Dear Diary,

The flag of revolution was raised today on July the fifth 1811, declaring independence. Few have answered the call and I don’t think that many more will. Francisco De Miranda is now assuming dictatorial powers [1]. The man I serve, Taco Hernandez is part of the current government placing him and all those around him in immediate danger and although the rebels aren’t that powerful I still fear for my life. If it weren’t for the fantastic wage, I wouldn’t even consider working here. However Taco without a job would cause me to not have a job and be out on the streets with nothing to eat.

Dear Diary,

It’s October 27th 1813, and once again Francisco has called for change , he hopes to be set off the anger of the people to take over the Spanish, he has encouraged the rebels father then ever and the rebels this time are stronger then before, they’ve already lasted several months[2]. The rebels have lasted and have also succeeded! This makes me scared that if Francisco rises to power, my owner will be in danger and then I will too. However while I was overhearing Taco I learned that the Llaneros are close to crushing the rebels again, if these uprisings continue I fear for not only Taco’s life, but my own, as im sure they’ll kill his servant. Taco is part of the royalist Llaneros who are a group that has been going around killing the rebels to destroy the uprisings. Taco once informed me about the hate the group had towards white Venezuelans . He didn’t know why they hated that group so much but he said that the Llaneros had been targeting them and killing them. They also attacked the elite Criollos can understand that as the Llaneros must feel that they’ve betrayed their heritage and country.

Dear Diary,

It’s the 6th of November 1818 and I’ve heard rumors of yet another revolution led by Simon Bolivar [[1]] [3]. I’ve been saving money for the past couple of years just in case Taco is killed by the rebels. I don’t care much for this war because even if this country is liberated I very much doubt my position will change for the better. I’ve also been saving because if rebels are successful then I’m not going to have a source of income, so I pray for Taco and his men every night. Taco has been talking of his government post being moved to New Granada, and that he’ll take me along with him. Although I am reluctant to leave my stash of money behind because it’s too heavy to carry im sure taco and I will return to his family soon.

Dear Diary,

Its February 2nd 1819, there aren’t any signs of going home. I hope nobody has found my savings because I keep hearing talk of large troop movements and of being liberated, im sure it’s just talk but im nervous all the same. I have also heard that Bolivar had held some sort of assembly that was held in Angostura. His speech was one that explained his "fundamental documents" of his political ideology and also presented something called the Constitution[4]. Day by day, I become more frightened for my life.

Dear diary,

Taco is dead… I woke up in the night to only to see sparks and hear cannons on the horizon. Several houses were lit on fire and burning in the night. Shots were fired and screams were heard throughout the street. I ran to Taco’s room only to discover that he was not there. Then, concerned with my own safety I ran to the basement and hid. During the night I heard yelling in the house, but was relieved that nobody found me or that the house wasn’t lit on fire. I thanked God and I walked out at dawn to only to find the scent of the dead hanging in the air. There were still screams and a little bit of fire left, but everything seemed eerily calm. I hadn’t known the war was going to be like this. “Viva la revolución” was the constant call in the distance I was glancing around, if the battle was over where was Taco? After 3 hours of frantic searching I came upon a little boy hovering over a body. Confused I looked closer only to discover that he was taking something out of his pockets. I was about to shoo him away and warn him to respect the dead when something caught my eye. I looked down with horror to find that it was Taco Hernandez, my master for the past couple of years. I carried the body home and lay it on his bed and began writing to his family to tell them the grim news. I felt no pity for him, as I did for anyone. After seeing what the rebels have been doing and the swiftness at what they did in one night I can only assume that they will win this war for independence. I cared not then nor now as I will forever remain a servant no matter who wins.


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