Diary of Juan Carlos Julio Delarosa Ramirez


Entry One: Dear Diary, I'm starting to get worried, for the citizens are really getting riled up. I have heard talk of the people plotting their so called “revenge” on Vargas. I repeat over and over, “what for?” Jose Maria Vargas is a great man, and a great leader. I honestly don't understand how they cannot see this. Supposedly, this up rise has been under planning for quite some time. As of now, I’m not sure if this is proper time from concern, however i'm going to need more than that to end my constant stress over all of this.

Entry Two: Dear Diary,Tensions are rising amongst all of the politicians. Every one of us is in panic mode. A battle is highly unnecessary, but these rebels clearly don't seem to understand that. Slowly but surely, the government is deteriorating away. The way things are now, these rebels may actually get their way-but we have to try with everything we have to prevent this.

Entry Three: Dear Diary, I don’t understand what they’re griping about, these rebels. They claim that, under Vargas’ rule, their independence is being taken away from them. Everything that President Vargas does is to improve our citizen’s lives. Why can’t the rebels understand that? They don’t understand how a government works. There’s not a doubt in my mind that things are going to begin escalating very quickly.


Entry One: Dear Diary, With the up rise against Jose Maria Vargas, the rebels took away all hope of getting back to the established order. To make matters worse, Santiago Marino could very well be elected to office, and that would be the end, everything we know would be lost to the rebels. They will have won.

Entry Two: Dear Diary, You're not going to believe this, but...Success! Victory is ours! Santiago is not out president. However, bad news is, the people have begun their uprising. I’m not sure of how big this will be, however, I’m not yet ready to count them out, this could become a bit of an upset.

Entry Three: Dear Diary, I don’t understand this. This is becoming extremely serious. This group who calls themselves, “The Liberating Army” are actually following through! Why are they doing this? Do they know how to lead a functioning government? Do they know how to get our thriving economy by? They most certainly do not. Their mind set tells them that since we’re not doing exactly what they want, when they want it, we are bad people. Well, “Liberating Army”, I’d watch out, the Venezuelan government has a few of their own tricks.


Entry One: Dear Diary, The Venezuelan people are at their wit’s end. Revolutions are breaking out all over. Many, many lives are being cut short. People are fighting for freedom, risking their own lives. These rebels aren’t going to stop at anything until they get what they want most, control over the government. At the rate things are going right now, the government is soon going to be under the control of complete dimwits.

Entry Two: Dear Diary, After the unfortunate news of Vargas’ plan return to power being foiled by the rebels, all hope seems lost. There is no way for us to regain all that we have lost. My family, along with everyone else, are preparing for our new lives under the rule of people who have no experience, and will, without a doubt, send our country into a downward spiral. If anything, we only have a thin beam of hope, Jose Paez, the leader of our forces against the rebels. Hope looks bleak.

Entry Three: Dear Diary, I could not be happier right now! I didn’t think it possible, but Paez has stopped the rebel forces. The war is over, the old government remains in control! I didn’t think it was possible, but we proved that a substantial government can beat any reckless forces

Diary of Hugo Gonzalez

Early 1810:

January 10: Dear Diary, the civilians are starting to revolt.  I don't know what to do about all of this chaos.  I thought that the government and i did a good job of getting this country together and making a good place to live for everyone, but it never seems to be enough.  People are starting to revolt and I don't know what to do. (1)

January 20: Dear Diary, the civilians really do not like the Spanish rule that we are under.  They are pushing for independence and they really want to revolt against the government.  They are getting really wild and everyday their emotions get stronger and stronger.  They believe that they need a strong ruler to lead them through the revolution.(2)  I'm afraid of what is going to happen now.

March 14: The rebels brought in a leader named Francisco de Miranda to help them through the revolution.  I can only predict that bad things will happen.  My hands are tied right now.  The rebels are becoming too strong and too populated. If they gain their independence, then they will take over our government! (2) They have no idea how to govern this country like i have been doing for the last 10 years.  They will run Venezuela into the ground.  We can't let them do this.

March 22: The way things are going now, i feel like we are going to have a problem.  It seems as though the rebels are going to get their way and they will take over our government.  But they don't know anything about running a country! Our trade with other countries will cease to exist because they all respect Spain.  They will no longer want to trade with us if Spain persuades them not to.(2)  I do not want to live to see my country go up in flames.

March 30: The revoltuion hasn't exactly started yet.  I feel the tension growing though, and i can feel that it is coming soon.  I don't know what the government and I did to deserve this.  Each day the rebels seem more and more confident in themselves and more cautious when us government officials are around.(2)  I need to keep an eye out for these people or who knows what will happen.

