The Demon Lord is the leader of what is called, "true evil on Earth". He was originally part of the Paix and only son of the Grand Master. He struggled most of his life with attempts to recieve affection from his father. The Spirit of Fate approached him and offered him the love of his life and in exchange for his talents, the young man accepted the offer.

Her name was Nora Win, her father was the second most powerful Master in the Paix. When he found out of his daughters activities he confronted her, the young man himself was also confronted and was told to end the affair or his father would hear of it. After an arguement the boy killed him, with Nora's help. The choose to flee but while they attempted the guards and Grand Master cut them off. The couple pleaded for mercy but the Grand Master refused any, denouncing thme both as traitors. Nora attempted to escape but the Grand Master used his magic to turn her into stone, killing her. In a rage the boy engages his father who easily defeats him and uses a curse to reveal his tainted heart. In a flash of light the Spirit appears and saves the boy, taking him into the Void. The Spirit makes a new offer, serve her and he shall have revenge on the world, the boy accepts and the curse completes his tranformation into a demonic creature.

Early lifeEdit

Born as Lencko Vanzen in the Rosa Kingdom, which was home to the Paix Temple, in 21 B.B. (Before Betrayal). As was customary in the Paix it was determined at birth that he would succeed his father as Grand Master. He and the children of the top ten Paix, in terms of talent, were kept seperate to teach them dependency on eachother as partners in the defense of purity and justice. This however was not what Lencko desired, he wanted to simply play and enjoy his youth. But most of all he wanted his fathers love, he was told there was love through his training and talents, but he did not believe it.

This life of seperation allowed him to meet Nora Win, the daughter of Paix Master Thadious Win. At first Nora and Lencko did not get along, she would often tease him about his inability to conjure proper spells. And he would use sexist ways to make her seem less capable than he could ever be. As the years went on the two grew to like each other and even considered seeing each other, but their marriges were predetermined at birth and thus was forbidden for them to do so.

Deal with DísEdit

Dís, the Spirit of Fate approached Lencko and offered him a way to be with Nora in exchange for his powers and abilities. He was reluctant to give up his talents, the only that made his father show him any kind of love. He waited a few days and spoke with both Nora and his father. He asked his father once again if there was any sort of bond between them as father and son, not master and student. His father paused from his work and with a cold tone of voice said, "It's a complicated thing. You must learn that you are meant to make the hardest choices of your life one day. And when it happens you'll understand my behavior." He took this as a no, and went to speak with Nora about this.

She expressed great joy at the prospect of being able to marry Lencko. He spared the details of how he was able to but all he wanted was her approval and got it. That same night he summoned Dís and accepted her offer. In a flash of light she took away his powers freeing him of Paix traditions and rules, hours later the man Nora was betrothed to died in his sleep.


Lencko and Nora feared the death of her prospective husband would make things harder for them. So they decided to flee the temple, when they reached the main door Thadious Win was waiting for them and accused Lencko of killing him to have Nora to himself. In an attempt to reason with him, Thadious in a rage pulled out his sword and lunged at Lencko. Nora reacted quickly and stabbed her own father in the back, killing him. Moments later the Grand Master and a number of others arrive to see only a master dead, and two people trying to escape.

Lencko attempted to speak but his fathers speed was unmatched and was knocked down. Nora attacked him but he countered with a kick to her stomach sending her into a marble pillar. He asked who was responsible, Lencko remained silent and Nora shouted her confession. With power of levitation the Grand Master lifted Nora in the air and punished her by turning her into a statue. As the change progressed Lencko could take no more and raised his blade against his father. Distracted h released Nora but the change from person to staue had been near enough completion that it was assumed she was dead. A brief battle took place and Lencko was literally disarmed, his father renounced him in every way and cursed his body to mirror his heart. Slowly his body turned black and burnt, he was in so much pain that by its end the curse would kill him.

Dís appeared in a blinding light and rescued Lencko, and haulted the effects of the curse inside of the Void. She made him a new offer, serve her and he will have his revenge, he eagerly accepted. With a snap of her fingures th curse continued and then she encased his body in a suit of armor and was transformed from apowerless human, into a powerful demonic creature. Upon the completion of the change, he requested an army, one made in his image so that he may destroy the world. His request was granted and he created the Mauvai, who have since become a blight upon the lands they set foot on.

Revenge and Fall Edit

The Demon Lord took his army and, after two years of training and preperation, emerged from the Void with a firey explotion of demons and twisted machines of war. And like an evil flood they washed away all who lay before them. The Paix assembled in and around the temple with the last of all remaining forces of light. Totaling up to three-hundred million men, against billions of monsters, machines, and one Demon. The Grand Master told his men that this was their last chance to ensure that evil be sent back into the Void and to preserve ever lasting peace. Little did they know it was one of their own leading the charge.

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