DarkStar is a sci-fi story. In 2104, mankind manages to establish contact with an intelligent race of dog-like aliens, known as the C'Toi. In 2106, the C'Toi and mankind decided to meet in person. The C'Toi homeworld had long sinced died, and the C'Toi desired a new one. The human leader tried to make a deal with the C'Toi leader, Commanding General Phog, to show that humans and C'Toi can coexist on Earth and other human worlds.

In 2107, the C'Toi glassed all of Earth and all of mankind's colonies. Mankind's foolishness resulted in their death. However, one human, Captain Jack Stark, had managed to steal a wrist-strap teleporter from a low-ranking C'Toi officer and use it to escape mankind's demise.

The C'Toi now dominate Earth, now called Raksh by the C'Toi, and all of mankind's previous colonies. Jack Stark is the last human in existence, and he has sworn revenge against the C'Toi for their galactic crime. With the help of the crew of the Old Wolf, Stark will attempt to bring down the C'Toi defence fleet, the Fleet of Iron, and kill Phog in order to strike fear into the hearts of the galactically feared C'Toi.


Commanding General Phog walked along the bridge of the Twisted Senator with his underling and most trusted General, General Ogael. Ogael was Phog's oldest son out of four, at the age of 46. C'Toi can live for over 200 years, which was what Phog was approaching. The C'Toi's faces bore resemblance to that of Alsatians of Earth, which had gone extinct before the C'Toi were even discovered. They had large manes that would get bigger with age and were eight feet tall with a muscular body build. They had four limbs; two arms and two legs. They had two five-fingered hands and two three-clawed feet. Also, they had fox-like tails, which were considered a C'Toi's pride. Phog's fur was a dark brown, while Ogael's fur was a snowy white. "Tell me, Ogael, what is new with the Fleet of Iron?" Phog questioned his son, trying to make conversation as he does not see his children much nowadays.

"Father, I can see that you want to start conversation, but you really need to pick better topics. The last thing you would want to talk about is work." chuckled Ogael, speaking with the traditional C'Toi accent, which sounded Russian. Phog chuckled with his son, in the knowledge that he would have nothing to care about for a while, seeing as his 198th birthday was coming up and he would be another year near retiring age.

"Alright, how are your brothers?" asked Phog.

"Atho does well in leading the ground troops, and Ghaca is taking care of young Darsh. I am worried for Darsh, though. He has been getting into many fights at school." answered Ogael. Phog chuckled.

"Winning them, I hope." he laughed. Ogael joined in with a chuckle. Suddenly, a C'Toi soldier rushed up to them. He carried a C'Toi blade, which was built like the Aztec blade known as the Macuahuitl. The blade had a heavy main blade that reached four feet, which its sides being equipped with smaller blades. Also, the hilt was a foot long. The main blade was inscribed with the words "May Death Come to no Warrior" in C'Toi markings.

"General Ogael, sir! A Galactic Alliance attack force is heading this way. What are your orders?" asked the soldier, placing his left hand on his chest as he spoke. This was a sign of respect.

"How big is the attack force?" Ogael questioned the soldier.

"Around two thousand ships minimum, there may be more."

"Get Captain Milil to deal with it. She'll know what to do."

"Sir, yes sir!" exclaimed the soldier before turning and running the other way. Ogael laughed.

"Feel free to watch the battle, father. I got the feeling I'll need to speak with Milil." Ogael told his father before walking away. But before he could get far, his father spoke.

"Milil is your mate?" he chuckled. Ogael turned with a devious smile and raised his left arm and clenching his hand before lifting his middle and index finger and keeping them together. This was a swear word in C'Toi language.

Chapter 1Edit

The tavern, known as The Spider & the Wolf, was packed. The tavern's owner, a cyborg called Skanub, was pleased that his new foreign bartender was serving drinks that were to everyone's taste. Skanub was hunch-backed with an exposed metal spine. His right arm was a made of metal, running on clockwork. He had a strap on his face that connected where his nose should be and at the back of his head, with one part of the black strap going over his forehead. His left eye wasbigger than his right, due to the fact that it was artificial. His skin was a pale colour, a trait for all of his kind, known as the Parasmiths. Parasmiths were known for their skill in building technology. However, most have been either killed or enslaved by the C'Toi. Skanub was one of the last of his kind, and he was in no good shape.

His foreign bartender was serving a Spectre Singer, a humanoid being with almost transparent skin that changes colour depending on the Singer's mood. They had fairy-like wings that are bioluminescent, big black eyes, and appendages coming from the back of their heads which acted like hair. They could show themselves naked because they have no genitalia. "So, what's your name, foreigner?" asked the Singer, drinking her dark blue alcoholic drink through a straw. The bartender looked towards her.

