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The Destroyer franchise is an American anime, comics, film, TV program, and novel franchise. The franchise even features toy-lines. The series is based upon Hulk, Iron Man both from Iron Wars 2008 film and comics, the Abomination also from Iron Wars and including Spyro, but that was not included till the release of the 2007 video game, The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night. Whereupon the Destroyer franchise came from Iron Wars', Iron Wars: Destroyer in 1983, and its sequel, Iron Wars 2: The Return of the Destroyers in 1987. In fact, it was even made into a feature length film called Iron Wars: Destroyer's Beginning in 1997, and was a box office flop.

The comics were published by Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse Comics, they have helped with other projects like Pac-Man, Warfields, Captain Chico, and more. Including: Spider-Man: Harmon Doom, Batman: Righteous Evil, Hulk vs. Flash, Hellboy Meets Batman and the Boy Wonder, and Hellboy vs. the Hulk vs. Rhino.

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