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Oct 15, 1864Edit

Dear Diary,

I am writing to you today in you today to remind myself of our views against Pedro's rule. Our inability to follow Pedro II [1] came in the midst of his rule when he committed a dier mistake. By beginning the fight with Uraguay, he created a fight that was unnecessary, he struck the last straw of my followers and I. Pedro decided to enforce a pro-Brazilian government on the Uruguayans. [2] This interference unleashed a gory clash that became known as the War of the Triple Alliance. Soon then after, Pedro realized his mistake and attempted to cover it up with blaming Paraguay for provoking the war. But the rebels and I saw right through Pedro’s sad excuse for an attempt at saving himself. Opposing to the statement made by Pedro II, Paraguay claimed that it had nothing of the sort in mind and when they used their newly well-built military to expand, they were only doing so to offset the colossal power of Brazil and Argentina. We had no business imposing our own government onto Uruguay. Pedro doing so really lit the flames under the ready-to-burn match that we as the rebels created. From here on out, the word "revolution!" flew through the streets as I watched my revolution become united against our enemy.

Jan 30, 1865Edit

Dear Diary,

I contain mixed emotions as I write to you today. As the Alliance between ourselves, Argentina and Uruguay has been signed against Paraguay. [2] I can tell all of you right now that this war is going to be bloody, and maybe even unnecessary in the end. But if it is for the revolution, then by all means is it necessary, and by all means I give my complete and utter support to the decision that my colleagues and I have made. For we are to lead this great country as a united force against the opposition.

May 2nd, 1866Edit

Dear Diary,

Today the Battle of Estero Bellaco took place. It was small, with only 2000, Paraguayans dead, but I struggle to describe the blood pooling onto the ground from the bodies of young men. [2] Swords gushing through their innards. We lost many, but they lost more. It was a swell won battle for our triple alliance. But my heart goes out to the families of those lost. Dear Diary,

May 24, 1866Edit

Dear Diary,

Today I believe we have seen the last of the Paraguayan attempts at battle as the Battle of Tuyutí has just ended. As it turns out this is the second time we have fought at Estero Bellaco, a follow up to Battle Estero Bellaco. there side it was supposed to be a decisive attack. Despite them attacking our center of Uruguayans by surprise and forcing them back, it was the ordering of a moat to be built by Captain Emilio Mallet that allowed for our forces to take them from close range. The Paraguayans came at us with everything they had, making this the largest battle in South American History. [3] triple alliance reigned victorious as we took 13000-14000 deaths and approximately 4000 casualties. [2]

June 18, 1872Edit

Dear Diary,

Today we have one of many more glorious days to come, as today the gory brutal war of The Triple Alliance has begun to start on a down turn as Brazil and Paraguay's new government have now become allied as one. And in this new alliance, we create a new, higher power together as one. And out of their own graciousness, they have contributed to us, reparations and territorial concessions. [2] A most generous contribution if I do say so.

Dec 20, 1888Edit

Dear Diary,

Our new government is beginning to take form now. As we have now taken a giant leap in creating a new republic government and abolishing that of what Pedro had done. In 1822 we have approximately one million Africans enslaved in our country. Which nearly was 30% of our population. And as I am writing to you today, our scholars are writing Lei Áurea, the new law that is to abolish slavery forever in Brazil. [3] Pedro's attacks on these people through slavery, though acceptable in the past, are no longer as of now. In our new republic government, all citizens will have a say in our politics.

November 15, 1889Edit

Dear Diary,

Finally, on this glorious day of today, Pedro II was taken down. Today will forevermore be a turning point in history that the rebels and I made happen. During the beginning of this year, the prime minister proposed to Pedro many broadminded reforms, together with complete religious freedom, and attempts at limiting the power of the army. Yesterday, another leader like myself named Manuel Deodoro da Fonseca led a military rebellion and the following day (today) declared a republic. He also insisted that Pedro leave the country. The emperor and his family are set to leave tomorrow and will stay in exile in Paris for the rest of his life. I truly cannot believe that we actually accomplished our goal. I knew from the beginning that it was going to be a long and treacherous journey and had hope of achieving our task of overthrowing Pedro II, but I never was absolutely convinced that we would do it. I have so many feelings I don’t know what to do with myself. I’m just glad that Brazil is getting it's long awaited reward of a republic.

All in all, our revolt was everything we expected it to be and more. I feel very proud that I lead the greater amount of rebels to a glorious victory over the corrupt government. I do not have words to express how I felt after I saw all the unhappy rebels that have been through the good and the bad with me celebrate with gleaming faces after the revolution had happened and the republic was declared. A lot was accomplished here today and it is all because of the hard work and effort the rebels that I stood for gave to make this happen. I really couldn’t have done it with out them. Pedro II got what was coming to him and my lovely Brazil finally got what she as a country deserved, a republic.

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