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Dear Diary,

After fighting a year already today is the day Pedro I of Brazil, has proclaimed our independence from Portugal. But there will still be the aftermath, more events to come. Then he is crowned the first emperor of the country in which i serve, Brazil. We were discussing today and even agreed to pay Portugal for our independence, it is this important to us. How could we run ourselves a sucessful, independent country under the rule of a whole different country? 

   Novemember 1848

Dear Diary,

   I am writing to adress the current rebellion here in Brazil and there have been many causes to it. I think that citizens are angry with some of the decisions of previous and current officials. Some people just don’t appreciate how the government is willing to take power out of the citizen’s hands to benefit them! Also, the citizens can’t find anything really wrong with the government. They are just being selfish and want more power for themselves. This whole situation has been so frustrating because the citizens are infuriating. They disagree with everything! Lastly, the Brazilian government has been functioning greatly. A change would only bring troubles to our wonderful country, which there is absolutely no need for. Without a doubt, the citizens of Brazil do not appreciate all that we, their government, do for them and have no reason to want to overthrow us.

                 King Pedro I put together an assembly whose job was to write a constitution. However, he was not happy with the constitution that was written so he sent an army down to close down the assembly. He then rewrote the constitution and gave kings executive and moderate powers. He clearly did this so that the citizens would be fairly represented without having to go through all of the effort to create a democracy. Trying to be more organized never hurt anybody, however the citizens were still very angry. They wanted to get more rights but they got a more structured government, which for some odd reason, they thought was a bad thing. One of Pedro’s close advisers also suggested abolishing slavery. In spite of this, Pedro did not think that this was a good idea. This made all of the slaves angry because they thought it could have been very simple to set them free. In reality, it would have been much more complicated- so Pedro is not to blame. If he had abolished slavery then all of the slaves would have rebelled even though he had done something incredibly nice for them. In 1868, Pedro II took away the Liberals from power. The Liberals thought that this was an exercise of political force so they formed the Republican Party in 1870. Pedro was just making the government more uniform. Clearly, over a long period of time, the citizens of Brazil have been responding negatively to decisions made by previous and current officials, which has fueled the rebellion.

In addition, I believe that the citizens are just being selfish with what they want in a government. For example, all the way in America, The Washington Post wrote an article about the rebellion here. They said that the rebellion came as a surprise. It talks about how usually rebellions come with warning signs but in this case, we had none. You can see that there is no reason why there should be a rebellion here because nothing extreme has been done in order for the citizens to be so mad at the government. This article also says, and I quote, “No existing monarchical government was less offensive to popular sensibilities than the Brazilian government.” We obviously care about the citizens in our country and always try our best to help them and do what is good for them. The article talks about how the rebellion is also a shock because of how much the citizens love Pedro II. It was a huge surprise when his own citizens who usually idolize him now want to overthrow him. Without a doubt, the citizens are overreacting and making irrational decisions to start a rebellion when there is no legitimate reason where they should want to overthrow us.

 Any change to our government or any new leaders, will simply cause problems. For instance, The Washington Post said, that all of the best most influential progress of Brazil in history, is under the reign of Pedro II. Pedro II was declared ruler of Brazil at 15 years old. Even though he seemed a bit young he knew what was good for our government. Usually, other countries are criticizing other governments but to have another country write in an article about how good of a king we have is a huge honor. Pedro II has clearly made changes that have gotten even other countries to realize how helpful he has been. Pedro helped Brazil in more ways than any ruler has done for us so far. For one thing, he helped to expand the economy. He helped with the government finances which supported the building of  ports, railroads, roads, canals, textile mills, and more. These all helped for people to travel and trade therefore, creating a high income for the country, and it also created more jobs. The citizens of Brazil just don’t understand all the great things that their ruler has done for them to give them a better life. The next thing makes me extremely angry: if the country was divided, then they would never be able to come together to stage a rebellion. This is only possible because of what Pedro II did for the country. When he was first crowned ruler, he immediately worked on ending the civil wars in Brazil. In 1845, he even ended a revolt that had lasted an entire decade! Without his intelligence and helpfulness, Brazil would be still be split in two and not nearly as strong as we are today. It is easy to see that there is no reason why any citizen should want to replace a government that has accomplished such great things.

The citizens aren't willing to appreciate the fact that the government can take the power and will take care of the country. They feel if they don't get their two cents in then we are doing the wrong thing running the country in which we both live, both government and citizens. People are basing their current ideas on previous decisions that were decided long ago. Things have changed and nobody realizes it doesn’t affect how the government works now. The citizens are being greedy with the amount of power that they want. The government is meant to hold the power- that is the reason that we exist! We are made to guide the country and use our power in good ways, which we have been doing. And on that note, nobody truly appreciates all that our ruler has done for us. They nitpick and try and find every little thing that Pedro II might have done wrong- which is very little- instead of looking at all of the great things that he has accomplished for us. I fear what would happen if the citizens win the revolution. The government would go to ruins. However, I am confident that nothing will ever be able to replace the solid government that is in place currently. There is, and never will be, any competition to Pedro II.


Jose Rodriguez

A Government Official

November 25, 1889

Dear Diary, Ten days ago marked the end of the Brazilian revolution. The people were successful and we are now called the United States of Brazil. Luckily, there was no violence, but Pedro II was sent to Europe, and now there is be a new government. The causes of the revolution are still unclear to me, and I wish now that Pedro was still here. However, he was smart not to fight the citizens. Revolutions can cause many financial problems for the country as well as sacrifice many citizens. He really does care about Brazil, which is why he was a good leader. Now we have a weak attempt at a strong central authority, thanks to the Positivist Party. This new government will surly fail, and makes me wonder why we ever got rid of Pedro II. The central government is printing more money, but what is really making the people money is the coffee export. This new government hasn't even begun to help us, and I can already tell it won't. I'm not only saying that because I no longer am in government, but they are also changing things that have worked so well in the past for Brazil. We are going to start trading more with the US because of this strange new government's foreign policy, but they haven't tried to fix our relationship with Argentina, which might be essential to our trade. Even though it has only been ten days, the new government hasn't done much for us, and I am only praying for a return of a government with the same power and effectiveness as Pedro II's.


Jose Rodriguez


Dear Diary, This year has been hard for Brazil. Prudente de Moraes Barrios is our current leader, and he was the first elected leader in Brazil! Unfortunately, he has been facing many problems. A main problem that is affecting Brazil is the decrease in coffee prices. With coffee being our main export, we have lost a lot of money, and now the country can't pay off its debt. We have also been experiencing an increase in population due to immigrants. This could be a good thing, but they are also burdening the country by taking our jobs. Barrios is also having to create a solution for the Canudo Revolution in the state of Bahia. Those uneducated bandits are creating problems that could be easily solved by government, but Barrios is having major problems fixing them. Some people think he has created political stability, but it is not even close to the stability of Pedro II's reign. I know that was many years ago, but the rebellion against him created this new government that is not as it seems. Only select elite hold power, so there will be corruption and therefore more complaints among the people. I do not have faith in this new leader, and I do not trust the citizens to elect another leader. Our government has become weak.


Jose Rodriguez

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