"The name's Jack. Jack Stark." answered the bartender. He was human and came from Michigan, America. He had short and neat light brown hair with baby blue eyes and white skin. He wore a long black overcaot with a blue turtleneck and jeans. He was taller than the Singer, as most races were.

"So, Jack, what you doing here? Those hounds got you as well?" asked the Singer with a cheeky smile. Her voice was angelic, but Jack had heard it all before.

"They exterminated my race, took their colonies, my homeworld." answered Jack, pouring an orange alcohol into a small glass.

"So you are the last of your kind? That's so sad!"

"I don't need you to pity me. There are plenty of your race around all over the galaxy."

"I'll have you know that the dogs have enslaved most of my race!"

"At least your race was enslaved. They didn't die the way mine did. My race was burned to ashes."

"You know, you haven't got that much of a good output on the Universe."

Jack just stared at her blankly. The Singer raised her right hand in a sign of apology. Jack went back to pouring the drink. "My name is Solniat." she said gently. Spectre Singers came from the moon of the gas giant known as Tohorz, the moon being known as Hiras. Hiras consisted mostly of liquid with very few forests. Recently, Hiras was discovered and ashed by the C'Toi, with its sentient inhabitants being enslaved for entertainment purposes.

"Listen, Solniat, do you know where there is a dock with a ship heading for Junzi?" asked Jack, giving the drink to a Xenobandit, a human-like creature with back straps tightened all around it body. They are usually hostile, but this one was obviously exiled, otherwise he would've taken hostages by now. His skin was rock hard and tan.

"I know where you can find one." said the Xenobandit. Jack turned to him.

"And who are you?"

"My name is Erlab Koxli of the Wormcursers. Well, most people just call me E-K now. I was exiled from the Wormcursers for refusing to kill an old lady. Oh, and I killed two fellow Wormcursers."

"Tell me, where can I find a dock?"

"Its North of here, in downtown Mosta. I could take you there if you want. Its gonna cost you, though."

"How much?"

"Seven Gray Royals."

Gray Royals was the official currency of the Galactic Alliance, a large group of freedom fighters who have united together to fight against the C'Toi. Xenobandits didn't usually join either side unless there was either Gray Royals or Iron Lions, the official C'Toi currency, involved. Obviously, this Xenobandit wasn't up for enslavement or death, thus he had joined the Alliance. Jack reached into his pocket and brought out seven pyramid-shaped objects that were as big as marbels. These were Gray Royals. The Xenobandit stretched out his hand, and Jack dropped them into it.

"Now, take me there."

"Not yet. I want one more drink before we leave. One Yaggi, please."

Chapter 2Edit

E-K and Jack walked outside The Spider & the Wolf. E-K owned a Dartbolt, which resembled an Earth motorcycle with teh exception that it had no wheels and that it floated. It ran off solar power, meaning it was energy efficient. The vehicle could go faster than any Earth motorcycle, although the Peace Keepers would not allow it. E-K jumped into the driver's seat before Jack jumped onto the passenger seat behind. "Where did you say you wanted to go again?" asked E-K.

"I need to get to a dock that has a ship that will take me to Junzi." Jack answered.

"Right, gotcha!" replied E-K before activating the Dartbolt. Its thrusters raored aggressively. It lifted itself off the ground some more before E-K pushed forward, speeding away from the tavern. The air pushed against their faces violently.

"Can't you slow down?!" exclaimed Jack, trying to speak without wind getting into his mouth.

"Why would you want me to do that? The ship leaves in three minutes!" replied E-K back while laughing. As they were speeding forwards, they heard a noise from behind. Jack looked back and saw a spherical object that was surrounded by two metal rings. The sphere had a blue robotic eye. This was what the Peace Keepers used to keep their eyes on the routes. They were called Gunwings, as their metal rings were equipped with blasters.

"Gunwing, coming from behind!" alerted Jack worriedly.

"Ha! This makes this race more of a challenge!" chuckled E-K.

"Race?! What race?!"

"A race with time, my friend! The ship will leave soon! We gotta get there before that Gunwing gets us! The Peace Keepers obviously aren't very happy!" laughed E-K before speeding past a flying car. The Dartbolt was soon under fire from the purple energy pulses of the Gunwing. The Gunwing was more maneuverable than the Dartbolt, but was not as fast. It could still go at some serious speed, though. Jack ducked as the blasts flew through the air, whistling in his ears. E-K just let out a laugh before grabbing Jack by his collar, standing up and leaping from the Dartbolt.

"What the Hell are you doing?!" exclaimed Jack.

