost being killed fighting in the rebellion. In my rage I ended up yelling at her and frightening her. I fear my family is falling apart.

Entry Two: Since the last time I have written, much has gotten better! As great news in the rebellion, this July we drove Vargas from power and proposed a return to military rule, a feudal system, and having Catholics in public office. If all goes well, we will be able to be proud countrymen once again and we will know what it is to be free.

Entry Three: There is horrible news. I am sorry to even have to write it, but the movement has been suppressed by Jose Antonio Paez. It makes me sick. Once again the people of Venezuela will be confined and controlled by their government. My family has also left. I woke up a few days ago and my wife and child were gone. They took everything. They must not want a failed rebel as a father and husband. I don’t blame them. We have failed. I can only hope that the government has mercy on us rebels although we fought against them.

Entry Four: Vargas has been elected president. I am left without a family. All is lost. I am not sure what I will do. All I know is that my future grows less and less bright every day. With no feudal system or military rule, and with no catholics in office, I will remain poor. I am going to look for a job soon, but having been a rebel, I fear persecution for my actions against the government. I may want to lay low for a while. Hopefully I will be able to make success for myself in this world.

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