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Diary of a Argentinian Male Rebel Edit

May 14, 1810

Querido Diario,

I was cleaning out the storeroom of my leather shop when I heard a boy screaming. I ran outside and asked him what was going on. He replied, “Francia lucho con Espana, y Francia gano!” I could not believe it. Our mother country had been defeated? By France? How could this be? Later I found out from my friend Carlos that Spain was taken over by France two years ago and that Viceroy Cisneros (sent from Spain to rule over Argentina) had known about it. They say it is still important that we stay loyal to Spain. How can I do that when I can’t even trust the Spanish? How could Cisneros betray us like this? This is even worse than that time when the British were trying to invade Buenos Aires. I think it was back around 1807 or so that British ships were trying to take over our fine leather industry. We had to fight em off ourselves. To think we pay such steep taxes and don’t even get protection against other countries. Others in Buenos Aires agree with me that this system is way too unjust. Such a selfish lying thief as Cisneros cannot rule over me. I don’t know what to do. We cannot turn to Cisneros to fix things. I guess I will wait for things to play out. There is not much a leather merchant can do but to sell belts and bags and this moment.

Hasta luego, Juan Gonzalez

May 18, 1810


We need change here in Buenos Aires and I am not just going to sit back and wait for it to happen. Now that Spain has been taken over by France, we need to take over Viceroy Cisneros and remove him from rule. I mean how can we have somebody rule who isn’t even truthful and honest. He was the one who has truly betrayed us. When France first took over Spain, Cisneros knew right away, but he didn’t say anything. This is the last straw! Now is our chance to rebel against our mother country. One of my closest friends, Nicolas Rodriguez Pena is holding a secret meeting at his house tomorrow night. They have the same ldea that I do, they want to get rid of the Viceroy and they want to do it now. Over the past week or so since this whole mess has started, they have been trying to call for a town hall meeting. In this meeting, they plan on deciding the future for Viceroy Cisneros. Not a whole bunch of people have been showing up to these gatherings. I believe that they are scared, scared of being caught. I myself have not gone in fear of being punished. For so long we have lived in fear of the Spanish and now we must fight them. It is an awfully hard thing to wrap your head around. But it is necessary. Tomorrow night I will go to Pena’s house, for Argentina!

Juan Gonzalez

May 19, 1810

Querido Diario

I cannot fall back to sleep. I awoke with a frightful nightmare over those wretched Spaniards. If I even begin to start talking about all the problems in Argentinean government caused by the Spanish, I think that I would never stop. It makes me so angry that I did not see this before, that I just followed the Spaniard’s every command, when they didn’t do anything for us. We worked the land here in Argentina just for the benefit of the lazy Spanish. I spend hours in my shop making the finest leather goods for some Spaniard to give me more taxes. Then when my home is being attacked by foreigners, I simply want protection for my family and friends. Can’t my taxes buy me at least that? Apparently not. My country is falling a part and I want to turn to an honest leader to make things right. This is impossible for Cisneros is busy lying to his own people to fatten his wallet. Just writing about this makes my blood boil. Hopefully the council meeting tomorrow will finally let the minds of Argentineans rest.

Sinceramente, Juan Gonzalez

Early Morning, May 21, 1810

How could I be worried about failure? At worst, the Spanish will take us into prison. At least it will be for Argentina. I don’t know about you, but I am willing to do whatever I can to change things here in Buenos Aires. We need something new and if it fails then it fails, but we will never gain anything without trying. Also, I believe that now will be the best time for change with the Spanish government so weak, and Cisneros in the middle of all of us. If we fail then we fail, but I believe the government won’t know what’s coming, which makes it the perfect time for a rebellion.

Juan Gonzalez

May 25, 1810

Querido Diario,

We have done it! We have finally broken free from the tyrannical Spaniards. Yesterday, a junta was created including that Diable (devil) called Cisneros but today they have voted him out! Our new leaders include Cornelio Saavedra, Dr. Mariano Moreno, Dr. Juan Jose Paso, and other committee members. Most of them are either creoles or patriots. We are finally free from all connection to the Spanish throne. I have great hopes for this new Junta. Although it is temporary until the Spanish regain control over their own country, I believe Argentina will be even stronger in the future so we will easily be able to fight off the Spanish once and for all. I believe that this new Junta will protect our country from foreigners, ensure economic stability, and expand our nation’s horizons.

Con mucho suerte, Juan Gonzalez

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