Harold Devon-Carson McMichael the Fifth (born, January 4, 1967, in Los Angeles, California) is an American musician that is not well-known as a great musicianist and is the vocals for City of Strangers, a pop rock / pop punk band that formed in 1988.

Discography Edit

With City of Strangers Edit

With All Dead Edit

With In Time, I Will Edit

VDE Devon-Carson McMichael
City of Strangers albums (1990-present): Inclined for Money (1993)Red Honey (1997)Road to Riots (2000)
All Dead albums (1993-present): Red Hero (1996)Breathe (1999)
In Time, I Will albums (1985-2004, 2007-present): Breathing Outward (1991)In Time, I Will (1997)Rampagings (2000)Road to Nowhere (2003)A New Fairytale to Tell (2009)
Films: The Opposition (1987)The Opposition 2 (1991)Hatred Time (2006)The Opposition 3: Natural Effects (2007)Walking Away IV (2010)

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