Mid 1810:

April 13: The revoution has begun.  The rebels have gathered up a huge army and they are prepared to fight.  Their army is impressive too.  You would think that they would be weak and vulnerable, but they're not.  We must prepare our army and get ready for a civil war. (1)

May 18: A week has passed and we haven't seen any fighting.  We know  the rebels won't just decide to stop fighting, they'll fight.  We just don't know when.  It'll be when we least expect it. (1)

May 21: The fighting has begun and it is brutal.  There isn't a second without gun shots filling the air.  Just a couple hours ago i saw my own brother get stabbed by a rebel fighter.  What is happening here is unecessary and cruel.(1)  The government was fine without the rebel revolt but they just can't seem to grasp that. 

June 23: Things are really bad here.  I've been overthrown by all of the rebels and i have absoltuely no power.  I have nothing.  They burnt down my house but spared my life.  They are coming very close to winning this revoltuion.  (1)


December 6: The rebels won this revolution.  They won and they've taken over the government.  We are free from Spain but I'm not convinced that that is the best thing for us.  The rebels think that this is good for them, but let them wait a few months and they will realize that their independence makes it harder to survive. 

December 12: I cannot stand this anymore.  The rebels ruined the government and made this country disfunctional.  Our trade with other countries has come to a halt and we have to way of getting any supplies (1).  There's nothing we can do to reverse this.


February 30: Now the revoltuion seems to be working out for everyone (2).  Conditions seem to have picked up and everything seems good again.  People are happier and everything just seems right (2).  The independence movement didn't seem good at first, but now it seems better and i think it's going to work out.





June 19, 1811Edit

Dear Diary,

I know I haven’t talked to you in a while, but that is only because I haven’t really had anything that affected me enough to talk about. However, right now I am rip-roaring mad about how some citizens have been acting out lately. There has been some chatter about them wanting “freedom”, and I’m highly afraid that Francisco de Miranda will soon take it into his own hands[1]. If I’ve heard correctly, then it will be extremely possible that a war could break out. In which case, this is going to be a horrible idea, for he is one that is extremely unstable, and will only make matters worse. I mean I know that I should have more faith in de Miranda since he used to be involved with the French Revolution, but my gut feeling tells me that this will not turn out well for me, even with Simon Bolivar right under him[2]. I don’t care how knowledgeable they claim he is, I don’t trust him or any of them to be able to hold out against Spain. It is just not possible! Damn! It gets me so angry how these regular people think that they can overtake the government and go on and fight for emancipation- and it gets me even more heated that de Miranda is going to possibly go along with it! Is this a joke?! If I lose my place in this government –or worse- then these people won’t know what’s coming to them. I mean, I am perfectly content with how things are now – why can’t they be? Why do they have to cause such a ruckus and propose such a distinct change to the way things are now? It’s preposterous and I won’t stand for it. I just hope that de Miranda has enough sense to realize there need be no change.

Ramon Sanz Rodriguez

August 6, 1812Edit

Dear Diary,

It’s been over a year since I last wrote you, and things truly couldn’t be going worse for me. If you haven’t guessed, a war was initiated and has been going on for a bout a year now. A short time ago, de Miranda was captured by Spain (he was also our president, if I forgot to mention previously…) and sent to rot and die in a dungeon in Cadiz-as he should[1]. I knew from the get go that this guy was just putting way too much on his damn plate. Latest I’ve heard about him he escaped and is now half way to Columbia[3]. I hope that jerk gets caught and killed right there for all I care. Serves him right. Anyway, I wouldn’t be as heated if when he was captured someone with the same outlook on things took over, but no. It was Simon Bolivar. So became a change in government, and with a change in government came a change in government officials, hence me losing my job and forcing me to spin into a pitiful spiral of unhappiness and bitter defeat. I’m so lost and confused and angry that I don’t even know how to longer live my life. I keep telling myself that everything will be better, but I know as long as this war continues it will only most likely get worse. Am I going to turn into one of the citizens that I once despised? Am I too going to have to fight this war if I long for my independence? Will I ever get another plausible job? How much longer will this war last? If only the answers would come sooner…

Ramon Sanz Rodriguez

October 15, 1824Edit

Dear Diary,

It’s been an extremely long time and I know you’ll find it hard to believe, but Simon Bolivar has really grown on me, both as a person and a president. For years I was forced to become a plantation owner, and I was completely miserable, for I even had to partake in our war of independence. However, as our final battle at Carabobo (in June 1821) was nearing, I was accepted back as a government official, once again able to be a representative of our government, and once again having an important say[1]. It was different this time though, for Bolivar listened to what we had to say, thus proving how much more competent he was over Miranda to begin with. So anyway, we defeated Spain, even though they tried to come back to “reconquer” us in 1823, and now Bolivar is thinking of liberating some other places, since it has seemed to work out well for us[2]. We have really been able to keep the common folk in line a lot more, and if they have any suggestions/ complaints to gather enough people to show it’s significance. Things are running much more smoothly, and finally things are starting to look up. I will try to talk to you more often, letting you know how future fights plan out. But until then my friend…

Ramon Sanz Rodriguez





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