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Government Official - Jose de San Martin Edit

Dear Diary, Edit

The last 100 years have indeed been a bumpy road for my country, Peru. Although I have not been around all the years that Peru has been in transition to be independent, it has like felt forever. In the years that I’ve been around though, I feel that Peru is moving onward to its destination of revolution and to be forever independent. Most importantly, revolutionary leaders have guided the people of this country closer and closer to finally being independent with no further wars. This leads me in to the fact that the victories of war have been a strong component in this revolution towards independence. Also, if it weren’t for surrounding countries here in South America, the thought of revolution would be unrealistic to reach. Although fighting for our right to claim the revolution will not be easy, hard fought success and teamwork with other countries will make it possible for Peru to experience this revolution. One of the main factors in the revolution was the acts of the many great leaders that we had here in Peru.

July 26, 1822- Edit

Today we expect a meeting to occur between Simon Bolivar and I, as the leaders of the South American movement for independence from Spain. Just last year, when my campaign for the liberation of Peru was growing less and less productive, I wrote to Bolívar, whose army was then in possession of Ecuador, that the two of us would be much more likely to succeed if we joined forces. Luckily for me, Bolívar agreed enthusiastically. Together, we plan to launch an uprising of Spanish-American landowners and their forces to create movement towards independence. I do not expect it to be very difficult to overthrow the Spanish powers here, as the Spanish are clearly already having a difficult time controlling the uprisings of Native American uprisings. The terrain itself makes it difficult to govern here, and Lima’s position on the western coast made communication with Spain very limited and ineffective. Despite this, Peru is still considered the most valuable Spanish possession in the Americas. It produces huge amounts of silver bullion for shipment to Europe in several mines established across the colony. This easy access to wealth is one of the major contributing factors to its political instability. It is currently thriving on the enforced labor of Native Americans, and while this has proven to be very highly lucrative, it has also lead to rebellions, including the rebellion of Tupac Amaru. These revolts spread even after he was captured and executed, and they continued to wage war until 1783. As economic life declined as a result of all the disruption and failure to cooperate, this today provides for us the perfect opportunity to create a successful movement towards ending Spain’s oppressive rule.

September 20, 1823- Edit

 Despite my efforts, Bolívar wished to lead the struggle towards Peru's independence on his own, in regardless of of my previous efforts there. As a republican, he rejected my contention that the disruptive political factions in Peru would be best contained for the national good by a monarch.   Bolívar presented himself very respectably, however we did not come to an agreement at the end of the meeting.  Perhaps my expectations weren’t realistic, considering his background.  He was born into wealth and power, as the son of a Venezuelan aristocrat, and it is very understandable that he would be flamboyant and self-assertive, especially in comparison to my self-effacing personality.  In the end, our mutual respect still lead to disagreement, and while I offered to help with the enormous task, he refused a helping hand to liberation.  While I do hold faith that Peru's independence will one day be recognized by Spain as a result of one effort or another, I do wish Bolivar would allow us to work with him in his brave efforts and sacrifices.

As a result, I believe that in the near future I will retire from active service in the wars of liberation and from the political scheme in Peru.  Under Bolívar's strong hand, I predict that his forces will deliver their final attack on the Spanish colonial regime in within the next two years, most likely at Ayacucho if all goes as planned.

March 18, 1824- Edit

Simon Bolivar has become one of the most famous revolutionary leaders of the time. Not only has he initiated incredible movements for us, but for other countries to. It was he has begun a movement that already has, and will conquer enormous obstacles in gaining South American independence from Spain.  As our dictator since last year, he uses his European education to help stabilize our country during the revolution and maintain some sort of proper, strong hand in government and military rule. Already having freed the Venezuelan’s from their long revolutionary battle in a few easily won battles by taking the Spanish by surprise, I can already seeing him making great strides in helping protect the Peruvians during this very politically unstable time. Although after seeing him after our meeting, I was worried that his hunger for power may not be in the best interest for independence, after seeing all his success in Venezuela, I have grown to fully trust in his command as it will help the Peruvians to create a stable, liberal government in the future. Perhaps his growing ambition for power will dwindle as we see new, democratic officials replacing the dictatorship and oppressive rule of Spain.

July 16, 1824- Edit

Another key factor in our current revolution is the many key battles/wars we have won so far. One very important battle included the battle of Ayacucho. It was the final major battle of the wars for the independence of Spanish America. In this battle back in 1824, Antonio de Sucre led his outnumbered forces against the stronger royalist forces and somehow managed to get a victory in Ayacucho, in the Peruvian highlands. This battle was the last military effort to achieve independence from Spain that had originally begun in Venezuela and Argentina. A patriot, Jose Gabrie Condorcanqui led this country in an important rebellion that separated itself from Spain.

January 15, 1846- Edit

One of Simons marshal’s, Ramon Castilla, has also had many feats to overcome recently. Over the past year he has clearly showed the ability to lead our country in the right direction. Under his rule, much of the social aspects of our country were altered. Castilla has demonstrated to ability to appeal to liberals by abolishing the payment of tribute by Indians, in addition to emancipating the black slaves. I believe that abolishing slavery could be one of the most effective long-term changes our country can make in the direction of liberation.  Meanwhile, landowners on the coastal plantations were allowed to import thousands of Chinese workers. This would allow us to employ a sufficient labor force.  Another significant accomplishment of Castilla is establishing a system of state education at the primary and secondary levels. I expect that through his influence, an assembly within the next 15 years may adopted a constitution to last at a long term scale. The economy is boosting due to Castilla exploiting abundances of guano and nitrate deposits along the coast of offshore islands. In addition to all these incredible achievements in such a short period of time, he constructed a system of railroads that have linked us people to ally countries that are helping us reach independence.

May 2, 1866- Edit

A key battle took place today, the battle of Callao. This battle involved a strong Spanish fleet against our alliance of Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Ecuador. This battle was a knock-out for us. Even with the strong naval fleet of Spaniards, they weren't able to take down an alliance of for countries.  Today was a win for us, as the Spanish are now retreating without any significant damage being done to our coast. Without the aid of other countries, the thought of even contesting with Spanish power sounds unreal. If it wasn't for Ecuador, Bolivia and Chile helping us defeat Spain right now, it would have probably blown us to smithereens. Without the efforts of other countries, the revolution that is occurring in my country right now would not be possible.

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