Dead II: Amon Amarth
Directed by George A. Romero
Produced by George A. Romero
Written by Sylvester Stallone
Eli Roth
Rob Zombie
Jodie Foster
Starring EriK Frillery
Billie Piper
Music by Random
Editing by Unknown
Distributed by Walt Disney
Release date(s) May 11, 2007
Running time 100 Min.
Country United States
Language English
Budget $245,000,000
Gross revenue $488,490,578 total
Preceded by Dead! (2005)
Followed by Dead 3: Warcraft (2009)

Dead II: Amon Amarth (AKA: Dead II, George A. Romero Presents: Amon Amarth, or George A. Romero's Dead II) is an American 2007 science-fiction/horror film about Joey Gillespie, a young man, whose now a superhero trying to destroy darkened things; it was again directed and produced by George A. Romero and was written by Sylvester Stallone, Eli Roth, Rob Zombie, and Jodie Foster; the films stars EriK Frillery as Joey Gillespie, Billie Piper as Jenney Rayford, Briana Evigan as Natalie Kennis, Jodelle Ferland as Sarah Jones/Alessa Gillespie, Sylvester Stallone as John James Rambo

Plot Edit

Dead II starts off in 2007 where they are battling a criminal named, Karl Krimson a power criminal they try to defeat him but he used a sacred jewel, that beat the crew. As Sarah is watching them, she throws the criminal through a wall then Karl comes out of the rumble of the collapsed wall, he then try's to take Sarah then as he sees the TARDIS he gets inside, with Sarah, and then head off to Silent Hill Joey then try's to think of where they are going, then it hits him, there heading towards Silent Hill. A bunch of cops slowly walk towards the crew then the Police says "Freeze, put your hands over your head!" but, Joey doesn't cooperate so he is shot to death. Then everyone woke up and they were in, Silent Earth, they were scarred out of there minds. They see Joey and ask him what's going on he said to them "Well, I know where we are and I'll you, your in Silent Earth" then they hundreds of strange noises, then hundreds of Lying Figures start burning people alive with there acidic tar-like blood all the cops in the world start shooting at them everywhere. Cybil Bennet is the only one who has over twenty kills without dying, then these sirens start they all wondering what's going they then see nothing but darkness, then as they see hundreds of Grey Children cops don't wanna shoot them but Joey grabs a gun and starts shooting at the Grey Children then all the Grey Children start to disappear, then everybody runs to somewhere safe like a safe house or a church then more Lying Figures appear then as the cops start killing them while trying to protect people outside more people then die. Cybil which was put into a team, was the only surviver of her own team. As Joey and his crew get to the TARDIS HOUSE, they then start to think of a plan, then the sirens turn on again, they then turn on the lights but, they also put up some crosses in TARDIS HOUSE. Cybil is still outside and is still alive, she then sees more Grey Children with, Lying Figures, and Red Pyramids as she keeps killing them decides to end her life and herself in the head as her body goes down it starts to disappear. Back at the TARDIS HOUSE it was surrounded by zombies they then used an emergency TARDIS which they should've used before, they head to Silent Hill, as they appear they all head back except for Joey, he decided to find Sarah himself as the darkness ends they see more Lying Figures, he keeps shooting them down then he gets to the hospital he kinds a monster like non-other, its called, Amon Amarth a monster with red bat wings, the head of a demon, and is wearing a red robe made out of human flesh and human parts. Joey then runs from Amon and runs into Karl on the roof Amon sees them and then kills Karl. then Sarah and Joey head towards the TARDIS Alessa stops them they hear sirens then Amon Amarth followed them there and became even stronger and faster they run towards the TARDIS but, Amon Amarth beats them there and then, Joey jumps at Amon Amarth and starts tearing him apart then, Joey is stronger and faster and they fight till the death Amon Amarth is warn out, he then dies then as Sarah and Joey head back to TARDIS HOUSE they then agree that Joey is a great leader then Jenney and Joey kiss.

Sequel Edit

Red Hot Tomatoes said "It was a gruesome film, but, it was terrible in looks, but, they do deserve a three-star in good quality". They begun production of Dead 3 in 2008 which it had minor faults but, EriK is reprising his role as, Joey Gillespie, the psychopath from Dead! they will try to do better in this film. They began filming June 2nd.

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