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Before I Intervened Edit

September 22nd, 1791

For myself and those after me-

A sketch of myself- General Charles Leclerc

I, Charles Leclerc of France[4], will keep this journal for accurate accounts of the slave revolt in Haiti[5]. The colony is one of our most valuable from the production of sugar, however, the slaves have decided to join together for freedom and rights. Although they outnumber us almost 10 to 1[1] , we the superior force shall throw them down and restore order.

September 12th, 1800.

Dear Diary-

So far I have been a bystander in this outrageous war with Haiti, I wish it were not so! How dare the King allow one of our most profitable colonies to fall into civil war and slave revolts! Now that the revolt has remained unsuppressed for the past few years, the slaves think they have the ability, let alone the power to overthrow the great empire of France. What a humiliation this has been, we the superpower have been beaten out by a group of illiterate plantation workers. If I were in control, I would destroy the entire revolution and restore order in one blow. How shall I kill the snake? I will chop off its head. All France needs to do to restore our pride is quiet Toussaint in some way, forever.

I have included a picture of Toussaint[6]. If I fail, those who follow me can continue what I started.

Toussaint- Soon to be property of France

February 1st, 1802.

Dear Diary-

Finally my chance has come. My marital connections with Napoleon[7][2] have paid off and the great commander has instructed me to invade Cap Francois[3] on the northern coast of Haiti. Once on land I will ally with the rebels, promising black leadership, one of the staple demands. When I have their trust and my foot firmly dug into Haitian soil, I will dispose of Toussaint and his 'revolutionary' leaders. If this goes according to plan, I shall hold Haiti under my rule in the name of France, and I will restore order to the productive slave working colony.

During the Battle Edit

April 6th, 1802.

Dear Diary-
I am so close to victory! The ashes of Cap Francois have been beaten into the mud by my army far back by the shore. We now control the majority of the coastal towns, and Dessalines[8] and Toussaint are forever retreating, soon they will have nowhere to run. They have currently taken up arms in the
Crete a pierrot

A sketch of my battle plans for the capture of Crete-A-Pierrot files/Cretemap2.jpg

British fort of Crete-A-Pierrot[9][2]. This will be their last stand, and a short one at that. If Dessalines and Toussaint are not killed in the battle I will arrest them and have them shipped back to France for a very hard reception.

May 1st, 1802.


We succeeded at capturing the fort of Crete-A-Pierrot. However, the slaves were a much worthier foe then originally expected. Nonetheless, I captured one of Toussaint's leading officers upon invasion of the fort and I have just now apprehended Toussaint himself in the mountains[2]. Despite a rather violent and bloody sidetracked campaign, I have followed and completed Napoleon's instructions. The lead revolutionary officials are either dead or under arrest by the French. I will now continue with my conquest and restoration of the colony of Haiti.

The Result of My Efforts Edit

November 2nd, 1802.

To those whom it concerns-

My army has been depleted from numerous blunders and the ravages of yellow fever. I myself am ill with the cursed disease. Although I seemingly decapitated the snake in May, the spirit and will of the free blacks has kept them alive. They are still pushing my army to the limits, I do not know what will happen to the French foothold in Haiti.

Notice of death- General Charles Leclerc of France, November 2nd, 1802. Apparent cause, Yellow Fever.[2]

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