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Just go home and slit yourself open. With a steak knife

Take a train toward Toronto and fall off a building

Take a walk up the stairs and drop yourself a few flights

Get a cell phone and freeze, maybe you should learn how to tell people things without killing yourself. Or just don't tell anyone anything

I'll dump my drunk self into the river. I'll never get out. A walk never taken. Suicidal ideaism, that's all it is

Tie a noose and hang yourself over a pink or purple cupcake. Not my idea, but it'll do

Self preservation is pervasive. It subverts our intent. To self destruct is to subvert the subverter. Suicide is free will

Grab the throat and never let go. Except do. Not my idea, but it'll do

Last date. Just lay down and freeze. Not tonight. Some other night

Every night, the train rolls by. A short walk, the engine beckons

Drink the rest of the Henkell Trocken and die. Don't even remember that day's excuse

Get a noose, bath robe belts will do. Closets have too many shelves, rafters will have to do in the basement. Seems secure, just have to jump. The rafter broke

Check the schedules, trains are coming. Answer a call, sisters are around. Answer a question of what's going on: I'm going to check the train schedules. Listen to a bunch of solar bull. Go to bed, night's over

We are men of station. Get drunk, it'll be easy. Get dressed in full black, don't forget that nice parking meter jacket. What do you know, there's pencil and paper. Good idea: Write a bunch of incomprehensible nonsense. Bad idea: Write a bunch of comprehensible nonsense. Glare at yourself in the mirror as you throwup pepperette chunks, the only thing you've eaten all day. Go to bed, evening's over

Really, drop yourself a few flights. Fall face first and it can't fail. Slide the body forward. More. Or don't. Maybe you should go see that councellor who told you to have lunch with her some time a couple years ago. Maybe she'll understand that the addage that things get better is what makes you want to die, but of course she won't

Family is gone. Dress up fancy, you know, the black under gray suit you tried last time before showing off how much you lack class. Construction signs say the tracks are closed, but what do you care? Nobody cares, so for some reason that nobody cares about get out of the track pit and take a walk down to the park. Check out that path behind a parking lot you've never taken, it'll be your last chance if you're lucky. Get off the path, you can try it some other day. Walk over the hill and get back on the track. Walk that track. Run away and just walk the track until you die of exhaustion. Mushrooms? No, just some dead coon. Walk strange, that's all you should think about. Stop thinking about anything else, even though you won't. Why won't you stop? These rectangular metal vent things make quite the noise, but still they won't shut you up. Maybe they'll shutup the train's approach. Keep walking. Watch the train signal lights, do you see them? They change colors. What do they mean? Let's make a bet that you can't guess which track the train will end up on. How unlucky, you win. Laugh at the train, the booming wave it gives. This is being alive: its horn's blare's blast. Go home you fool. Take a shortcut, see if I care. Fall in the mud, climb trees that fall into themselves. Get wet feet, the fields are trailing. Nobody cares, because in the end, you'll come out just ahead of where you entered. Walk up the road's middle home and talk to your grandmother about not dating random trash off the street. Rave against such rude comments, it's past your bedtime anyways

Hydrogen sulphide. That's the answer; saves fetuses

Drunk women hitting is just the style. Go to the lighthouse, might be drunk enough. Just roll there, real fast. Hands on the rock, dangling. A toe in the water, cold enough. What's the point? Piss and go home, and flip off whoever feels like honking

Leave me alone. Told twice. I'm bound to obey what I cannot; what can I do? Don't ask any of that, the answer is already known. Get out. The lake is cold tonight. Why are there always this fast pace stream of thoughts that'll be forgotten soon after? Stop it, there's nothing to think about. You didn't bring anything to write with, because there's nothing to write. This is the end result of a rational conclusion of what happens when integrity is valued over one's self. The geese are noisy. The geese are too tired to move aside. I've got cold feet. My feet are cold. Piss cold. Just drop. Who's that? Here and gone. Burning cold feet. Sit and stare, random women will note my off gone

I believe in the right to die