By: F.<話して~!!>

Whisper slowly, soft and lightly
They’ll hear us and they’ll take you away
Sing lowly, sing something sad and slow
And you know I'm not afraid

But even if I forget you now
You won’t leave me alone
You'll be all I'm missing
You and my left-behind home

Please speak softly for He will hear you
And He’ll find out why I still kept you
Sing a hollow tune, alive with death
And if you sing, I’ll sing back to you

And if you leave, I'll leave with you
I will follow you forever and ever
If you bleed, I will bleed with you
The world will know we'll be together

Even if I leave forget you now
You won’t leave me alone
I will leave and you will follow
Follow me to Hell, my home

I won't be missing anything
And the world's not missing me.

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