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May 5th1808


            Dear Diary,


            Hello my name is Edwin Delgado. I am a middle class man born and raised in New Granada. Unfortunately, my lovely native land is under Spanish rule. I’m sick of the Spanish monarchy controlling who we can trade with, what we’re taxed on and how our country is based.   Word has traveled here in New Granada from Spain that Napoleon whom has invaded Spain has forced Ferdinand VII and Charles the IV to abdicate their rule of Spain to Napoleon in the conferences of Bayonne.[1] However in Spain’s favor, Napoleon has allowed Spain to stay Roman Catholic.[2] [3]  New Granada is coming out of a peaceful slumber. I can feel it. Soon, I hope we break off from Spain as America did from England in the previous century. This is only the beginning to what looks like a violent revolution. This is only the calming before the storm. 

That’s all I can say for now. I’ll try to keep in touch with you as much as possible but it looks like it may be difficult at times.

                                                            Much thanks and regards,

                                                                        Edwin Delgado. 



July 20th 1810

Hello again Diary! Please excuse my absence from writing to you but I have so much delightful news for you! Here in New Granada, my home country we have finally claimed independence from Spain![4]

How exciting! Although our strife is nowhere near over. I finally have actual proof that our movements have finally been successful. I wish for not only the fighting to cease but also for a new form of government other than a monarchy to be put in place and at a rushed pace. Maybe a Republic will be a better form of government to run my people and I. Also I hope for trade to begin more fluidly with other countries other than Spain. Overall I want my torn country to be pieced back together.

Edwin Delgado


Jan 17 1819

Dear Diary,

Today things are finally tying together. Bolivar, one of our many rebel leaders has declared us New Granada a Republic!(10)[5] Finally the change I have been waiting for has occurred! All the fighting, rebelling, and opposition and separation from Spain has finally paid off! I feel that a Republic is just what we need here! The storm is finally ending and peace is flooding into the city. Although fighting still occurs and Spain still is unable to give up our resistance is increasing rapidly as Venezuela is beginning to form a rebellion too. I really hope that this “Republic” will work out as nicely as it did for the Northern Americans. I want to be given more chances and opportunities. Although I am not poor, being middle class with a very small education jobs offers are limited and income is only so-so compared to the upper-class creoles who support Spain and their ambitions that basically use us as a port to boost their economy and limit/control ours. My fears of invasion are slowly beginning to ease.

So happy I could tell you the great news!

Edwin Delgado

August 7th 1819 Dear Diary, Today was a long but great day. Our hardship of battling the Spaniards over the last month and a half has finally paid off. Our rebel army under Simon Bolivar(10)[6] and Francisco de Paula Santander has put in a lot of effort to winning the Battles of Boyaca.[7] Although the heat is rather brutal, we as a group of people/rebels have finally made a great achievement—our independence. From July to now we have surprised the Spanish in a preliminary engagement on July 12, and also on defeated the Spaniards again July 25 at Pantano de Vargas. Then we captured Tunja on August 5th. The heat of the summer months has certainly taken its toll on me. I’m so happy that my country under Bolivar can create a new beginning with no strings attached to Spain. After all these battles and years of fighting, we as a new country can finally set ourselves up for new law, jurisdiction, and as our own country. I have to go now as it is getting dark and the sunlight is slowly disappearing,

As always,

Edwin Delgado


August 7, 1819


June 13 1828

Dear Diary,


A few years back I had mentioned that Bolivar my favorite rebel leader against Spain and its colonization over what is now The Gran Republic of Columbia has proclaimed himself dictator of my country in union with Venezuala, and Ecuador. I have lost all hope for the Republic as it is slowly failing as more and more people begin to oppose the government as well. Bolivar is losing favor as he attempts to control the outbursts.[8] I fear that these idealistic ideas are slowly fading from the original hopes and dreams from the people. Bolivar’s Dictatorship has allowed him to install some false hope for power in his authority and has even chosen a successor. The reasons I fought in this revolution was not so that someone else could take control of my country in a way that is similar to a monarchy something I was attempting to fight against by rebelling against Spain![9]

This frustrates me in unconceivable ways. The Republic was great, it inspired hope in me and gave me a reason why I spent years fighting for a cause. Now I feel like its been wasted. With uncontrollable frustration and angst,

Edwin Delgado



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