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November 8, 1810 Dear Diary,

I am appalled by the way the government has handled matters. There are many reasons why I have decided to lead the revolution, and they will all help us to rebel from this cruel government. I am a poor, hard working middle class farmer who can’t stand the government and the way they are doing things around here. This is why I am leading the revolution and I am plotting to rebel. Down with the government! What has the government done for me? They don’t care about the farmers and merchants and they deserve what we are going to give them, hell! In addition, in no way, shape, or form am I worried about what will happen if our revolution goes south. I am a strong, firm believer in this revolution so I should be perfectly fine. No one should be scared of the government. They have given us a low amount of respect, they should be scared. There time is done! It is our time to step up. Down with the government! One of the main reasons why I have decided to lead the revolution is because the government in which I live in has done nothing for the farmers and merchants, and I happen to be a farmer so I am furious with the way our government has handled things. Whatever happened to the saying, “government is for the people”. What I have seen the government do lately has been all but for the people. As a leader, I plan to throw many obstacles at the government for change. Whatever I can do to stop them and make them suffer for all the suffering they have caused us is what I fully intend to do. In addition, god forbid a plan to rebel against the government does not go as planned, I will stay strong and show my fellow countrymen who have joined the revolution with me that it doesn’t put me down. Yes, I would be disappointed if a plan would not be successful, but that is a bump in the road that shall not stop us. We are a force to be reckoned with and nobody, not even the goddamn government will stop us.

                   Sicerley, Jose Maria Morelos

November 9, 1810

Dear diary,

As one of the leaders in the revolution, I pled to follow Hidalgo’s lead and finish what he started. He is such an inspiration to me and should be to all of you. Now let me tell you fellow countrymen how to get involved in this revolution. If you believe in us, and this entire revolution you must not hesitate. You must act now. Like a famous philosopher once said, “Do or do not, there is no try.” What I mean by this is if you, like us, believe the government has been robbing us of our dignity and pride, then you should join. Do not attempt to join and then realize you are just too scared and afraid to think about what the government will do. You are either with us or against us. In September of 1810, one member of our revolution betrayed us by telling the government about our next plot to rebel. Because of this, Hidalgo announced that our rebellion was not only for the members of this revolution, but also for every Mexican. Hidalgo thought everyone deserved what he tried to accomplish, and it was his goal to make that happen. Now if you are a strong, noble believer of this revolution and you support Hidalgo, you must act now as I am. Run down to your local town hall and there will be five desks there that await your arrival and anticipate getting thousands of signatures. The time is now and if you hesitate, it might be to late.

                  Sincerly, Jose Maria Morelos

November 10, 1810

Dear diary,

Hidalgo began his rebellion in the Bajío region, north of Mexico City. He and his forces were so willing to help this revolution that others got scared and worried. Hidalgo, our leader and our knight in shining armor died for us in July of 1811 shortly after his capture. He fought and never gave up. I now have stepped up as a leader and hope I can lead as strong as Hidalgo did and be a figure in which people intend to follow. My fellow members of this revolution know that I loved Hidalgo and I will lead this revolution in his honor. We plan to over through the government, and we know Hidalgo will be right by our side helping us every step of the way. Now we know that the government has and will kill people apart of this rebellion or revolution, but that’s a chance you have to be willing to take and i know i will be. One time the news of a rebellion Hidalgo led got out on there march to the city of Guanajuato. They were intercepted and few were killed, but many fought back and proved that our revolution, Hidalgo’s revolution, was a force that wasn’t going to back down without a fight. Since Hidalgo wanted this revolution to free the Creoles from Spanish rule, it drove him more and more and motivated him to actually set them free. For this he was a pasionate leader as well as my hero.

                   Sincerly, Jose Maria Morelos

November 12, 1810

Dear diary,

The people must understand how horrible the government is. They have been holding Creoles against there will and this is not right. Our revolution sets out to take the government down. So far we have many volunteers. The revolution sets out to accomplish three primary goals. One, free the creoles. The second, to show the government what they are doing is wrong and they must stop because we sure as hell they won’t stop until we’ve won. And finally we have embarked on this revolution to teach ourselves a lesson of loyalty to others, as well as show the government they can’t do whatever they want and get away with it. We can show ourselves how we can make a difference and show the government that if your people aren’t happy, the country won’t be. And my fellow Mexicans are surely not happy now. This cruelty this government has made must stop now and we must become that wall in the road to put the government to a halt.  Having people join the revolution will make everyone of our land be more respected and happier.

                 Sincerly,Jose Maria Morelos

September 7, 1811

Dear diary,

I am thrilled to see how many people have been joining the revolution to fight for our independence.  The battles certainly wouldn't have been won if it werent for the commitment that has been given.  Hidalgo would be proud.  However, we should never allow any wins to get to our heads because that could actually cause us a great deal of pain for us rebels.  I will continue to tell everyone that when we win, we win like winners meaning we act like we've won before.  Giving the government what they want is not an obtion.  We show no mercy!

                  Sincerly, Jose Maria Morelos

September 9, 1813

Dear diary,

My mind has never oberated the way it has in the past few days.  Dreams of battle come up when Im sleeping involving gory images ever since capturing Orizaba in Octorber 1812 and also i miss my son and my dughter.  But now is not a good time to complain because the revolution is ending and that is helping me get through my negatives.  I am proud of the independent forces for risking their lives for our childrens generation to involve more peace than ours does.  Thanks to the government, my generation was able to experience battles that scars us mentally for life.  My view of the future right now is a blur but hopefully it will be better than the past ten years have been because of the government.  If we hadn't rebelled and just let everything happen the way the government wants everything to happen, Mexico today would have been a tragedy.

                   Sincerly, Jose Maria Morelos


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