Jenna opened her eyes sleepily. The scent of smoke sent her into a violent coughing fit. Bright orange flames enveloped everything in sight. Jenna was burning. She let out a terrified scream and tried to but the fire out. She tripped and fell to the ground. Flames covered her wailing form, the smoke choked her and covered her mouth with ash. The heat was too intense. She couldn't fight death anymore. She gave up and let the flames cover her as she died.

Chapter 1Edit

Jenna's was in her bedroom. Nothing was charred it was still the same. Jenna was dressed in a light, white, loose gown. She examined herself in the mirror. No burn marks. Her skin was pale and glowed slighlty. Her long, blonde hair was braided with flowers. She looked healthy and alive. She knew she was dead though. The thought saddened her. A note was stuck in the window frame. It read:

Dear Jenna,

Welcome to Heaven. Please come to the parlor. You are at your home. We need to show you the accident and if you would like, we are willing to give you a second chance at life. Please let me know when your ready.


Jenna didn't want to relive that night. It ws a terrible memory. But she wanted a second chance. So she clenched her fists, took a deep breath, and opened the parlor door.

Chapter 2Edit

The parlor was just as Jenna remembered. The glass coffee table, the white couch. Even the plate of buiscuits on the side table. A lady sat on the edge of the couch in front of the TV, her black hair styled similiar to Jenna's. Jenna guessed she was Emilia. Jenna shyly sat next to her. Emilia didn't look in her direction and just stayed motionless. Jenna touched Emilia's shoulder and was lost again.

December 3, 1994Edit

Four year old Jenna was hiding under her bed. No one would find her here. She was dad sure of it. She saw Chloe Jinnings' feet as Chloe tried to find a hiding spot. Jenna had a mischevious thought. She reached from under the bed and snatched Chloe's ankle. Chloe screamed in agony as her arm bent in an unnatural way. Jenna laughed "Stop playing around Chloe. I know your faking it." Jenna tried to bend Chloe's arm back the way it was and Chloe screamed some more. Jenna's mom wen to check on the girls to see what the matter was.

She screamed when she saw Chloe and Jenna and called Jenna's mom immediatly. Chloe was rushed to the emergency room and the doctor said her arm was broken in two places. Jenna's mom scolded Jenna severely when they got home. Young Jenna didn't understand how this could've happened. One trick, and her best friend was hurt and her mom hated her.

Jenna ran to her room and cried pitifully.

Chapter 3Edit

Jenna was back to herself. Emilia looked at her with disappointment. "So?" Jenna didn't know what she had to do. Emilia's frown deepend. "Why didn't you stop yourself?" Jenna thought for a few minutes. She had been in complete contol of herself... "How am I supposed to do that?" This wasn't like she could tell little Jenna to not do that. Emilia rolled her eyes. She grabbed Jenna's shoulder and Jenna was back in the past.

June 4, 1998Edit

8 year old Jenna sat in her mother's room. Her new baby brother, Charlie was wailing in his crib. Her 3 year old half-sister, Maddie was trying to calm him down. Their mother was trying to fix her hair. Jenna tried to wait for her mother to notice her and distracted herself with her mother's magazines. Crash! Jenna ran to to Charlie and Maddie only to see her mother's glass vase broken in Charlie's crib. Fortunately no serious damage was done to either sibling as Maddie had taken Charlie out his crib before the vase crashed.

Jenna was still angry though seeing as she would be blamed for all this. She yelled a word she had heard her mother say whenever she was stuck in traffic. "Ooo....Jenny..." Maddie little blue eyes widened and she ran off to tell their mom. But before maddie could get out the door, their mom came running into the room, she had heard the crash and feared somehing had happened. Seeing the children okay, she let out a sigh. "Mom! Mom! Jenny said a bad word!" Maddy was frantically tugging on her mother's skirt, trying to get attention.

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