For my father, as an offer to maintain correspondenceUser:Serprex 17:03, September 24, 2010 (UTC)

Do you believe in redemption from the Devil? / I don't believe in the Devil, so I don't believe in redemption / Yeah / It sounded like you were going to say something interesting / It's a question I've been asking today, I've wanted to ask a number of people / What does redemption by the Devil mean? / I said from / What do you mean by from, what do you mean by redemption? / Whatever redemption means. With from, both meanings suit. There's the meaning like from A to B and then there's also like from A to B / You're a silly boy // A fumbling of words, there's redemption from the Devil as in the Devil is the thing to be redeemed from and there's redemption from the Devil as in the Devil as the redeemer / Milk costs money, I don't have any / Anything that sounds like it'll be interesting and isn't is of a muse / I try things like cigars because they're too expensive for me to get addicted to, so I just have them with friends / It's of a muse because people would rather fail in being interesting and be uninteresting rather than admit their interesting traits a result of their pathetic obsessions / I couldn't even buy stamps today, you have to buy a bunch for like five bucks / I've said money can buy happiness, but I wasn't expecting her ambivalence of money. But she's a bitch, and bitches always want money. I'll break her eventually / Some person bought newspaper paper from the book store, I asked them how much it costed, she said she bought it for two dollars a sheet, I asked her why she didn't go to Curries where it's a dollar, she said she was too lazy, and I'm like if you're going to be a starving artist, you shouldn't be wasting money like that / I offered three grand via Egypt, she denied. I offered a couple hundred via Gorillaz, she never replied. I offered twelve hundred via a sphinx, she never replied / I got this from this Japanese chick who was a competitive Star Craft player, made enough money to pay for college, she was showing me her six hundred dollar shoes today from her fiancée, I'm all off because like I was stingy to spend that much money on a laptop, but that's a necessity

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