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Dear Diary,Edit

March 20thEdit

What is happening to my country of Argentina? So much has occurred because of our strive for independence from Spain… Many of the reasons that I have been acting this way recently are related back to my childhood. I often over think some of the situations presented to me because I studied so hard as a child. Moreover, because my family was so religious and devoted as Catholics, I look at things from a religious view too. Ever since the small pox changed my appearance, and not for the better, I am happy to have married María Guadalupe Cuenca in Bolivia in 1801. We had our first son, also Mariano, in 1805. Directly after his birth, in 1806-1807 I found myself among the resistance leaders against the British, who attempted to take Buenos Aires. This became known as the battle of Trafalagar, where our loyalty to Spain became questioned. Later on in 1810, rumor hit Buenos Aires that that the Ferdinand VII the king of Spain, had been captured by Napoleon Bonaparte, whom then switched the throne with the new King, Joseph Bonaparte, Napoleon’s brother. This is where the madness began, after this swap of the throne, all hell was let loose. Joseph or, “Bottle Joe” as we called him was a terrible ruler for he cannot stop drinking. He is quite the alcoholic and ruining our lives because of his problem. [1]

April 2ndEdit

Mariano Moreno[2] :The British are coming today and we are all confident, but slightly worried. Our King in Spain says that he will help us defend the city as long as we keep paying a tax to him. However, after the battle of Trafalgar it drained a lot of Spain’s money and we are all wondering where the rest of our King’s troops are as I gather our army and we line up. [3]

April 9thEdit

Our King has betrayed us! He promised us protection against the British as long as we paid our taxes and we have. My brothers turn to me as their leader and they are wondering why I am and not our King. The citizens and troops of Argentina are starting to lose faith in our mother country.

May 18thEdit

What started today deeply angered Buenos Aires. A group of local citizens, some of which my friends, demanded a town council from Spanish Viceroy Baltasar Hidalgo de Cisneros de la Torre. These citizens fought for what they wanted, and granted their meeting on May 22nd. By May 24th, a junta took rule. This group consisted of Cisneros, Creole leader Juan José Castelli and military commander Cornelio Saavedra.

May 25thEdit

Our people are talking about leaving Spain! We also don’t like Viceroy Cisneros who is the current leader of the junta and I want nothing to do with Viceroy Cisneros, or his input in our new and improved government. We have decided to create a new junta until Spain is restored to its glory. But I can tell that this will not end well for Spain. Myself and Dr. Juan José Paso were announced secretaries, and committee members Dr. Manuel Alberti, Miguel de Azcuénaga, Dr. Manuel Belgrano, Dr. Juan José Castelli, Domingo Matheu and Juan Larrea, most of whom were creoles and patriots. The junta was rulers of Buenos Aires until Spain got a hold of its country. The junta lasted until December, 1810, when it was replaced by another one.[4] This has been a long and treacherous battle, but it is a step Argentina needs to take to win it is independence from Spain. We sent them a glorious preamble that is like the one in America. They have such a great government that we just had to use some of their ideas. It is a work in progress but it goes "We, the representatives of the people of the Argentine Nation, gathered in General Constituent Assembly by the will and election of the Provinces which compose it, in fulfillment of pre-existing pacts, in order to form a national union, guarantee justice, secure domestic peace, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves, to our posterity, and to all men of the world who wishto dwell on argentine soil: invoking the protection of God, source of all reason and justice: do ordain, decree, and establish this Constitution for the Argentine Nation."[5]

Always, Mariano Moreno


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