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Diary of a Rebel Woman Edit

May 1810

Being a middle class citizen in Buenos Aires Argentina has not been easy. Viceroy has been cruel and un-wanting of all of us. He treats us so unfairly, and it makes me miserable to watch the way this man rules. I can’t believe how selfish he has been I thought he was different. I am shocked to see what is happening right now in Buenos Aires, but I am very proud of how us woman have worked together on gaining on our independence.

June 1810

I am so thankful that the viceroy was voted out of office. He wasn’t doing his job right; he was just not strong enough to carry the weight of our country at such a rough time. We went through a lot. We had to deal with the supervision of Britain until we finally got a hold of our own independence, and became our own country. The main reason that rebelled was because Viceroy. I know I have mentioned this many times before, but he was awful. I don’t think I could ever forget how baldy he treated us. Also we were upset because of how much power Britain had over us. Nothing seemed fair to us anymore, and it had to change. Never again will I let someone else control me like this country did.

June 20th 1810

I am now writing to you about my frustration with the fact that we middle class people are paying such high taxes to Spain. The only way this would have been beneficial to us would be if Spain had actually won the battle that they were fighting aganist Britain in. Unfortunately they didn’t win, which is leading to us paying taxes to Spain still to save us from Britain’s control which wasn’t that beneficial because when they got taken over they left us completely unprotected. I cannot afford to pay these taxes. I am trying to support my family, send my children to school and be able to cook for them. My job doesn’t bring in much income and the taxes just take so much away from it. I wish that I wasn’t in the middle class and that this wasn’t one of my issues. Argentina is such a wealthy country and I wish that I could be more apart of that. Conquering Britain will be a hard task because the British army is very powerful but in the end this will be very helpful because this taxing will soon end.

July 1810

Being the selfish country that Britain is, they have been watching Buenos Aires for quite a while. But to them who really cares. No one really wants the best for us anyways; they only want what is good for them. This isn’t unusual and especially us middleclass citizens are getting very used to this issue of being treated like this. Britain is always thinking about what is best for Britain and nobody else. One example of this is how Britain only wants to be expanded into our colony only because of the wealth that Buenos Aires has. Our country is leading ourselves into utter success, we are suddenly beginning to notice many of Britain’s strengths and weaknesses and our mother country is becoming more and more involved as each moment passes.

September 1810

It has been a while since I have written in my diary about this stressful revolution. I have so many thoughts towards it that I don’t think that I can ever fully explain my self. Upon what has happened to Buenos Aires I have been taught many things. Most importantly I have learned how determined and proud our country is. Our country will conquer Britain, and we will not let the power of our country fall back into someone else’s hands ever again. I know that we have shown Britain how much we have improved during this revolution, and we are a great force to work with. The fact that our viceroy is not out of office is a great help. This is so great because now we are independent of the little bad that were holding us back to what we could be. This is our country, our colony and our land to prosper in and this revolution will in fact declare our assuredness and independency.

September 1810

I have pointed out so many good things about Buenos Aires that we should all be so proud of, but we certaintly have some issues to still resolve. Once we figure out our taxing and defense issue we will be right on our way to victory. We just have to over think a few more things before everything is perfect again. I am truly amazed with how much we have grown, and even when times are tough I am very proud to be apart of Buenos Aires Argentina as we gain our independence.



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