by Theextrapolator213

When an incorrect entry of coordinates takes the alien Tren Arick to the capital of a brutal human empire, he causes disastrous consequences such as the death of a dictator, the slavery of an entire planet, and gets a bounty of millions strapped to him. Escaping the clutches of intergalactic slavery, Tren, along with a suicidal AI and a pessimistic human escapologist, intends on getting the people of Phae back to their planet. But can they do that with the bloodthirsty Kane intent on collecting the bounty on Tren's head?

Down on Phae, there's barely any sunlight. Today was no different. All we had were ordinary lamps and lights dotting the streets of the planet which only glowed for a year or so. I remember the time on ships and shuttles, going from planet to planet to do some trading. Now, I'm stuck here, doing circus tricks for the little kiddies. On the rare occasion I go up top, you know, to see things up there. But I could only stay an hour or two before I would go back down to the lower cities. The police won't let us back to the upper cities. They always say something about contamination. One time round, a friend of mine went up top to get some food for us. He got shot in the head when he told a cop to go screw himself. After that, I had to take over for him. Sometimes I wish I could just go back home.

Earth, I mean. I was born there. Stayed there till I was six, then my dad took me to other worlds in his spaceship. I still remember him now.

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