Directed by George A. Romero
Produced by George A. Romero
Written by Sylvester Stallone
Eli Roth
Rob Zombie
Jodie Foster
Starring EriK Frillery
Music by Random
Editing by John Forian
Distributed by Walt Disney
Release date(s) March 18, 2005
Running time 127 Min.
Country United States
Language English
Budget $100,000,000
Gross revenue $236,738,000 total
Followed by Dead II: Amon Amarth (2007)

Dead! (AKA: Dead: The Realms of Darkness, Dead: Realms & Dead 1 ) is an American 2005 horror/science-fiction film about a bunch of friends who battle aliens & demons in 2005; it was directed and produced by George A. Romero and was written by Sylvester Stallone, Eli Roth, Rob Zombie, and Jodie Foster; the films stars EriK Frillery as Joey Gillespie, Billie Piper as Jenney Rayford, Briana Evigan as Natalie Kennis, Jodelle Ferland as Sarah Jones/Alessa, Sylvester Stallone as John James Rambo

Plot Edit

The films starts in the year 1304. In Hell, the Demon Amokus rages war between the English & Germans, Amokus wins then it skips to 1987 where Demon Succubi is creating a war bot called Decimator Bot. As he is finished, Lilith comes and says " You Suck!" he said, then sent her back to hell.

He then skips to 2005 where the TARDIS comes and then the Tenth Doctor says, with Donna by his side, "Hello, I'm The Doctor, I know you don't know I am, but I have some news that are very true," then Rambo is seen then Joey says "Okay, so what do you want?" Then The Doctor says "You're the new Doctor."

Joey replies, "What do you mean by Doctor?"

The Doctor says "You're going to time travel across time and worlds, but before the fun, I have a mission for you."

"A mission?" asks Joey.

The Doctor says, "Yes, yes! I have a mission for you. The mission is, I want you to kill a demon!"

Joey says "A Demon?"

The Doctor replies, "Yes, a Demon indeed, his name is, Amokus Gillespie"

Joey says, "Thats my father's last name"

Donna says "Your father's last name"

Joey replies "Yes, he died"

Jenney comes out of the TARDIS and says, "Your father?"

Joey replies again, "Yes my father I had temporary blindness, he died four days before I could see again, but that was when I was six"

Donna says, "Wow! that is very surprising"

Joey then says, "Yep I now I..."

Then he sees what his father looked like when he was blind "I've just seen my father, he's a demon, I'm going to slaughter him," as he said that, an army of demons fly by and Joey takes out a machete and slaughtered all the war demons.

The Doctor, Donna, Rambo, and Jenney were surprised to see a bunch of demons murdered by one man then he hops in the TARDIS and says, "Come on, I'm doing this," they hop on and then he messed up and then he was taken to Silent Hill.

The TARDIS is wrecked so then we have to wait and find the truth they here sirens and then Joey says, "We need to get to the church."

Jenney then says, "Why?"

Joey says we need to get away from The Darkness, then they see Dahlia.

Joey says, "Hey! Dahlia, how are you doing?"

She answers, "Good, you have to be with me right now, for Alessa's pain could kill you"

Donna asks, "Alessa? Alessa's pain could kill us?"

Joey answers, "Yes Alessa's my little sister, I miss her. Dahlia is my mother she helped me put my life back together but, the pain are Grey Children, they're dead children, they represent Alessa's pain, which is being projected into reality by highly complicated psychic mechanics. Also, cheap symbolism. Better than Resident Evil, though."

Jenney says, "I can probably calm her pain down"

Joey says, "No you can't, her name is Dark Alessa, I seen a vision how the Darkness started, it was a day of darkness"

Joey then sees a Pyramid Head and asks it to spare his life but it doesn't, but before he killed him Rambo killed him.

"You're lucky I was here!" Rambo says.

Joey then see's a bunch of Grey Children, Joey takes out his machete and sees his badly burnt sister, he walks the pathway and asks his sister for help on getting out The Doctor wonders what he is doing as she helps them they escape Alessa, it they see Dahlia and then it goes to where they are in outer space, and then The Doctor finds a little girl trapped in a cage, she sees the TARDIS and screams for help.

They see her. They rescue her.

Jenney says "What's your name?"

She says, "Sarah, Sarah Jones," then they see Amokus with a woman named Natalie Kennis, they then escape him without being seen.

They head towards a world where the sun never rises. Natalie gets thrown into the planet, she says to herself "Wow, that was fun!" then they followed her, then Joey jumps out and then he hits the ground. Natalie sees it, she heads over there.

Joey gets up and then the TARDIS appears, as Natalie and Joey are talking, they're already close, Jenney gets jealous then Sarah asks her, "Do you like Joey?"

Jenney says, "I don't know I thought he was a stud when I seen him kill two-hundred demons."

They then go to a dark land called Hell. They then find Amokus which well they start to appear in front of Satan asking for passage he wants a demon or himself to have sex with Natalie, which BEEFCAKE THE MIGHTY appears and then was killed, then four-of-five GWAR members appears then GWAR was slaughtered in a bloody rampage then Satan decides to let them pass due to the fact Joey is a killing machine then as they are heading toward Amokus, they come up against demons and the demons that Joey had faced in the beginning.

He said to Amokus "Your going to die!" then Amokus and Joey got into a fight killing Satan and making Satan be a slave to the Anti-christ then thousands of Xenomorph's appear and they start killing demons then a bunch of Predators (Aliens) appear and they also start killing demons then the AntiChrist appears, and killed all Xenomorph, Predators even Predamorph (Predalien) then the Anti-christ was killed by Joey then the Anti-christ was sentenced as a slave to the Anti-anti-christ. then BEEFCAKE is still alive then as the bloody, gory, fight enrages, God appears then stops the war then leading an exit for Joey, The Doctor, Donna, Natalie, Jenney, Sarah and rest of his team as they head back to earth it then the credits start to role.

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