"The ship is below us! I've done this before, cling onto my back!" ordered E-K. Jack did as he was told, and grabbed onto E-K's back. Suddenly, a loud crunching sound. Jack closed his eyes. E-K had landed on top of a car. He then jumped down again. He chuckled as the air sped past his skin. The ship that was headed for Junzi was right below him...

Enforcer Alpha-M was loading his weapon, an advanced version of the MP5 which fires plasma bursts. Alpha-M was head of the Peace Keepers, a group of androids who have been assigned the task of making sure nothing illegal is occuring. It is unknown where the Peace Keepers come from, but it is said that they were built by an ancient race as weapons of war and were just reprogrammed. They had human-like structures, but were made almost completely of metal. Their heads were egg-shaped with a blue horizontal line going down it. They were all installed with rockets on their backs. Alpha-M watched as E-K fell towards the Old Wolf, a cargo ship that was headed to Junzi in a minute or so. He was programmed to know that they would be stowaways, and thsu an illegal act. Alpha-M unleashed his rockets and sped towards E-K.

There was a loud crunch as E-K hit the roof of the ship. Jack accidentally released himself from E-K's back and fell. E-K looked back and saw Jack about to drop into a crate. He smiled and jumped in with Jack. Alpha-M landed near the cargo crates, his weapon ready. He made a faint buzzing noise as he searched. E-K turned to Jack in the crate. "Keep quiet. A Peace Keeper's nearby." he whispered. Jack nodded and tried to silence his breathing. Alpha-M approached their crate. His buzzing sound got louder. He placed a hand on the crate. He felt as if people were in there. Suddenly, he caught a glimpse of a C'Toi ship. His sensors told him it was a serious threat. So, he reactivated his rockets and flew back. The C'toi ship was several miles long and was cylindriacl in shape, with sharp cone-like points at the ends. These points would release huge blasts of energy to destroy cities.

The Old Wolf quickly activated its thrusters and reversed. The C'Toi cylinder was here to destroy Mosta, the city that the Old Wolf is leaving from. Energy began to build up in the points of the cylindrical ship, a sign it was going to strike. The Old Wolf quickly sped forwards, getting under the cylinder just as it unleashed a blast of energy at the city. Buildings went up in flames, streets and routes were destroyed, and already many lives were lost. The Peace Keepers would try to fight the C'Toi in a minute or so, but it would not help. The Old Wolf remained under the cylinder, the pilots fearing they would be spotted if they move out from under it.

"A C'Toi ship! What's it doing here? This is Alliance territory!" exclaimed Jack.

"Yeah, but haven't you heard the news? The Alliance recently lost two thousand ships to the C'Toi. They have practically won this place. Mosta is theirs..." replied E-K.

Chapter 3Edit

Andromeda looked up at the large C'Toi cylinder. She wore a green jacket with a brown vest and blue jeans, and had long red hair, darkish skin, and an almost human, yet alien, look about her. She resembled very much a human, yet the irises in her eyes were an unnatural white, and her canines were sharper than most average human teeth. Andromeda was not human, but was instead a Protoseeker. Protoseekers were a technologically advanced race that reigned for over 2000 years until they met humanity and the C'Toi. When the Protoseekers first encountered humanity, there was unrest between them and they eventually conflicted. The humans won the war by almost utterly destroying Mirage, the capital city of the Protoseekers. Humanity left with what technology they could gather, with the C'Toi encountering the Protoseekers almost immediatley after. With the Protoseekers weakened, they were easy prey for the C'Toi.

With her was Noru Windcry, a Dynavore from the planet of Cessen. Dynavores are a humanoid race, with most of their features being a mix between feline and human-like. Dynavores were bipeds, but with cat-like legs. They also had long tails. Their ears were also feline, and whiskers donned their faces. Noru had brownish skin with large blue eyes and a cat-ike nose. Her long blonde hair reached her back, and she wore a brown jacket with blue denim shorts.

"The C'Toi..." whispered Noru to Andromeda. Andromeda, with a look of worriedness on her face, reached into her jacket pockets. Noru watched as she brought out two futuristic M9 pistols. These were her weapons of choice. She knew the C'Toi knew they were below them. They would beam onto the Old Wolf in several minutes. Andromeda was just getting prepared. Noru smiled and brought out a two daggers with rings as their hilts. They were called the Claw Daggers, and were traditionally used by Dynavores in battle.

The Old Wolf was equipped with a large laser turret. This turret could put holes in most ships, bt would probably only be strong enough to make dents in C'Toi metal. It was built and resembled a minigun, but was placed onto a platform and a seat was connected to it. It could fire many rounds per minute, with it firing plasma bursts that would go at a distance.

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