Death-bot is an American slasher film series by Shawn Troy.

Films Edit

  1. November, 1964: Relief; first installment
  2. October, 1968: Release Me!; second installment
  3. December, 1974: Funny Guy; third installment
  4. January, 1981: Moonless Moon Light; fourth installment
  5. March, 1983: The Dark Point; fifth installment
  6. March, 1984: Closing In; sixth installment
  7. July, 1986: Dumped Over Love; seventh installment
  8. October, 1986: Hellhole; eighth installment
  9. August, 1989: The Ninth; ninth installment; ninth Funny Guy installment
  10. May, 1994: Breeding; tenth installment; tenth Funny Guy installment
  11. April, 2005: Comeback: Homecoming; eleventh installment
  12. February, 2008: Homecoming 2; 12th installment; 2nd Homecoming installment
  13. April, 2009: Homecoming: The Awakened 13th installment; 3rd Homecoming installment

Characters Edit

Featured films Edit

Relief Edit

Main article: Relief

The film is entirely about a few friends named Charlie, Gordon, James, and Kathy, the Death-bot is narrating about a massacre called, Relief. Relief was the worst massacre on earth, it had four friends being stalked by a derange schizophrenic named, Karen Miners, she has killed many people in the past, as with her five children, and her entire family After the friends were all killed, the police is wondering on the teens disappearance's and have found they're dead bodies, Karen comes and murders most of the police officers, but the survivor was a woman named Karla Paige Hilton.

Release Me! Edit

Main article: Release Me!

The film centers on Insane Guy and Karen Miners, Karen was arrested by Paige and was put into a mental institution, and Insane Guy is a schizophrenic cannibal who has the power to make nightmares real.

The film shows Karen being put into the mental facility, he sees a man, he doesn't reply after asking for his name, so she calls him what everybody calls him, "Insane Guy", she starts learning all about Insane Guy, she learns that he is a vicious cannibal, Death-bot is then shown telling the story to the children of an orphanage, then as Karen is about to shower, she is raped by Insane Guy, she then fights back by punching him the penis, he then falls to the ground in pain, and then Karen awakens, she is naked, and feels like she has a hangover, she then notices that she was raped, but stopped refusing it, then Insane Guy wakes up, Insane Guy then tries to kill her, and Karen escapes to her bed, she then wakes up the next morning in the same spot, covered in blood, and apparently she was naked sitting in her bed looking psychopathic, and five guards approached her, but they were violently killed by Insane Guy, soon Karen releases herself, and kills many people in the asylum and fights Insane Guy, but is viciously slaughtered

Funny Guy Edit

Main articles: Funny Guy and Funny Guy series

The film starts off where Release Me! ended, where Karen Miners was gruesomely slaughtered and eaten alive by Insane Guy.

Death-bot is telling about a day after the gruesome week in the asylum, Dr. Mannings finds a key to a closes carnival called, Satan's Carnies, he opens it for business, and finds people never leaving the rides, then he searches for the cause, and finds brutally chewed up people and other remains of people that went on the rides, soon he attacked and possessed, he tells the people that everything is okay, but then more people are dead, soon the police investigate, and Mannings starts to kills them, and as the police are all dead.

Meanwhile, in Hell, Clown-Man is rising from is grave and then ends up in the abandoned but still bloodied mental institution, he kills the survivors, and Insane Guy is hanging up the mutilated corpses', including Karen's, soon Clown-Man comes and battles Insane Guy, and kills Insane Guy, Clown-Man soon heads to the carnival, raising other carny demons with him, Dr. Mannings bows to him, and Clown-Man and the other carnies cut him open put a upside-down cross in his heart, soon he awakens and is a demon, he kills his ex-wife, and his girlfriend, soon a demon hunter comes and kills most of the carnies except for Clown-Man and twenty others, soon the demon hunter is burned alive by ghosts, then film credits start to role hearing screaming and people yelling help me, then showing Clown-Man doing his signature evil grin.

Moonless Moon Light Edit

Main article: Moonless Moon Light

The film follows ten friends exploring these caves and are attacked by the demon-like gods that live in this icy cavern and they're being brutally murdered one-by-one and eventually the friends all die and they ran out of food, and they escape, and the curse of the Moonless Moon Light is true after the demon-like monsters escape and start killing Mexican civilians and the film ends with Death-bot closing this book and saying on the cover, "Moonless Moon Light".

The Dark Point Edit

Main article: The Dark Point

The film shows Death-bot closing "Moonless Moon Light" and beginning, "The Dark Point of Life". It starts with a man named Arnold Immin, a German-born Californian and his job is being a teacher, and he begins having hallucinations and then he starts having visions of the dead and even driving him mad, and making him kill a truck driver and drive the truck into the elementary school, killing two teachers and killing five students.

The next morning he awakens and is arrested by police, and interrogated and after a very long interrogation, he is released, and he starts his job again at the elementary school, and then he goes crazy again and then he is out into a mental institution and he is sitting calmly and has another episode and kills all of the workers and everyone there and escapes to the school, and tears apart the principal and kills a teacher and brutally kill the kids and four survive and they become his children of evil and the film ends when the police arrive and the four children shoot themselves with Arnold and the film ends.

More than one series Edit

Relief Edit

Release Me! Edit

Funny Guy Edit

  1. Funny Guy (1974; 100%)
  2. Funny Guy II: Carny Terror (1975, $51,393,211 worldwide; 68%)
  3. The Funny Guy 3 (1977, $34,394,600 worldwide; 70%)
  4. Funny Guy IV: Carnival Hell (1978, $39,104,334 worldwide; 63%)
  5. Funny Guy V (1980, $40,688,392 worldwide; 60%)
  6. Funny Guy VI: The Return of Dr. Mannings (1981, $20,348,914 worldwide; 52%)
  7. Funny Guy VII: Scare Time (1983, $17,900,396 worldwide; 59%)
  8. Funny Guy VIII: Evil Clowns (1986, $21,234,329 worldwide; 45%)
  9. The Ninth (1989, $12,439,298 worldwide; 62%)
  10. Breeding (1994, $15,324,774 worldwide; 50%)
  11. Funny Guy XI: Inhuman Curse (2001, $4,239,494 worldwide; 9%)
  12. Funny Guy XII: Sweet Nightmares (2006, $1,734,304 worldwide; 0%)

The Dark Point Edit

  1. The Dark Point (1983; 71%)
  2. Dark Point II: Fright (1987, $19,383,483 worldwide; 79%)
  3. Dark Point III: Kill-Force (1996, $30,203,239 worldwide; 60%)
  4. Dark Point IV (2000, $10,337,921 worldwide; 53%)
  5. Dark Point V (2003, $2,390,493 worldwide; 34%)
  6. The Dark Point VI (2010, $740,234 worldwide; 41%)

Homecoming franchise Edit

Gross revenue's Edit

  • Relief - 29,300,830 U$D
  • Release Me! - 26,398,744 U$D
  • Funny Guy - 70,902,927 U$D
  • Moonless Moon Light - 84,190,812 U$D
  • The Dark Point - 87,387,500 U$D
  • Closing In - 85,923,474 U$D
  • Dumped Over Love - 129,982,287 U$D
  • Hellhole - 57,433,939 U$D
  • The Ninth - 48,382,937 U$D
  • Breeding - 8,834,843 U$D
  • Comeback: Homecoming - 96,392,769 U$D
  • Homecoming 2 - 100,378,973 U$D
  • Homecoming: The Awakened - 66,344,765 U$D

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