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Burrito Hernandez

July 5, 1810

Dear Diary,

The country is in turmoil. Napoleon, the French leader has replaced the Spanish ruler, Ferdinand VII with his own brother, Joseph Bonaparte. Napoleon has sent out emissaries to the colonies to persuade them to accept the new rule, but the Spanish refuse to follow Joseph. They pledged their allegiance to Ferdinand VII. Spanish officials feel that they still have rule over Chile even though their rule has been abdicated. My fellow Chileans and I ask ourselves, who had the right to rule? Our lands are still plagued with Spaniard posts because they believe that they can continue their posts until Ferdinand regains his crown. The Chilean people are at bay, some believe that the Spaniards should remain in power during the struggle over in Spain and others believe that they should set up a new Chilean government in which the people hold a good amount of the power. Lately, I have noticed that there is trouble stirring between the high class Chilean citizens and the low class citizens. My family and I have start to notice that the Chilean elites, or the high class have gained many more rights than the lower class during this period of turmoil. I feel like I have been cheated out of my fair share. I’m not allowed to attend a local town meeting which is happening country wide to determine who should rule because of my social status. It makes me so angry that those meeting room will only be filled with rich, spoiled Elites who don’t have the insight of the lower class.

September 8, 1810

Dear Diary, It is just a regular day; my family and I are enjoying a wonderfully cooked dinner by my wife Sophia and with the help of my son Jose. While eating dinner my friend Fernando Cruz came banging on my door, ranting about the government taking over and that we were going to lose everything that we hold near and dear. This startling news leaves me on edge because if the government takes control everything will change, we as people will lose all of our right of freedom and the choices to carry on our daily lives. Now my family and I are members of the middle class so we don’t have the luxuries others have so when some military says they are going to run our lives that can only lead to disaster.

September 12, 1810

Dear Diary, I heard about a Cabildo Abierto taking place in my town. So, being the involved, curious citizen I am, I hurried to the meeting hall and waited in line. Everybody there wanted to make statements about who is going to run the town, and the nation. Others were thinking large about how we are going to fight against the Spanish army. Since I am only middle class and will never matter in government, I am just worried about the town is going to run. Who will be the governor of Chile?

September 18, 1810

Dear Diary, The Cabildo Abierto, or the town meeting about who should rule Chile has been over for six days. I was not able to attend because it was only open for the high class but one of my close friend Carlos attended. He told me about the meeting while he was over on the weekend. Carlos explained that another military will run the government now. I did not like this idea because the reason I want to change the government is because I am not getting any rights when there is a military in power, and not a democracy. Carlos does not care as much because as a high-class member, it is ok for there to be a military government, he already has his rights and privileges. Also, the rulers of county now would be Garcia Carrasco, a Spanish native. This new idea also disappointed because we should not let someone from the country that put us in to all this trouble control us. Burrito Hernandez


December 30, 1810

Dear Diary, Today I found out disturbing news from my friend Carlos. He told me that Garcia Carrasco found out about a British vessel trading illegally off the Chilean coast. The way that Garcia handled the issue is what astonished me. Instead of arresting the captain of the vessel and confiscate his ship he decided to assassinate the captain and steal everything on the boat. I am embarrassed that our very leader would do such a thing. I feel that what he did to that captain is repulsive. I knew I felt something bad about this guy. I knew from the very beginning. Would he be trying to help Spain? Burrito Hernandez


January 2, 1811

Dear Diary, The British have invaded nearby Buenos Aires! Many political leaders have fled away from the scene and the people of Buenos Aires are forced to create a new government. I kind of like that idea, maybe we should follow in Buenos Aires footsteps. But Carlos tells me that Garcia Carrasco is digging his own grave! Today he has arrested a couple well known Chileans and accused them of plotting to overthrow the government. These accusations are false. Garcia feared that Chile will follow Buenos Aires example so he decided to arrest these men on that suspicion. Carlos told me that he set off a political revolution when he tried to have the three men deported. I was informed that an emergency meeting that decided Garcia’s fate was only a town over. I walked over to the town house in the village next to me and peered through the back door. I only caught the last fifteen minutes of the trial but that was enough for me! The final decision was that Garcia had to resign and be deported while a high ranking Chilean officer named Mateo Toro De Zambrano filled the void. Burrito Hernandez


