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Diaries of Peruvian Females Edit

February 3rd, 1813 Edit

Dear Diary,

My name is Rosa Huertas and I have joined the revolution against the Spaniards in South America, but more specifically for the liberation of my country, Peru. I have forever been faithful to Peru however; I can't stand not having it be our own. Those Spanish, who have had control for the last 2 centuries treat us like were nothing. We do not need to be controlled by them, which is why I am rebelling. There are many people capable to run these countries that are not controlled by the Spanish. I am happy to be fighting for the independence of my country, as well as my rights and my fellow Peruvians.

Prior to these revolutions, I had the hardest life to lead, one of a working lady. Every morning I would have to wake up at the crack of dawn, and immediately I would go to work for the farmer down the road. He gives me very little money but it is enough to live on. I own a little hut and a garden on the farmer's property. Since I have joined the Rebel army I wake at six o’clock every morning and go to the river in order to collect my daily water, and then I proceed to gather with the other rebels and we figure out our plans for the day.

San Martin and my fellow rebels have come to our first battle, It is well hard because there are so many people and the thought of killing someone is horrible, and I have to keep convincing myself to be strong and go out there and do what I need to. We were split up some on ships and others guarding the harbor, I was put on the boat along with many other men and some women but most of the people who brought their own weapons were stationed at the port. We docked at the port of Montevideo, and were headed to the ravine of San Lorenzo, were the Spanish met us with there army we conquered them, I almost killed someone but thankfully I missed I have seen so much death in this battle I don’t know if my spirit is healthy enough to deal with this kind of occupation. But I can for the price of independence.

January, 1814 Edit

Dear Diary,

I have lost track of the days but the year is 1814. I have not written in my diary for the longest time, due to the constant moving we have had. I am so tired and worn out but I have many experiences from following San Martin and my fellow rebels. San Martin had told us to rest for a while, while he went in and argued with a man and he all by himself gained control of the North army. It has been rumored that San Martin has finally started to plan our attack on lima, but first Chile must be liberated. It seems they really support us and our fight for independence. We were then given bread to eat and water to drink, which we were thankful. I have eaten so much that I must go to sleep.

January, 5, 1817 Edit

Dear Diary,

Three years later, i have just stumbled across my diary again.  Recently, we have been informed that we would be traveling into Buenos Aries to cross the Andes Mountains. I have heard of the danger in crossing those mountains and I am not afraid to say that I am scared many people have told stories of the few survivors who come out of the mountains and we have a lot of people to cross. What should happen if we get lost or something like that is what normally happens. We stayed in Buenos Aires for 2 days to listen to San Martin debate with the government to get across the mountains to get into Chile.

We have over 4,000 people with us we are going to win I have the feeling that it is going to happen. This time we have put everything on the line the Spanish better surrender right now because it is not going to be a pretty sight. Those Spanish people are not going to even see us coming. I am so angry I can’t wait to get my independence and to have the people of Peru finally free just like all of the other Latin American countries.

We have been walking crossing these bug infested, gross, humid, muddy, cursed mountains for over a year. It is now 1818 I can’t even tell what month it is all I know is that I need to get out of these mountains or I am going to die. Recently I have become very sick, I can’t stop coughing and sneezing. My head feels like it is going to explode but, I need to keep going for my country and all the people who are counting on me to be strong. We are told that it will not be long that we only have a month left, probably much sooner.

March 19, 1818 Edit

Dear Diary,

We are finally done crossing those mountains, but we are allowed no rest otherwise the Spanish will know that we are here. We are so close to the capital of Chile I feel those deceitful men and how they are eating and drinking, thinking that they have probably won the war, but they better watch their backs because they do not know who they have messed with.

Since we have lost most of are men we met up with the Chilean army to help us win are independence back. We crept up slowly and quietly the Spanish were on their boats some of them sleeping others were not. The men went and started killing them off one by one. It was a pretty gruesome scene, the men needed help so they handed me a gun, by the time they had realized what was happening we had won the war of our independence. We were free to live in peace the way that is best for us. Unfortunately, I myself have taken a bullet and don’t know how much longer I am going to last, I may not even make it to the homeland, Peru.

For the last time- Adios,

Rosa Huertas

April 5th, 1818 Edit


My name is Esperanza Alvarez, childhood friend of Rosa, who unfortunately two days after the battle died of a severe infection to her wound. But as her friend from the beginning, I am here to finish what she started, to log the events as they have happened. I have stuck by San Martin toward our independence as I am a creole, my parents of French descent, and my family was shamed as the Spanish governement kicked my father out of his job because we were creoles. After our victory in Chile, San Martin has finally decided to get to Lima, my home at last, through the sea. At once, we started to put together the navy which we needed to get over to Peru. We constructed boats which was hard and took much out of us, we slowly created the Chilean Navy.

August 20, 1820 Edit

Finally after two years, our navy was completed. Lead by San Martin, and our admiral, Lord Cochrane, we set sail for Lima. Spirits were high as we launched out from the port of Valparaiso in Chile. I don't know what to expect out of the next couple of months, even years, or how long much longer i'm going to be stuck away from my family, but I've been gone for 10 years so I might as well keep holding on for a little bit longer. I am just afraid, what if this isn't worth it? What if this doesn't work and we are forever stuck under the control of those Spaniards.

November 5th, 1820 Edit

Land has been spotted! Almost two months later, I can finally see land. We have just been informed of a surprise attack on the Spanish fleet. We are around the Spanish Bay of the Callao harbor. As we approach the harbor, our main ranks are going to sneak in and we are going to give the Spanish what they deserve and steal their prized ship, the Esmeralda. Even though in the grand scheme of things our small fleet of 7 ships seemed hopeless against the grandness of the Spanish fleet. After obtaining the Esmeralda, our hope has once again increased and I feel for sure now that we have a chance against the Spanish in claiming what is rightfully ours.

We finally landed at Lima, with a garrison of 4,200 men and immediately upon our arrival another 600 have just joined our ranks, after word of our plans spread. Rather than directly attacking as once planned, General San Martin has had us set up camp outside of Lima and we shall wait for the Spanish to clear out of Lima before marching in, to avoid conflict or damage to the city.

July 9th, 1821 Edit

After waiting in our camps a little over six months, the Spanish have finally fled Lima! We marched up to the city today as we wore our prides brightly on our foreheads. It is rumored that the Spanish are going to try to negotiate our freedom but I don't think that San Martin will allow anyway for the Spanish to get back in control.

July 28th, 1821 Edit

This will be my last diary entry as I have completed what both Rosa and I set out to do. Independence was achieved in Peru from our once over-shadow, Spain. After a grand parade, San Martin stood up today in front of the whole of Lima and proclaimed: 


In rough translation:"Peru from this moment is free and independent by the will of the people and by the Justice of God the defense of his cause." The amount of people in that one moment was like rain after a drought. After ten years of battling for our freedom, we are finally free.

Bye Bye,

Esperanza Alvarez

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