Death Walking is a popular psychological-survival horror TV series based on horrifying events and making them into terrifying "scream for your life" horror episodes. The TV series began in 1980 and ended 1991.

Seasons Edit

#1: 1980-1982 Edit

The first season were not very popular, but they lasted long enough to become hits in the future. The first episode was "Mexican Horrors", the episode starred Kurt Russel as Nigel Williams, a scientist who heads to Mexico for a new job in creating cures for a dangerous disease called "Slaughticide", a dangerous disease that resurrects humans after death, and after being the only survivor in all of the stories, his career ended in the season finale, after Dr. Marcus Jones frames him for the creation of "Slaughticide", whereas Marcus lets it out, and it turns Marcus into a zombie, and turning everyone else into flesh eating zombies, they then escaped into the world and he can only listen to the horrors.

#2: 1983-1984 Edit

Starring Harrison Ford as Jake Mullis. The second season is about Jake Mullis and his girlfriend Shawna DiGeorgio, as they endure a haunting stay on a island with many others. It ends with everyone dying and the secrets of the island stay hidden.

#3: 1984-1985 Edit

The third season stars Samuel L. Jackson and Pierce Brosnan as themselves and play their everyday lives, until a company releases a virus into the public and turns the public into flesh-eating zombies. They both try to survive, but nonetheless, both die as with the rest of the world.

#4: 1990-1991 Edit

Continuing after season 3, a small group of survivors (Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, Greg Kinnear, and Eddie Izzard), James Reese, George DiGeorgio, Jacob Morgen, and Johnny Michaels. They all are good friends trying to survive a zombie apocalypse that was released by a mysterious company into Los Angeles and Moscow. Now that the virus has touched most of the population of earth, the four characters must use their wits and smarts, but as usual, they die, and it turns out they were the last remaining humans on earth, ending the series.

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