February 21, 1811

Dear Diary, This is a glorious day for my fellow lower class citizens and I. Our government has passed the “Decree of Free Commerce”. The Decree stated that, “all men have inalienable rights granted by their Creator in order to achieve happiness, prosperity and welfare.” With this Decree brings free trade. I’m benefited by these new reforms. My family will not have to work so hard just to survive. We can build our way up the social ladder. Burrito Hernandez


July 4,1811

Dear Diary, I have just got back from a merchant voyage along the Chilean Coast. Its bad back at home. Families and friends are torn apart because of the disputes between radicals and conservatives. I am scared for the sake of my relationships with friends and family. A military officer named Jose Miguel Carrera has decided to solve this fighting by giving himself absolute power. What a senseless idea. But another man who feels like he can solve this problem quicker and more efficient is a man named Bernando O’ Higgins. They have already started to raise armies to fight one another. I have already sided with Bernando O’ Higgins army. I am forced to fight friends and family members. – Burrito Hernandez Dear Diary, August 1 1811- As the fighting continues between O’Higgins supporters and Carrera’s supporters the streets run red with blood. I have yet to feel blood on the tip of my machete but I pray that if I do it will not be the blood of a loved one. The Carrera troops are becoming tired and the morale is raised in the O’Higgins army. As we start to win battles by landslide victories I feel as if the country is weakened by these civil wars. My stomach feels sick at the thought of an out of country invasion. I will not be able to write in this diary for a while because my priority is to fight and keep my family safe. I am expecting to flee the army with my family to a safer part of Chile. Burrito Hernandez [5]

December 7, 1812 Dear Diary, It has almost been a year since I have written but I have some grave news. Because of the civil war Britain has seen our vulnerability and has attacked us. Carrera and O’Higgins have sided to defeat a common enemy. But still too weak a man named Mariano Osorio succeeded in defeating both O’Higgins and Carrera’s forces. I managed to run from the army to secure my families safe being. Mariano exiled O’Higgins and Carrera to the other side of the Andes Mountains. I love my family more than I want my rights as a citizen of Chile, so it is my duty to get them out safely. Burrito Hernandez


January 9, 1817

Dear Diary, It’s been six years since I’ve last written in you and a lot has changed. My kids are all grown up and the threat of war is no longer and issue. I have come across great news. Word is stirring that O’Higgins is trying to escape from exile and take back his country. Carlos has told me that O’Higgins has joined up with a fellow Argentinean leader San Martin and has raised an army to take back Chile and Peru. – Burrito Hernandez Dear Diary, January 15 1817- Its been almost a week since the news about O’Higgins has arrived at my town. The streets are alive in gossip. Rumor has it that O’Higgins has raised over one million pesos and has raised an army and a navy to secure the security of Chile. I have been recruited into his army and cannot refuse. Torn apart from my family I must be shipped of to a soldier training camp. I will miss my lovely wife but will see her again. The gossip says that O’Higgins has met up with a Venezuelan Liberator named Simon Bolivar and Simon has convinced San Martin and O’Higgins to hand over the command of both armies. Burrito Hernandez


February 14, 1820

Dear Diary, Its been years since I’ve written because I’m currently at the barracks of the Chilean Army training for the war against the Viceroys (English) that have plagued our lands. I must train for four more years until I am fully skilled enough to enter the Chilean Army. I miss my family so much. – Burrito Hernandez Dear Diary, July 17 1824- Today is the day that decides my fate. I have been training to fight this battle for over eight years now. With the amount of money we have raised in that time our forces have gotten stronger and bigger. Our weapons are more advanced and we have a fighting chance against these viceroys. It is time to get what I have wanted for a long time. Burrito Hernandez Dear Diary, December 13 1824- We have finally won the war! Long live Chile! After months of fighting, the English have finally surrendered! South America has been liberated! Without our soldiers, seaman and financial resources we would have never been able to defeat the Viceroys. With this all behind us and our new leader O’Higgins I can go back to Chile with my wife and start all over. We are free! Burrito Hernandez

Burrito Hernandez

Diaries Dear Diary April 5 1818, Overjoyed with the outcome of this struggle for our independence, As of today Chile is once again a place of freedom. We lost around 1,000 men and at least now they had a purpose for dieing and didn’t die in vain. Mr. Bernardo O’Higgins and José de San Martin have lead us as a collected group of men and women and children to wake up with a sense of pride. We showed those damn Spaniards who is boss because we are victorious. This now is the greatest feeling I have ever felt, being part of a country’s independence. On a final note to all of the fellow rebels we did it, rest in peace.

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